bogsey & the argonauts

music meme

tagged by @rosecolouredgirls (thank you!!)

Rules: Put your music library on shuffle,
list the first 10 songs and tag 20 people! (20???)

1. tighten up / the front bottoms

2. kokopelli face tattoo // ajj

3. archive // mal blum

4. i’m not a good person // pat the bunny

5. oh susquehanna! // defiance, ohio

6. i don’t wanna be an asshole anymore // the menzingers

7. fine, great // modern baseball

8. your heart is a muscle the size of your fist // ramshackle glory

9. applebee’s bar // spaynard

10. don’t give up // the homeless gospel choir

11. friends house dmv and more // bogsey and the argonauts

12. arrow/plane // roger harvey

13. misanthropic drunken loser // days n daze

14. stand // lucky chops

15. mr brightside // the killers

16. say it ain’t so // weezer

17. come on eileen // dexys midnight runners

18. condition 11:11 // defiance, ohio

19. heterosexuality is a social construct // one night stand in south dakota

20. crash // against me

i tag anyone who wants to do this

(oops i read it wrong and did 20 songs instead. oh well)

crossed my own path

[on 8tracks]

mix i made when i was thinking about how sad it is that adrien is so cool and lonely and how chat noir is so uncool and lonely, Enjoy

1. Plea from a Cat Named Virtue - The Weakerthans // 2. Superstar - James Blunt // 3. No More Frost Giants - Bogsey & The Argonauts // 4. Houdini - Foster The People // 5. Glowing Eyes - twenty one pilots // 6. Perfect (Simple Plan Cover) - Josh Burgan // 7. Under Pressure - Queen // 8. Papaoutai - Stromae // 9. Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine // 10. Someone To Watch Over Me - Asher Brook // 11. There She Goes - The Boo Radleys // 12. Another Believer - Rufus Wainwright // 13. The Day Of Confessing My Love - Jo Kwon // 14. Be My Escape - Relient K // 15. Tubthumping - Chumbawamba

only four years;; school is not forever. maybe these tracks will make the years go by faster. xxxxxxxx [[cover art credit to x]]

the ant and the grasshopper // mathias mental, pilot // amber rubarth, u make me want to listen // cyberbully mom club, long live the lighthouse // bogsey and the argonauts, ships of sticks and twine // chris rubeo, hapless dreamer // caleb groh, lost signals // greyhands, he // tom stephens & the retreat, whatever // leanids, dog days // pilots & errors, no path off my path // king everything, post spring // gomez addams, set out to discover // rue royale, moonshiner // names, seventeen // fountain penn

I Kill Cameron - Blossom Buttercup
I’m gonna lie in the grass tonight and think of you
I’m gonna lie I’m gonna lie to you
I’m gonna bloom so we can finally kiss good night
I’ve got no soul but I’ve got vines to grip your hips so tight

Why do you build me up just to let me down?
You’re the only green thing growing in this concrete town
So go ahead and prune my leaves
Put me in a vase and give me
To someone who could love me properly