Diplomatic Ties part 279: Sulka.

Vintage Sulka in a bold paisley pattern, worn with butcher’s stripes (from Borrelli’s wonderful luxury vintage brand). Conventional wisdom says to tone the tie down when you wear butcher’s stripes, but it works equally well to dial it up as long as the tie is not striped, then it usually becomes too much. Monochrome silk/linen jacket from Boglioli to calm everything down a little, but the slight sheen goes well with the tie. Ps from Battisti.

Keeping it 100.

100% cotton Boglioli jacket
100% cotton J. Crew shirt
100% Vicuña Alan Payne sweater
100% cashmere Johnstons scarf
Silk Wool Ikire Jones “New Lagos” square (ok fine I cheated)
Creed Royal Scottish Lavender
Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1947 501 selvedge
Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren “Lindrick” boot in Horween shell cordovan