A being that appears in the second ‘Book of Enoch’ as a member of the Grigori and their prince who was cast out of heaven because he performed evil deeds even though he knew the difference between good and evil.

He would also appear in Bogomilism, a sect of Gnosticism as the oldest son of God who became dissatisfied and rebelled against the Lord, with a third of the angels. When they were cast out, Satanael declared himself God and created the Earth, becoming the the ‘God’ of the Old Testament.

When he created Adam however, he found him defective, as his life trickled out from him in the form of a serpent. When Satanael breathed life into the first human, it trickled out again, actually becoming a snake. Satanael had to turn to God for help who agreed because the ranks of his angels had been depleted. Another story says that Adam was born lifeless and after three hundred years of eating unclean animals, Satanael returned to the body and vomited into Adam’s mouth, trapping his soul in uncleanness.

He then laid with Eve in the form of the snake, who then gave birth to Cain and Calomena. Satanael was then punished to become twisted and ugly and later gave the laws to Moses in order to keep his control over humans. He was defeated when Christ came to Earth and Satanael was banished again becoming simply Satan.


Bogomil Bonev - “Tyaloto Ti V Ritam”