A Simple Outfit

This is just something I can throw on in a rush without having to worry too much. I’ve got lots of textures in there from the coat, the turtleneck and the boots. After yesterday’s polish, I think it’s time I give these boots a good going over.

Coat - Luigi Bianchi Mantova

Turtleneck - Andersen-Andersen

Trousers - Boglioli

Socks - Uniqlo

Shoes - Crockett and Jones

alexturntable  asked:

Ok so AM finally hire you as their stylist and you do an awesome job (obviously) so Mr. Miles Kane decides to ask you for some fashion advice for his upcoming tour, the question is how would you style Miles Kane?

Alright Rodaina, I’m ready. And I’m so happy AM love me as their stylist. Dream job. Hahaha.

So, the thing with Miles Kane is this: he can literally wear anything. He has the perfect physique for fashion samples, too. Typically you want the guy to have a triangle-shaped frame; wide shoulders down to a tapered, slender waist. Miles has that. Not to mention those long legs. He would be the ideal body type to dress (or undress… 😏). I get really excited when I see Miles doing any kind of fashion editorial. The man should’ve been a model. Seriously. He understands  how to pose, what facial expressions to make, and he does this amazing thing where he looks into the camera and it feels like he’s staring you down and into your soul; and that connection is so good. To me, he looks classically British and I would emphasize that aspect of him but keep him modern and current. He’s got a worldly, jet-setter, ‘I’ve-got-wanderlust-and-I-look great-in-every-major-city-and-I-didn’t-even-try-that-hard’ kind of look. Effortless and cool. With loads of sex appeal.

I would keep Miles in all tight, tapered pants. With a bit of elasticity. Have you seen the way that boy bends and stretches?? The fabric should be something he could move around on stage in. Lots of great jackets and blazers, bold colors, sleek fabrics, and some fantastic accessories like animal print boots, classic black loafers (but maybe with more of an elongated shape) and some shades. 

Paul Smith is a British designer who’s known for his tailoring and for putting twists on classic British pieces like the school uniforms with bright stripes, patterns, and contrasting colors. (He’s also been knighted by the Queen because of all he’s done for British fashion, so there’s that.) 

I think Miles would look amazing in a lot of his pieces, especially the fall 2017 read-to-wear looks. I love the mixed prints, bold colors and of course the snakeskin boots. I’m actually dying over those boots. I would try and get Miles to incorporate other types of animal prints besides cheetah and leopard. I would also get him in that cranberry-colored suit immediately. He would kill in that outfit. And if he didn’t like the boots, I wouldn’t mind it with some loafers sans socks either. 

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A Casual Friday

Today is casual Friday at work but that doesn’t mean that you have to dress in jeans and a t-shirt. I thought I would try something different today and wear my safari jacket with a tie but since it’s a casual day, I wearing a knit tie. All of the items I’m wearing can be used separately in casual outfits but can be dressed up a little, as you can see. I chose a burnt orange tie rather than something brighter because I felt it went better with the earthy colours in the rest of the outfit.

Jacket - Man 1924

Trousers - Boglioli

Tie - Henry Carter

Socks - Uniqlo

Boots - Crockett and Jones


BIEGE AGAINST THE MACHINE - model: Salieu Jalloh - photographer: Cyrill Matter - fashion editor / stylist: Allan Kennedy - photo assistant: JP Bevins - fashion assistant: Melissa Infante - groomer: Miyako

  • Paul Smith Jeans camel peacoat - Boglioli brown military shawl wool sweater
  • Ferragamo camel cashmere coat - Louis Vuitton beige jersey knit shirt - Dunhill gold cotton twill trousers
  • Paul Smith wide-leg trousers - Berluti knitted high-neck sweater - Dunhill forest corduroy peacoat - Uniqlo white cotton socks
  • Paul Smith wool roll-neck sweater - Boglioli tan velvet double-breasted retford blazer - Dunhill gold cotton twill trousers - Uniqlo white cotton socks - Converse tan jack purcell sneakers

Sneakers Again

Kent Wang just sent me these sneakers to try and I wanted to wear them again today. They did well in the rain and at the market. They were pretty comfortable yesterday but are feeling more so today. This is more of a conventional outfit - a cardigan, Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt and khaki trousers.

Cardigan - SNS Herning

Shirt - Kamakura

Trousers - Boglioli

Belt - Christian Kimber

Sneakers - Kent Wang