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Eye boggling & gaze correction - customizing a Blythe doll


Have some hilarious, eye-boggled shenanigans! My friend brought his VR gear to my place. He found out that if you put the gear on without the phone or backing, then you can see this hilarity! XD

The first photo is my little bro, Mr. Stinkbutt.

The second is my best friend, Damien the Smartaleck.

And, last but CERTAINLY not least, my messed up face. XD That thing really messes with your eyes when you do this! XD

Please, enjoy the weirdness that is my family and friends.

More will be posted soon. XD

seyaryminamoto  asked:

Sokkla, setting: sharing an ice cream cone!

At first she thought it was kind of erotic, the way he firmly gripped her hand and sat close to her in the summer sun as she held the bottom of the cone, both of them insistently licking and munching away at the deliciously cool flavors of chocolate and vanilla mixed into a sweet harmony as their lips drew closer.

And then, just as she finished her side, she realized he was just hungry and a swift tap to the side of his head made his eyes boggle, as if roused from a trance, “Hey! Don’t eat it all you pig!”

His mouth was filled with chocolate and vanilla, “Owf! Whaf wasth thaf for!?”

fluffysaru  asked:

lets talk angsty fushimi in crital condition everyone worries about him fic ouo

Not in the mood to properly fic this just now (I have other fics that get priority right now) so hopefully some post-S2 ‘Fushimi in critical condition everyone worries about him’ headcanons will do. Douhan drags Fushimi up above ground but maybe he’s not even conscious in this scenario, he’s even paler than usual and his breathing is shallow and Munakata basically takes one look at him and is immediately calling for an ambulance. Everyone else is so busy trying to keep the situation under control that no one even notices that Munakata’s gone until Awashima gets a text that he’s at the hospital with Fushimi. Awashima is all shocked and confused because of course at this point as far she knows we’re still talking traitor Green clansmen Fushimi. And then maybe like Akiyama or Hidaka catches sight of the text and is immediately like ‘wait, Fushimi-san is hurt?’ So eventually the whole squad heads off to the hospital together where Munakata is waiting for them and they get the full story about Fushimi’s 'betrayal.’ It turns out he maybe nicked an artery and is in bad shape and everyone is super worried. Munakata is the only one who’s been able to go see him because even hospital staff cannot say no to Munakata and he just sounds so plausible when he states that he is Fushimi’s family and therefore should be allowed in. Awashima especially is probably just a mess, she was already so worried about him before and now it’s this whole rollercoaster of finding out that Fushimi never betrayed them but he could die before any of them get to see him again. She’s distraught enough that it doesn’t even occur to her to contact Kusanagi until she gets a call from him asking where all of Scepter 4 went off to.

So then the hospital waiting room that’s already filled with worried alphabet boys gets even more full as Kusanagi shows up with Anna, Yata and Kamamoto. Yata’s definitely really upset, I’m sure he’d be blaming himself for leaving Fushimi there and probably thinking that if only he’d gotten there sooner maybe he could’ve saved Fushimi from being hurt in the first place. Kusanagi tries to comfort him that it’s not his fault and Munakata speaks up to say that the fault lies with him, as he was the one who gave the order. Yata wants to get pissed at him but he’s too worried to even manage that and he just tells Munakata to shut up while trying not to cry. Awashima puts a hand on Munakata’s shoulder and he tells her that it’ll be fine, Fushimi will definitely pull through. Fushimi’s in surgery for quite a while and everyone’s gotten really tired and quiet when Anna suddenly stands up and walks towards where the operating room is, a marble clutched in her hand. Yata sits up straight and calls her name sounding like his heart’s about to break and that’s when Anna turns to him and smiles. Yata can’t even believe it and his face just lights up as he starts trying not to cry. Munakata is still all silent and stoic in the corner by himself and Anna takes his hand and says that it’s all right now, Munakata smiles down at her and thanks her as the doctor walks out to tell them that Fushimi’s pulled through and he’s going to be okay.

Fushimi’s unconscious for a while so everyone takes turns visiting him and talking to him. Yata rambles and cries the whole time, Munakata just puts a hand on Fushimi’s head and tells him that he’s done a good job. When Fushimi finally wakes up properly he’s totally shocked to find his room filled with get-well cards and everything, plus like half of Scepter 4 piles in when they hear that he’s awake all happy and excited to see him. And pretty much for the rest of Fushimi’s hospital stay everyone is constantly looking in on him, including the Homra guys, and Yata especially shows up like every day to bring him new video games and comics and to try and talk a little. Munakata comes by all the time too to give him updates on what’s been going on and to assure him that they are all pleased to have him back and that Munakata will allow him back on duty as soon as he has properly healed. Fushimi has no idea how to handle all this affection and is all grumpy about it but his face keeps getting all red whenever everyone starts to fuss over him.

Met a Team Mystic player at a Pokestop today, it was wild.

I’m always amazed when I compare Team members because we all have different ways we play. Despite having two Pokemon in gyms, he hadn’t used a drop of stardust since he started playing and had so much that it made my eyes boggle.

And here I am, with 300 stardust left from shoving candies and stardust down my Labras’ gullet to get her godlike.

Everyone has their own playing style and it’s amazing. An Instinct player in the area had a bunch of kids seated around him as he showed off his newly evolved Dragonite and it was so inspiring to see. I can’t say it enough…

I love Pokemon.