I have had a few people message me, asking what Dominant and/or submissive blogs I enjoy. Here are some, in no particular order:

Dominant blogs:

Submissive blogs:


I feel like I am missing a few & will need to edit 😊

anonymous asked:

I need some new blogs to watch. Who would you recommend to follow on here? Some women and some men please!

Good afternoon!

I was going to paste the link to this when I previously answered it, but it’s a good chance to edit it. I am going to assume, since you didn’t specify, that you are interested in Dominants and submissives? In no particular order:


@sirslfh, @daddysprettytoy, @wolfs-little-one, @exoticeva, @fierylittleminx, @blazing-bella, @submissiveheart-n-soul, @bohmisches-madchen, @purelittlebaby, @spoiled-lil-kitten


@asirsmemoires, @wolfsclothing, @art-of-domination, @dominant-in-seattle, @thewolfawaits, @thepoeticsir, @theruleset, @sirsnewplayground, @1-sadistic-lover, @inkdnready

Happy Tumblr-ing!!