L I B R A R Y   F R A G R A N C E

The comforting scent of age-tanned pages and cedar tables intermingling with bitter coffee and earl grey tea wafting from the librarian’s desk.

NOTES: Citrus, Cedar woods, Resinous, Strong coffee


Libraries are the homes of knowledge and the dwelling grounds for scholars. A library is where Montague Summers wrote about vampires, a place for books of folklore to illuminated manuscripts.

K I T S U N E    B L E N D

Honeysuckle and jasmine combined with mischievous Genmaicha. A warm and playful blend of florals and sweet “popcorn” tea, Kitsune Blend makes for a perfect cup of tea regardless the time of day.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Nutty, sweet, with light florals.

To brew a perfect cup, steep 2.5 teaspoons in 8 oz of water for 5 minutes. Add honey or sweetener as desired.


Kitsunes are interesting creatures hailing from the Japanese tradition. Kitsunes are foxes or, more accurately, fox spirits. They are humans with fox spirits, tricksters that are one with elements. These creatures are generally playful in nature and range from wise to mischievous. Malevolence, however, is not unheard of.