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Huntington Library sets out to decode thousands of Civil War telegrams hidden for a century: 'It's mind-boggling'

They ticked out news of typhoid, scurvy and fear.  They spoke of long marches and vast battles. They hummed with frailty and humor, fretting over drunken soldiers and praising the unwavering president of a fraying republic. They clacked in broken rhythms that rang with the ominous: “We will not remain undisturbed tonight. Even the Rail Road men have been ordered to leave.”

The 15,971 telegrams — hidden in a wooden foot locker for more than a century — scrolled like a Twitter feed through the Civil War. The messages from the Union side, many tapped out in code to elude Confederate forces, carried the urgings and reflections of Abraham Lincoln, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and other prominent players. But most echo with the thoughts and schemes of colonels, infantrymen and lesser-knowns that offer a peek into the bureaucracy and machinery of war. Read more.

What boggles my mind is how I keep seeing news stories about trump preparing to establish a dictatorship, and everyone talks about how bad it is, but then nobody does anything???

Like, who do you think is going to stop this? Imagine if your house had termites, and you wrote news articles about how many termites there were, and made posts online about how important it was not to normalize termites, but didn’t hire an exterminator and just watched as the termites destroyed your house as you bemoaned your terrible luck.

YOU have to do something. I’m not American; all I can do is watch while you hope and hope the situation isn’t as awful as it obviously is. Everyone in the world knows how badly you’ve driven your country into the ground, now you need to stop talking about it and start acting. This is ridiculous.


(…) When we got the news that we were nominated, I just got a text .. hm.. saying “You’re nominated for a Grammy”, and, in Sweden, we have another prize called “GRAMMIS”, which, internationally, is referred to, as “the Swedish Grammy”. So.. When I got the text, I told my friend next to me that we were nominated for a GRAMMIS.. (giggles).. So, it took like, an hour later until I, I actually got it confirmed that we, they, they were actually talking about a Grammy, not a GRAMMIS… hmm.. Which was a … a very… mind-boggling…. experience. -  Special Ghoul on Ghost’s first Grammy nomination

A mind-boggling stellar explosion is baffling astronomers, who say this cosmic beast is so immensely powerful that no one’s sure exactly what made it go boom.

The recently discovered inferno is about 200 times more powerful than a typical exploding star, or supernova, and 570 billion times brighter than our sun. It was first spotted in June by the All-Sky Automated Survey for Supernovae, nicknamed the “Assassin” project, so it’s called ASASSN-15lh.

Record-Busting Star Explosion Baffles Sky Watchers

Photo: Wayne Rosing/Science

Sean Hannity offers mind-boggling defense of Donald Trump’s sexist remarks

Conservative media personality Sean Hannity offered an almost satirical defense of his friend Donald Trump in the wake of the release of a video from 2005 featuring Trump bragging about groping women. Speaking on the on the Oct. 7 edition of his show, Hannity referenced the Bible to defend Trump.