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Catch them this week with Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires and Hans Condor

Thursday @ The End in Nashville

Friday @ The Earl in Atlanta

Saturday @ JJ’s Bohemia in Chattanooga


So much badassery happening here! Members of Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Bohannons and Model Citizen. 

Go and kick Monday’s ass into submission.


Video of the Day courtesy of Live From The Shoals featuring Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Bohannons, and Model Citizen recorded live at Studio 144 in Greenhill, Alabama. 

Southern Rock Resurgence: What is Old is New

Southern Rock Resurgence: What is Old is New

Southern rock didn’t die when Skynyrd did; it just needed sometime to grieve and regroup.

The genre “southern rock” has kind of disappeared over the years and it’s time to be revived. Beards, long hair, whiskey, cigarettes, denim, American flags and Muscle Shoals are still intact so why is southern rock not? Lack of bands fitting the criteria for the genre? Did the evolution of music quietly push…

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Bohannons - Black Cross, Black Shield - 2015 - 'wolf' di chiara

It was our own Autopsy IV who wrote about the Chattanooga, TN based Bohannons:
“Are they country? Are they blues? Are they 70’s glam metal?
Their newest release Black Cross, Black Shield doubles down on the ‘blues’ and the ‘metal’ in that recipe. It…


Matt Bohannon - Run Along


Lose Weight With Chocolate?

Science communicator, Jayde Lovell explains flaws in new “scientific studies” that claim dark chocolate increases weight loss…

Chocolate is good for dieting… or is it?
John Bohannon did a experiment which was published all over the world, proving chocolate supported weight loss – a study which was recently proven to be a scam for a German documentary about junk-science in the diet industry.

So what was wrong with the original study? It was a real clinical trial, but it had only 15 people, three groups of five. The experimenters didn’t control for diet, or age, or gender, and they put the participants on a diet for just three weeks. Now we all know if you test small groups of people for a gazillion different things, you’re going to find variations. This is called “p-stuffing” or “overfitting” – where random noise is mistaken for meaningful data due to errors in the experimental design. Good experiments should have just one variable, and carefully control for other variables like gender, age, diet, weight, age, activity levels, and socio economic status. This experiment didn’t bother – and so the data was next to meaningless.

The experimenters then submitted what they called a “ridiculously flawed paper” to fee-paying journals, most of whom offered to publish it in exchange for a small fee. Once it was published, they contacted the media, and voila – the story was picked up worldwide.

Billions of dollars are spent on well-designed studies by government agencies and a few assholes are able to fuck it all up by publishing conflicting studies – and because every journalists likes a story, these stories tend to run no matter how bad they are.

This is why people are so confused about things like whether aspartame is good for your diet (it is), or whether eating eggs is ok for your health (they’re great!), or whether organic food is substantially better for you (it’s not).

I thought this study would stop journalist from printing bullshit science, but no. Just last week I found this article, about a study with only 44 participants.

By: Did Someone Say Science?.
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The Official Video for Red, White, Black and Pale by The Bohannons off of their latest record Black Cross, Black Shield. 

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