bohemian mom

I was singing Bohemian Rhapsody couple weeks ago and my little siblings heard that so now everytime someone says “mama?” and waits for an answer someone else goes “just killed a man” and it became terrible habit when my 3 year old brother started doing that too. Now it sounds like we are killing around 20 people a day.

short breakdown of Steven Universe characters
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>star kid:</b> happy hybrid who loves ppl and food<p/><b>tan lines:</b> loves vans almost as much as magical cotton candy<p/><b>salt shaker:</b> either crying, singing, or tryna save star kid; almost as gay as lego mom<p/><b>gremlin:</b> short af, lowkey hates herself, probably the most relatable crystal germ<p/><b>lego mom:</b> invented homosexuality; lego mom is best mom<p/><b>green dorito:</b> smol bean must protect from diamonds<p/><b>emo mermaid:</b> depressed???? has ptsd???? but loves star kid and dorito so that's fine<p/><b>big buff cheeto puff:</b> tbh she's just salty and needs love<p/><b>fireball:</b> gay for crystal ball<p/><b>crystal ball:</b> gay for fireball<p/><b>cotton candy:</b> clueless; loves tan lines; wanted by entire universe<p/><b>sassy fairy:</b> majored in evil laughter<p/><b>strong silent type:</b> looks like she could kill u but is actually a cinnamon bun<p/><b>worm mom:</b> JESUS 6 GEMS WTF<p/><b>janus:</b> twin goals af<p/><b>pepperoni:</b> windows explorer; protect at all costs<p/><b>bohemian rhapsody:</b> discount lego mom<p/><b>mutant banana:</b> triggered 24/7<p/><b>niagara falls:</b> cries more than salt shaker<p/><b>pinkie pie:</b> biggest case of Clue ever<p/><b>white diamond:</b> lol who dat<p/><b>red robins:</b> most lovable idiots ever to live<p/><b>giant woman:</b> love child of hawkeye and katniss<p/><b>the late show:</b> salt shaker's ego booster<p/><b>nicki minaj:</b> giant scary purple lego heLP<p/><b>even bigger giant woman:</b> split personality disorder<p/><p/><b>thicc hippie:</b> gay pride month<p/><b><b></b> the lochness monster:</b> prime example of bad domestic partners<p/><b>yo-yo:</b> we're the worst but that's why we're the best<p/><b>converse:</b> made lego mom v happy<p/><b>bookworm:</b> what is social confidence; but she has star kid so dun worry<p/><b>player 2:</b> has a thing for bad boys<p/><b>lion 2.0:</b> anxiety and self esteem issues but that's ok cus he's pink now<p/><b>radish:</b> probably part of some cult<p/></p><p/></p>
So I Decided To Ask My Mom About What She Thought About the Maze Runner Characters
  • Me: [shows a picture of Minho] What do you think about him?
  • Mom: [barely looks up] He's Asian and he needs a bath. He looks sweaty and dirty.
  • Me: His name is Minho.
  • Dad: Mean Hoe? Or My Hoe?
  • Me: Both.
  • ---
  • Me: [shows a picture of Alby] This is Alby.
  • Mom: He looks like a picture of Michelle Obama that I saw photoshopped. Photoshop is the word, right? When they -
  • Me: Let's just go to the next person.
  • ---
  • Me: [shows a picture of Newt] Okay, what about this guy? He's Newt.
  • Dad: The Salamander.
  • Me: Newt.
  • Mom: He looks scrawny. He should eat.
  • Me: [whispers] People on tumblr think he's a sex god.
  • Mom: What?
  • Me: I said he's played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster.
  • ---
  • Me: [shows a picture of Chuck] This is Chuck.
  • Mom: He's a baby with curly hair.
  • Me: Accurate.
  • ---
  • Me: [shows a picture of Gally] And this is Gally.
  • Me: Galileo, Galileo.
  • Dad: Bohemian Rhapsody.
  • Mom: Eyebrows. His hair looks poofy.
  • ---
  • Me: [shows a picture of Teresa] This is Teresa. The -
  • Mom: Only female in the Glade. She looks like she needs a shower.
  • ---
  • Me: [shows a picture of Thomas] And this is Dylan O'Brien as Thomas. He's the main character.
  • Mom: [stares intently at the picture for several seconds] He's sexy.
  • Me: Okay, we're done.