The Final Lair
Hugh, Susan, Kyle
The Final Lair

Hugh Panaro, Susan Owen, Kyle Barisich - The Final Lair

February 20, 2012; Broadway

Here’s a unique clip for its rare combo! Susan rarely goes on but in this instance she was bumped up to the alternate position because Marni was on vacation! The last time they would have performed together was 2005 ;)

Susan has also been around with the show for ages, dating back to about 1997 and she performed opposite legends like Ian Jon Bourg, Ron Bohmer, Howard McGillin, etc.

Enjoy :)


9 fairly unknown Phantoms you should know about (in no particular order):

  • Grant Norman. Why? Because he was the first after Michael Crawford to play the Phantom on both sides of the pond, in the US Tour 1994-95 and in West End 1995-96.
  • Masayuki Sano. Why? Because he’s a serious long-timer in POTO, playing Raoul from 1990-2005 (!), and then the Phantom from 2005-14. So on and off TWENTYFOUR YEARS in Phantom. 
  • Ron Bohmer. Why? He played opposite Sandra Joseph in the US Tour in 1997. They got married five years later, and to my knowledge they still are. And I just think that is so sweet. He was also a much loved Phantom.
  • James Graeme. Why? Cause he was West End’s first standby Phantom, from 1991-93, and for legends like Dave Willetts and Peter Karrie. From what I’ve heard he was very much in the same vein as them. 
  • Peter Polycarpou. Why? Cause I believe he’s the only Phantom of Greek (Cypriotic) descend to date, as principal in West End 1991-92. He was also an original cast member in “Les Miserables”, and did an A+ performance as the semi sleazy hotel worker Domingo Mercante in the 1996 “Evita” movie.
  • Jørn Pedersen. Why? Cause whereas it’s well established Denmark had three featured Phantoms, it’s less known there was a fourth one, an alternate, back in 2002 (as well as understudying the role in 2000-01). He’s one of the more operatic Phantoms to don the mask.
  • Rory Rootenberg. Why? Another much ignored alternate, alternating with André Schwartz in South Africa in 2004. He got a couple of photos in the official brochure too. 
  • Nic Saverine. Why? Cause he did a very good run as the Phantom in Vienna in 1991-92, as well kick-ass emergency covering the role in Hamburg in 1992. But a lesser known fact: he also played PIANGI on Broadway 1990-91, and again in 1996+98. There he was credited as Nicholas F. Saverine.
  • Ben Cramer. Why? Can I be really REALLY shallow? He looks awesome in the part, really spooky, a hint creepy, and yet very elegant. He played the role in Scheveningen from 1993-96, understudying/alternating with Henk Poort. He was also the Phantom appearing with Joke de Kruijf at the grand Dutch musical gala in 2013.
Unusual Allies

Wolf sits himself down into the cold steel chair set on the opposite side of the desk that his prisoner is seated. He sets his azure eyes onto the girl who was picked up unannounced, off the side of the road on this cold night.

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience.” He begins with a calm expression. He chose her specifically, not that he’d admit it, but he gave her description out to his men.

Shifting his attention to the few papers stacked in front of himself; littered with german text, a profile of some kind, evidently of a man, as pictured on the left of one of the documents.

“But we are .. searching for a man. You, being what you are, may have information on him.” Wolf looks back up, shuffling his papers neatly again on his desk. The armed guard who had brought her in, only slightly less than politely, clears his throat quietly behind her. Wolf glances up, but only leans in closer to her, his elbows almost resting on the steel table. “Have you seen this man around here?” he pushes two fingers onto the top page and flips it around to face her; he’s a tall bald man with a ratty coat. Wolf knows he is a murderer wanted by three different governments, but he’s here to find out if she does.