bohemea birthday


March 9. Indulgent.

Today is Bohemea’s birthday! Around-about-this-month also marks our 11 year friend-iversary! She’s one of my absolute favorite people. Happy birthday, Bohemea!

Here’s a Bohemea story. The corset I’m wearing in these photos was broken in an over-cinching mishap. Bohemea was in the room when it broke. That’s the suggestive way to tell a pretty mundane story. The End. 

I found this in an old box of saved clippings from when I was younger. Taken from a 1998 issue of Playboy, I haven’t been able to find this online anywhere and can’t quite make out the artists name. They don’t normally take submissions, so now is my chance to share with Suicide Blonde and Bohemia who constantly fill my feed with beautiful things. Hope Bo’s birthday is awesome!