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Anything with akashi... please?

Here is present #2 and the song is Overtime by Bryson Tiller!


“You know how I feel about like… us, right? Like… how I wanna go about it. But you never tell me how you feel about it, how you wanna go about it.”


Akashi began to walk out the gym with his basketball team bag on his shoulder as he to your soft voice on the phone. You had called to ask if he would come by your house after practice and Akashi had agreed, needed a much overdue stress release. Giving you a quiet yet racy response as he opened the gym doors and exited towards his chauffer, he noticed a shadow around the corner of the gym. Your irrational ex-boyfriend was listening in on the call from around the corner, his suspicions of you two being together on the side for a while confirmed. Where you sleeping around the whole time you two had dated? Is Akashi the reason you two broke up? Akashi, figuring who was around the corner and possibly eavesdropping, paused for a second, smirked, and added on to his earlier response.

“On the couch, on the bed. Baby girl… on my mind… Ah, there it goes. No, baby. I’m on my way.”

The boyfriend could only could catch a few lines of his conversation but from what he heard, you two were more than just friends. Feeling his anger boil up from the pit of his stomach to his ears, he began his trek to your house, ready to confront the both of you. Akashi, smirked at the scene that was about to unfold and leaned back, signaling to the driver that he was going to his second most used route.

Your house.

As he looked out his tinted windows and blankly stared outside, he thought about how your ex-boyfriend didn’t know. Seijuro sneered at how your simpleton of an Ex thought he could buy you flowers, bogus chocolates, and cheap clothes and that was supposed to keep you satisfied. But he thought wrong. You needed more, deserved more, and he knew that.

He thought back to the day he approached you as he arrived in your drive way, waiting for your Ex to arrive. You were sitting by the window listening to music as you worked on homework in your free time. The loud bass and tick of the beat made you rock your head and bite your lip to the song. Watching you, Akashi knew of no girl who ever reacted that way towards music, or anyone who listened to music so loudly. As his mind began to wonder, he grew curious as to how you would react to him? How could he make you move with him like that, biting your lip, licking them and mouthing words? As his mind ran through filthy thoughts, he tapped you on the shoulder and made small conversation. Bryson Tiller’s Overtime was playing and he etched his name and yours into his mind. He later memorized his whole album and as you two connected over his lyrics and the meaning, he eventually invited you to his car where it all went down.

“I love this color on you.” Seijuro observed, trying to be a gentleman in a compromising situation. He had you in his lap, shirt peeled off, and the windows foggy. You flinching at his attempt to flatter you, and you realized that you needed to squash these impending feelings quick, or at least suppress them.

“Fuck falling in love, that’s for someone else. I just want to have fun for now, okay?” You said as you placed your hands on his shoulders. Akashi was never one to use improper language but the way you cursed was nothing short of enticing and he invited every single word in the book. Knowing that you just got out of a bad relationship, he agreed to this momentary placement as your lover but knew this come to be more.

Coming out of his flashback, he watched as you peered out your window to look at the driveway, his car familiar, and could see the outfit you wore was the one he had recently bought you. Akashi had no price for you, he would break the bank on you until there was no money left if you asked him. Now he was realizing he caught feelings that were worth much more than any millions he would ever have.

But Akashi knew how this whole thing would go. Akashi knew you would up and leave this guy if push came to shove and it was about to come to that.

As the Ex pounded on your door, he finally stepped out his car. Breathing in the fresh air, his eyes closed and his excitement soared. He had the car, the house, and now, he was finally going to have his girl.

“Hey!” The Ex turned around as the car door closed.

“You’re the dude who was sleepin’ with my girlfriend!” While he yelled, the door opened and Akashi watched you saunter out, looking confused by the presence of your ex and lover in the same place.

“Last time I checked, you two were not together.” Akashi commented. The guy growled at his response and Seijuro walked past him over to you. Reaching out his hand with a smile on his face, he motioned you to him.

“Come. Lets end this shall we?” You cocked your head in confusion but grabbed him regardless.

“Listen, _____.” Your ex began.

“I’ve been thinkin’ about you and only you.” He said, his eyes soft and his arms open in slight shrug.

“And I know you’ve been hurting but I’ve been healing. And I’m better now. So please, let’s try again.”

Sighing out and shaking his head, Akashi decided to step up and finally make his move.

“I know we said we wouldn’t let it get this far, but now I want it for myself, and that’s his loss.” Akashi said as he turned to speak to you. You knew you had feelings for him but because things went so sour with your ex, you were so afraid of commitment and decided to take that out of the relationship. He knew that was what you were doing so he waited and put in the time to win you over.

“You shut up you red headed gnome!” Your ex yelled out of frustration. You inhaled out of shock and chastised him but Akashi was far from discouraged. He was motivated.

Oh, he’s mad huh? Is he pissed off?” Akashi questioned. He was ticked off by his comment but he knew he would deal with this in the best way he knew possible. Letting him know his place.

“Too bad, he should’ve been on his job.” He commented as he smirked and moved to stand next to you. Looking at you, his eyes burned into you with determination and passion. You knew he was right. He had comforted you when you broke up with you ex, rocked your world, and as much as you wanted to suppress your feelings for him, he had put in the time to work through your tough exterior. Akashi knew that you needed time and he gave it to you in spades.

“What does he have that I don’t have?!” The Ex yelled out in desperation. You both sighed at the intrusion on your moment and Akashi kissed you, moving away only to finally deal with this boy.

“Everything.” You said before Akashi could answer.

Smiling and leaning in, you pulled him to you and hugged him, feeling safe and pleased that he had gotten into your mind before your body.  

“What do I have that you don’t?” He reiterated, sad and annoyed.

“I put in overtime.”