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La Douleur Exquise Pt 3 | Incubus!Yoongi AU

summary: in which you accidentally summon an incubus in the middle of your shitty apartment and he won’t leave until you agree to have sex with him. until then, min yoongi, incubus extraordinaire, is now your sexually promiscuous and grumpy roommate. aka, the incubus au no one fucking asked for.

warnings: emotionally constipated yoongi and reader but what else is new

genre: fluff, ANGST

words: 4.4K

a/n: this part was supposed to be 10K long, but I decided to cut it short and leave the other half to be in part 4 instead. sorry for the long wait!! hopefully this doesn’t seem too rushed lol

➵  part 1 // part 2 // part 3 (you’re here!) // part 4 (coming soon!)

If scientists ever discovered a way to punch the sun, then you were sure you’d be the first one in line.

As the bright rays from the outdoors filtered into your small bedroom, you cursed past-Y/N for not having the forethought to close the blinds. You groaned tiredly, feeling the fatigue from your week of inadequate sleep still weighing heavily on your eyelids. You slowly stretched your tired limbs, your hands searching for something, or more specifically, someone.

While your twin-sized bed was usually only occupied by yourself, you distinctly remembered going to bed with a notoriously grumpy incubus the night before. But as your hands start reaching for the demon’s warmth, you were surprised to find that he wasn’t there. In fact, the sheets did not even feel remotely warm, making you assume that he had awoken maybe hours before yourself.

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Skittles and Soulmates (Reddie)

I got a request on my other blog that was supposed to go here, but I accidently posted a Reddie request advertisement on there yesterday, Whoops. Anyway, here’s the oneshot.

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Reddie soulmate AU! One where you are unable to lie to your soulmate, but that doesn’t start until you know who your soulmate is. So like maybe they also get matching tattoos that don’t appear until the two soulmates share a significant experience (like facing pennywise). Then when the tattoos appear that is when they are unable to lie to each other? Idk if that males since and you can tweak it if you need to. Thank you!!

Pairing: Reddie

Warnings: Swearing

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anonymous asked:

Could you imagine if Kara kept trying to tell Lena she was Supergirl, but Lena just thinks she's messing around. So Kara get's fed up of with the gentle approach and ends up doing what she did when she told Winn; she just stomps out onto Lena's balcony and flings herself off...

She’s just so frustrated! Apparently,

-from Alex’s point of view… and Maggie’s….. and maybe the barista at Noonan’s who keeps winking at her and commenting on her ‘nice saves’…… and maybe her neighbor downstairs???-

she’s not even subtle!! So why Lena won’t believe her is completely beyond Kara. And she’s tried to tell her multiple times at this point and Kara’s really running out of patience.

So maybe she’s a tad dramatic. And maybe the kick in Lena’s heartbeat as she tips off the side of the balcony isn’t worth it. Maybe she should have just floated above the couch….


Yeah, maybe this was a bit much… but Lena wouldn’t believe her and Lena-

Lena’s flinging herself from the balcony too??!??!! And she looks surprised too when Kara catches her, full front of her body just crashing into Kara, and Kara just stares at her, mouth agape.

“You just leapt off a building!!”

Lena grapples at her shirt, eyes boggling at the drop off over her shoulder, “You can fly??”

“Lena! I told you, I’m Supergirl.” Lena’s bag thwaps against her arm and Kara frowns at it. “You lept off a building, but grabbed your purse first?”

Lena’s squinting at her face, “of course, it has my grappling hook in it.” It’s dismissive and she reaches up tentatively to remove Kara’s glasses. “Oh.”

She doesn’t get why it took so long for Lena to get it. But they shouldn’t just lay about above L-Corp all day, so Kara floats them back up over the balcony edge and sets Lena down.

Lena doesn’t give her glasses back, just twirls them and frowns. “I thought Supergirl permitted my residence here because you asked her to. I couldn’t put your faces together.”

Kara blinks, “Permits? Lena I don’t permit you to do anything! You make your own choices. You’ve earned my trust, both as Supergirl and as Kara Danvers.”

She nods, but her lip is pulled white against her teeth. Her heart rate spikes and Kara frowns. “Uhm, the time, I uh-” she trails off and gestures, willing Kara to understand an incomplete thought.

But Kara just tilts her head in question.

Lena clears her throat and there’s a tinge of red on her ears, “The time I asked Supergirl if, well, you and her-”

“OH! Oh, yes ah-” Now she’s blushing too, but it’s roaring up her neck and cheeks. Damn her metabolism and response rate. “Yeah, no, we’re not, obviously not. Uh, yeah, nope.”

“Ah, yes, obviously.” Lena bites at her lip again and it’s really kind of distracting. “Kind of a shame though.”

Kara stops mid-scratch at her ear and whirls her head back up to stare at Lena. “What?”

Lena twitches and now her heart rate skyrockets. “I mean. No, you two- one, just you, uh. Well, your both personalities? Facades? You alone? Look this is very confusing, you’re both just very attractive and it was just a thought and with the Cadmus and my mother and everyone in the galaxy attacking my building or kidnapping me, I never actually talked to you.”

She’s searching Kara’s face but Kara’s just confused and she goes over Lena’s ramble twice in her mind before it clicks. Like a lightbulb finally flickering on. “Oh. Oh, oh, uh, oh.” She gestures at Lena and back at herself. “Oh.”

Lena bites at her lip again and motions to her office door, shimmying over. “I should just, I’ll go, sorry.”

“No wait!” Kara’s in front of her before she can blink and maybe, again, not the smartest move when Lena’s just found out, but really, Kara tends to make dumb moves around Lena most of the time anyway so what’s new?

“A date? With me?” Kara stutters and shakes her head, “Will you go on a date with me?”

She hears Lena’s heart stutter and for half a moment she’s cast back to when Alex taught her the symptoms of a heart attack and the best way to treat patients but then- “Yes, yes, of course, tonight?”

Kara’s nodding before Lena even finishes her question and Lena smiles, mimicking her own expression. “If it gets these kinds of results, maybe I should throw myself off of buildings more often.”

“No! Please don’t!” Kara rushes to stop her thought process but Lena’s already laughing, already leaning up to place a kiss on her cheek.

“She threw herself off a building??” - “She carries a grappling gun in her purse??”

Alex and Maggie turn to each other and can’t hold back their laughter anymore. Kara groans, “Come on, guys, you’re supposed to be helping me pick something to wear!”

Maggie slaps at her leg and nods, “Sure, sure, but oh my god, I didn’t know Luthor was so overt in her lesbianism!! I mean, we all knew, popped collars Kara, but even a grappling gun? The lady has moves, watch out!”

Alex bats at Maggie’s leg, doubled over with laughter that seems to have no end in sight. Kara groans again and Maggie winks.

“I bet she’d rather you wear your suit.”

The blush that rages over Kara’s face is nothing compared to the coughing that Alex’s laughter turns into, and when both Danvers sisters turn on Maggie with an indignant “Maggie!” It’s the detective who has the last laugh.


!!! Ultra rare Corvus boggles caught on video!!!

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Fly away from here

Author: @waywardkitten
Featuring: Wincest
Written for: @immortalwriter​ Wincest AU challenge
Prompt: Wincest soulmate AU
Rating: Mature
Word count: 1785
Summary: In a world where a soulmark appears on your body at the age of seventeen in a shape identical to your soulmate’s, waking up on your 17th birthday with the same exact mark as your brother may be..frowned upon
Tags/Warnings: John Winchester’s A+ parenting, mentions of violence, weecest, Bobby is good people, flangst, hurt/comfort
A/N: I rated this as an M because of mentions of and descriptions of the results of violence. (If you’re too young too read about sex then you’re too young to read about violence) No smut here though, just angst and fluff. I might do a continuation of this one if there is any interest, so please let me know.
Kind words & feedback are food to a creative mind ♡

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

     “Why can’t I see him?”

Dean refused to let up. His dad had been avoiding him all morning, muttering something about Sam being ‘very, very sick’ and needed to go to their Uncle Bobby’s to be looked after in case it was something not a hundred percent natural in the works.

     “Dammit, Dean, I said no!”

Dean let the hand holding the clumsily wrapped present fall to his side.
     “But it’s his birthday”, Dean objected in a slightly unsure tone.

John turned to him with a glare that promised torture and imminent death to anyone who dared defy him. It was a glare Dean recognised all too well; it was usually reserved for the monsters they hunt.
     “Drop. It”

His voice was poison.
     “Fine”, Dean bit out, turning on his heel and slamming the front door behind him as he stormed off. He needed a drink.

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‘This was never right.’ Fp Jones x Reader One Shot (Part 1)

You’re Archie’s older sister, your little brother has decided to throw a birthday party for his best friend, Jughead. Under your supervision you allow it, that’s until the whole of his grade turns up and it gets out of control. You’re left nothing else to do than clean up after everyone and look after your drunk arse brother, but that’s until a very familiar face shows up and your priorities are soon conflicted…

WORD COUNT - 2,000+
A/N - So since Riverdale has come back for season 2, I’ve really wanted to get back into writing some Fp Jones one shots. And I had this idea in my mind, so wanted to get it up for all of you. It’s going to be a short series. Probably 2 or 3 parts. But here is part 1 for you to enjoy as of now. Next part will be up very soon! 

You had been sat up in your room on your bed, the door tightly shut and the curtains drawn. Your cell phone was on the bed beside you, your laptop sat on your lap as you scrolled through a job board site, your job search for a college drop out since the summer had been unsuccessful so far.

Now here you were all alone on a Friday night, whilst your brother was downstairs with his friends having a birthday party, which you were in charge of since your Dad was out of town visiting your Mom to finalise their divorce. 

Everything had been too hard recently. Your Dad’s business was going down. Your Mom was living miles away and you missed her more than anything. You  had dropped out of college after a year, not enjoying your studies and a little depressed. 

In an ideal world, the last thing you wanted to be doing was staying in all weekend. If it had been the summer still, you would have been sneaking out of your window and heading out for the rest of the night with your friends.

But now your Dad was out of town and you were on Archie watch, it was out of question that you could escape so easily this time round. And you definitely knew you weren’t going anywhere when you heard the sound of a large rowdy crowd coming from outside your bedroom window.

Frowning in confusion, you took your laptop off your lap and quickly hurried over to see what all the commotion was.

Your eyes widened slightly, a frustrated feeling washing over you when you saw the group of teenagers now stood outside your house, everyone dressed ready to party, some holding keggers and various alcoholic drinks, whilst others had a music system. 

Pushing your curtains back shut in annoyance, you quickly went over to your bedroom door and opened it up, going over to the top of the stairs, ready to have a massive word with your brother about inviting so many people.

Dad was going to kill him if he found out Archie had thrown such a massive party. It was like the whole high school had shown up on your doorstep. You had agreed to a small gathering between friends with a couple of drinks.

Archie and you had both agreed he or none of his friends would be getting drunk. She really did not want to have to deal with or even see her brother drunk, let alone his friends also.

But now by the looks of it, they were all going to be in a merry way by the end of the night if you didn’t do something about it.

But as you reached the top of the stairs, you saw the teenagers now coming through into your home, moving through into the living space and into the kitchen, Archie joining after the gang and Jughead storming away, whilst Betty and Veronica, Archie’s other friends stood there slightly pissed.

At least you weren’t the only one raging right now.

Storming down the stairs, you ignored the teenagers eye boggling you for being dressed in a pair of short cotton pyjama shorts and a tank top, your comfy clothes you wore around the house and to bed, not running after your idiotic brother.

You began to push through groups of people, who were now setting up the drinks and music, some already dancing to the music that was being blasted through speakers, which was certainly going to piss off the neighbours and leave her in trouble.

It had been around 10 minutes since everyone had crashed what was suppose to be a small party, when you finally located your brother outside, heading towards the garage.

“Archie! Archie! ” You called, seeing the guy quickening his pace, like he was looking for something or even someone, but completely ignoring your calls over the music, “Archie! For god sake..”

You followed him through into the garage with a pissed off expression, he quickly turned around when he finally heard you and also noticed your presences, a worried look coming across his face before he turned back to Jughead.

“Archie, what the hell..” You began to say, but Archie quickly cut you off.

“Dude, Valerie just got here,” Archie said to his best friend, who was sat on an old armchair next to your dog, Vegas, looking just as annoyed as you were, “you think she wants me back?”

“Seriously..” You murmured under your breath, how ignorant your brother was being right now to ignore you when he was in so much trouble.

“Archie, as my blood-brother, it was your sole responsibility to ensure that something like this never happened on my birthday.” Jughead answered him.

“And I also trusted you, Archie, to not let something like this happen,” You spat at him in anger, “when did I agree that all of these people could come over?”

“(y/n), I’m sorry, they just showed up..” Archie tried to apologise to you.

“Get rid of them, Archie!” You tried to tell him.

“I can’t..”

“Yes you can. You go back out there and sort it. Or I’m calling Dad.” You threatened him, not in the mood to be messed around.

“Please, (y/n, let it be for just one night. It’s Jugheads birthday. It was Betty’s idea to throw this party. I need this. With Mom and Dad..” Archie tried to reason with you, as he brought up a touchy subject.

“This is so not me..” Jughead tried to tell them both in defence.

He knew not to mess with Archie’s sister. And this was definitely one of these times.

“It doesn’t matter, Jughead. You’re her boyfriend now.” Archie reminded him.

“What does that mean?” Jughead asked in confusion.

“Yeah, Archie, what does that mean?” You gave him a glare and crossed your arms, tired of this teen drama.

You just wanted to get back to your own life and not be running around worrying about how drunk these teenagers were going to get, how much they would destroy your home and how much your Dad was going to kill you both when he got back.

“It means you’re getting your birthday party whether you want one or not,” Archie answered him, before turning to look at him, “and (y/n), you’re letting us have this party. Please..”

You were moments away from shutting him down again, not wanting to listen to his so called attempts to make you change your mind about him having this party in the first place, when the door of the garage opened back up with the sound of several knocks coming from it and a familiar face entered the room.

“Dad, hey.” Jughead quickly hopped out of his chair to greet his Dad.

A look of surprise came over the boys face, whilst an uneasy and uncomfortable one flooded yours. You didn’t know where to look or if it was even right to look where you so desperately wanted to.

Even by catching a glimpse at this man, you felt your stomach begin to churn. He was dressed in his usual attire, a navy blue and white plaid shirt, with a grey t-shirt underneath it and his famous blue jeans hung on his hips.

A present sat in his hand, the present that was meant for his son, the same son that was best friends to your little brother, which was just another awful reminder of how much you had messed up since coming back to town from college.

Upon seeing you stood beside your brother, Fp turned his head to look at you slightly, also catching a glimpse whilst he could, without it looking like he had been staring for too long.

It had been weeks since the last time you had seen each other. So much had happened within that time. But it was nothing compared to what had happened since you last crossed paths.

“Happy birthday, Jughead.” Fp said getting back to the real reason as to why he was here and it wasn’t to see you.

He had been hoping you would have been out for the night and not around your brother and his son. But Fp should have known Fred would have left you in charge.

“How are you, Mr Jones?” Archie asked him.

“Happy to be here,” Fp said his eyes flickering to you for a moment, his manner awkward and you both knew exactly why, because you were feeling a horrible thick tension too, “celebrating with my son,”

Fp turned his head round to the window slightly, trying to look away from you, but with you purposely watching him, almost like waiting for him to catch another glance at you or even to slip up, you couldn’t take your eyes off him.

“Didn’t realise you had so many friends.” He remarked at the noise coming from outside and the house.

“I don’t,” Jughead was quick to correct him, before he said, “fair warning, aside from (y/n), you’re the only adult here.”

“So I gather,” Fp finally flickered his eyes back onto you, giving you a knowing look, before he held the present up in his hand, “where can I put this?”

Frowning back at him slightly, wondering what he was trying to get at, you watched him take a little step back towards the door as Archie answered, “there’s a table in the den..”

“I could show you.” You found yourself suggesting, almost hopeful you could end up alone together and that had been why he had given you such a look.

Fp slowly nodded back at you, taken back a little at first you had been so eager to come with him, but before he could leave, Jughead asked him, “Did Betty call you?”

“Yeah, she came by too,” Fp responded, as you began to make your way over to the door, “she know’s what she wants, that one,”

You pulled open the door and stepped back out into the back yard, as Fp gave one last look at Jughead for the time being and said, “I’ll be back.”

The two of you walked in silence back inside your house, ignoring the looks from the teenagers around you, as they continued to consume their booze and dance the night away.

Once you got back inside, you headed towards the present table, that was located in the small den on the ground floor of your home. Thankfully no one was inside when the two of you entered, so it meant you two could have that much needed conversation.

Laying the present down onto the table with the others, Fp turned back round to where you were near an arm chair in the corner, your arms still folded as you stood in your pyjamas still.

The tension was thick in the room. It was awkward and uneasy. The two of you not really knowing how to go about this, but both of you knowing it had to be done, otherwise you would never move on from it.

“I thought you’d be out tonight..” He broke the silence between the two of you.

“Why?” You raised your brows up at him, your tone dry as you said, “would you have not come if you had known I would have been here?”

“It’s my son’s birthday.”

“So? If it wasn’t for Betty inviting you, then you probably wouldn’t have made the effort to turn up, right?” You pointed out to him.

You couldn’t help but be a little bitchy towards him right now. The tension in the room was getting to you and the fact Fp was acting so weird with you also was bringing up way too many different feelings you just wanted to push out.

“I don’t have time for this..” Fp wasn’t going to listen to you drag him down further than he already felt regarding his relationship with his son.

He was moments away from slipping out of the door, when you grabbed hold of his elbow and stopped him from going any further, “You can’t hide from me, Fp. You might have been able to slide my calls and texts for weeks now, and done everything you could to not see me, but this ends tonight. You can’t run away anymore.”

“You’re the one who left, (y/n),” Fp pulled back from you, his eyes never leaving your face though, as the two of you stood close to each other, “I didn’t tell you to go.”

“I had to go, Fp. I didn’t have a choice. If I had stayed, then god knows what else would have happened that night!” You argued back.

This wasn’t fair. It wasn’t just your fault. None of this was. It was both of your faults for even getting into this mess in the first place.

“We wouldn’t be having this conversation right now if that was the case.” He responded.

“And we wouldn’t even be talking like this if you hadn’t took me home that day.” You shot back.

“I was not leaving you there by yourself. You could have..” Fp was about to bring it up, the event that had got you two being so close in the first place, what he had started everything off.

“Could have what?” Your eyes searched his, as he cursed under his breath and huffed loudly.

Turning away from you, Fp ran his hands over his face in distress and tried to calm himself down. He wouldn’t let himself crumble right here and right now, with teenagers just outside the door, his son on the property and you stood there, waiting for him to just slip up and let it out.

“Fp..” You began to say, you so badly wanted to go over there and touch him, to hold him and assure him it was alright now, but you couldn’t.

It wasn’t right.

But just seeing Fp react the way he was to what happened that day, the day that had brought you two closer, it was enough to make you realise that he did still care about you, that how you felt wasn’t just one sided anymore, he still cared.

“You told me that night, that you couldn’t care anymore, that whatever had happened had to stop, and I agreed with you. But you said one more night, if that, as a goodbye,” You began to retell what had drove them away, to be apart for this long, “and I was going to agree to it, but then you started to act weird and wouldn’t tell me what was going on..”

“I didn’t have a choice!” He spun back round to face you, angry at this whole situation and how crap he had treated you that night, “just like you. I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t tell you..”

“Tell me what? You’re here now and whatever it is that happened it’s over, so you can tell me now!” You exclaimed, keeping your own anger at bay.

“I can’t. Because it’s not over..” Fp shook his head, trying to calm his breathing, he hated getting angry in front of you, “it will never be over. I have no control over it. But this,” he motioned between the two of you, “I do have control over.”

“Then why aren’t you using it to your advantage? Why are you pushing it out?” You stepped back over to him, your eyes looking up at his, “Why are you pushing me out?”

“Because..” He looked back down at you and he so desperately wanted to brush the hair away from your face, he so desperately wanted to take your hand and get the hell out of there together, but he couldn’t, “this was never right.”

“But it’s not wrong either..” You tried to reason with him over this, they had argued way too many times about it and you were tired, it had been the reason you had given in and walked away, but now Fp was back here, stood in front of you in the flesh, it was bringing everything back, “I’m not a kid anymore, Fp. I’m 19 years old, I’ll be 20 in the new year.”

“You’re my friends daughter, (y/n). I have a wife and two children who  need me. I can’t be running off with some girl..”

“Some girl, hey?” You backed away from him in offence, hurt by his statement.

You truly had believed you meant more to him than that. How foolish could you have been.

Command (M)

Birthday post for badass tsundere rapper Yoongi!

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff, childhood friends AU

Word count: 2,580 words

You couldn’t believe it, lips forming an ‘o’ of disbelief, eyes boggling at the white draw four text with black background on the small stack of cards. “What the hell? How is this even possible?!”

“Blue,” Yoongi drawled, ignoring your question.

Huffing, you drew four cards from the deck and added them to the ever growing pile in your hands, not bothering to hide your vexation. You gestured wordlessly for him to continue, and he dropped a blue draw two card. “Uno.”

You screamed in frustration and threw your cards at him, earning a chuckle in return. “Just what sort of voodoo are you using? It’s not possible to have so many draw cards every game!”

“You’re just unbelievably unlucky, y/n,” his shoulders shaking in silent laughter as he picked up the cards. “Let’s see, how many commands do you owe me?”

“Five,” you mumbled, barely audible.

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Steel Magnolias - Actress!Reader, Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Genre: Fluff, attempted humour near the end

Word Count: 1316

Warning/s: Mentions of pregnancy (Is that even a warning?)

A/N: I’m a drama student and I was rehearsing this scene from Steel Magnolias for an assessment and came up with an idea to combine it with the Avengers. Enjoy 😉

“No, you’re getting rest. I think that rehearsal can wait, Y/N.” Bruce insisted.

“But the show’s next week! I need to get through the blocking and the lighting preferences and-“ You argued, trying to sit up. Bruce put a warning hand on your shoulder, giving you a stern look as he pushed you back down. 

“Too late! I’ve already approved your absence.” Tony waltzed into the lab, waving his phone screen at you. 

You weren’t giving up. “Tony, they need me! I’m one of the main characters of the whole thing!” 

“They’ll have to deal with it themselves.” He shrugged. “Besides, you’re hurt and sick, therefore unfit to attend. You’re not going and that is final. Who even rehearses at school on the weekend?” 

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Frisk and (Y/N)'s wonderful trip through Times

Angel submitted:  (This is kinda just something I had written down as practice for these two for when I refine the story I’ve got going, since you inspired me to consider actually writing it, I wanted you to see.)


“So… correct this if I’m wrong.” Frisk looks up at you, tilting their head as you look at the gateway into the violent timeline, showing the snowy landscape that was their Snowdin.


“So in this timeline everyone and everything is purposely trying to kill you, so much that it’s normal.”

“That sounds right, yeah…”

“So I had a thought,” Oh dear. Frisk did not like the tone of your voice. “If death is the norm here… doesn’t that technically mean that for them, us going genocide is basically like doing pacifist?”

… Frisk couldn’t really fault that logic. After all, you were right, killing others did seem the norm there. Nodding in response, Frisk watched as the most evilest grin they had ever seen stretch itself across your face. You then made to walk though.

“What are you doing (Y/N)?”

“What does it look like?” You turn back to Frisk, smiling like you were about to head to Disneyland for the very first time. You rubbed your hands in glee, an evil giggle slipping out.

“I’m going in there and murdering all the Jerry’s I can find! Come on, maybe this version’s Sans and Papyrus will join in!”

Oh shoot.

“W-Wait (Y/N)!! You can’t do that! Chara will think you’re serious about starting a genocide route!! (Y/N)? (Y/N)!!!!”




“What the fuck have we walked into?”

You looked down at your sibling Frisk, frowning. You knew that swearing wasn’t something they did, after all, you were the one who had to control your sailors mouth around them… but you weren’t exactly normal at the minute.

If the fact that you were now wearing something very similar to what your sibling usually does and them vice versa, meaning an obvious swap of roles meant anything. You had to wonder what had happened to everyone else. Were Sans and Papyrus now switched too? Undyne? Toriel? Asgore?

You just hoped not too much had changed.

“I dunno Frisk… maybe this is just how the world is?” You shuffle your feet looking down. You wondered how far the changes went. Did powers switch too?

Powers… hang on a second.

You blink, the thought crossing your mind. Holding out your hand, you concentrate, just like you’d seen Frisk done multiple times. Within a few seconds the command structure appeared, the red soul that usually came from you appearing from Frisk. Huh, so you control everything now. You look down at Frisk, who looks back up at you.

A few beat pass. Then, you feel yourself smirking and see Frisk’s face turn pale. Cracking your fingers you summon up the ACT button.

Time for some well deserved payback.


Frisk stared at you, eyes boggling out in surprise. You crossed your arms, frowning more.

“I said we’re not going, and that’s final.” You declare, staring back at your sibling standing in front of the gate way to the even more bizarrely strange timeline. Frisk pouted, stopping their foot.

“B-But why?! You were fine with the last timelines!!”

“A couple reasons.” You bend down to look your sibling in the eye. “One, I’m not having you be on the front line in a world like that. There’s no way.” You shook your head, a shiver running up your spine thinking of Frisk being the one to receive all that pain. Frisk in response to this looked away, also giving a little shudder of their own.

“Secondly;” you began, your face morphing into an annoyed scowl. “I am NOT going in a world where there will be swapped Sans like THAT.”

“But I thought you liked the swapped Sans we met!”

“Yes because he was a sweetheart that looked out for the both of us. If what I’m gathering this timeline is meant to be, this Sans is more likely going to be like that horrible Papyrus we met in that violent timeline. Only probably worse.” You grumble, looking off to the side. “We are NOT GOING.”

“… then won’t this timeline’s Papyrus be like the last one mixed with the red Sans we met?”


Frisk smirked as they watched your face slowly turn red as you mulled over what they had just said. A few seconds passed before finally with a grumbled “I hate you” you stood, grabbed Frisk’s hand, and went into the gateway.

Hook, line, and sinker.

the tortoise’s two cents:  I really liked this!  I’m all for some timeline-hopping shenanigans, and I love the logic of “Stretch mixed with Red?  Okay, let’s go!” xD  This was great, and I’d absolutely love to see more of your writing. 

Harry's Trauma

(Ok, a bit saucy towards the end, you have been warned!)

Tom decides to spice up life on Voyager with a series of games for the crew to take part in. He suggests it during a particularly arduous staff meeting, once Tuvok finally stops yapping on about security or some other such nonsense. They are in a quiet area of space and the whole crew are bored. There’s only so many times you can run a diagnostic.

Interestingly, the Captain agrees with his ideas and quickly quietens Tuvok’s concerns. She says it will lighten the mood and improve morale.

Tom literally beams with barely contained giddiness.

His first game suggestion is, “The floor is lava.”

Quite simple in rules, basically at any point anyone can address another person, tell them the floor is lava and that person has 5 seconds to get their whole body off the ground.

Everyone (except Tuvok) joins in and much hilarity ensues.

Tom actually has to lie down after approaching Chakotay, whispering the words, and watching as the great bulk of a man dances about frantically looking for somewhere high, before launching himself onto the top of Neelix’s work surface, knocking over a large pot of Leola root stew in the process.

Harry plays dirty on the bridge and the whole bridge crew fall about in hysterics as Harry addresses Tom with the words and watches as he frantically clambers onto his own workstation, the controls beeping furiously at him in protest.

Chakotay manages to catch out B'Elanna, addressing her during a routine engineering meeting. B'Elanna is forced to leap up onto the railings surrounding the warp core whilst the rest of her team howl with laughter.

The Captain, however, pulls the best one yet, at the end of the senior staff meeting, she addresses them all with the words and laughs hysterically as everyone, (except Tuvok), dance about, eyes wild, shrieking until they all find a space. Chakotay is stood on her chair. B'Elanna is on the table, Harry is dangling from a service hatch above his head and Tom is curled onto the surface of the replicator.

The game continues in a similar fashion. Tom hears Chakotay caught the Captain out, forcing her to admit defeat when she failed to find a space off the ground in the allocated 5 seconds. He hears, she launched herself into a Jeffries Tube and gave the 2 crewman working there the fright of their lives.

Even the Doctor takes part. He launches himself onto a Biobed, hypospray in hand when Kes whispers the words to him. He huffs afterwards that lava really would not affect him but secretly he enjoys being part of the game.

Tom decides to introduce a new game. Hide and Seek. This time the Captain and Chakotay decide not to take part this time, explaining they are running behind on some essential reports. The Captain, however, makes Tuvok take part this time, ordering it a good way for him to bond with the crew. She also stipulates that the crew must not use tricorders to hunt others down, and for the duration of the game, internal sensors will be offline, so nobody can cheat. She looks pointedly at Tom at that point. She then adds a final clause. No hiding on deck 13. She reasons that there is too much technical equipment on that deck that could cause injury.

Tom sets aside a time for everyone to take part. He puts himself as chief seeker and the rest of the crew spread out to hide.

Harry thinks he has the perfect place. He squashes himself inside a service hatch right above the emergency control room on deck 13. He reasons that the hatch is technically on deck 12 and therefore he’s not breaking any rules. He smiles to himself, he thinks he’s been spending too much time with Tom if he can so blatantly bend the rules. He settles down for a long wait.

He’s busy humming a song to himself, when he hears the doors to the emergency control room open and voices float upwards. There’s no mistaking the throaty voice of the Captain and the softer tone of Commander Chakotay. He holds himself dead still, straining to hear.

“In here, they’ll not find us,” Janeway says.

They must have decided to take part after all? But, she said no hiding on that deck?

“A clever ploy, Kathryn, banning them from this deck!” Chakotay chuckles.

“Well, I fancied a bit of adventure. We’ve exhausted everywhere else!” Janeway’s response is filled with humour.

In his hiding place, Harry frowns.

“Know what I fancy?” Chakotay murmurs.

Janeway’s throaty laugh floats up to Harry’s ears. “A little game of Hide and Seek?”

“I know what I intend to hide and where,” Chakotay suggestively replies.

Harry’s eyes boggle in his head.

“Oh, yes…” Janeway practically growls. “I intend to hide it well!”

Harry wonders whether he should risk a look or maybe make his presence known. He has a feeling he’s parry to something more than ship reports. He’s about to lean towards the hatch opening, when the sound of lips meeting assaults his ears, followed by groans and moans.

Harry slumps back stunned. He hears his captain groan the name of her first officer and the sound of clothing being tugged and pulled.

He squeezes his eyes shut (though his inner thoughts reason that is not going to help) and curls up into a ball.

He hears a growl, followed by a saucy laugh, which quickly turns into a definitely aroused moan. He sticks his fingers in his ears, but it doesn’t stop him hearing Janeway make a very intimate command.

He tries to take his mind off what is happening right below him. His mind offers the suggestion it’s like hearing your parents have sex and feels nausea bubble in his stomach.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh bleeds into his ears and he stuffs his fingers in harder, wincing at the discomfort.

He starts trying to think of other things. Nice things. The sea. Music. Ice cream. Sex….argh!

He starts running through all the technical details of Voyager, speed, weight, area…..size, Chakotay’s size, which is obviously pretty good considering Janeway’s appreciative words that continue to assault poor Harry.

He thinks of home, his family, his mum, his mum having sex….argh!

Another growl enters the hatch and Harry swallows an anguished cry as he hears his captain whimper with undiluted pleasure.

He’s horrified to find himself being ever so slightly turned on. He curses Tom Paris and pulls his arms up over his head.

How long can this torture go on for?

He has to concede in the treacherous depths of his brain, that Chakotay has some serious stamina, he’s literally going hard at it down there….he makes a silent plea to any deity listening to make it end quickly.

The rhythmic thumping and frantic groans reach a crescendo and Harry finds himself disappearing inside himself where he is safe and he can’t be harmed by the trauma he is enduring. He’s 8 again, hiding under the covers of his vintage Buzz Lightyear bedding in the hope that the monsters in his wardrobe won’t get him.

Even the sound of his command team coming apart below him can’t hurt him now. No, he’s safe here inside his head. Safe.

Harry loses track of time. He doesn’t hear his commanding officers laughing softly as they gather to their clothes. He doesn’t hear them leave. He lays there in the silence of his head.

The next thing he knows is a hand on his arm, he leaps away in fright and sees the shocked look on Tom Paris’ face.

“Hey, you won, Harry!” Tom says.

“Leave me alone! Don’t touch me!” Harry cries.

“Dude! You won! What’s wrong?” Tom asks, concern flooding his features.

“Keep your tokens! I don’t want them!” Harry cries, scrambling out of the hatch. “I don’t want to ever remember this game! Ever! Never speak of it again!”

Tom watches his friend leave. There could only be one thing that would send his friend into such a frenzy. He grins and calls out,

“OK, who did you hear having sex?”


MORIARTY HOKA (1983), SHERLOCK HOKA (1983), and NAPOLEON HOKA (1982) by Michael Whelan

The “Hoka” books, by Gordon R. Dickson and Poul Anderson, have been favorites among SF fans for many years. The Hokas are an intelligent teddy bear-like race of extraterrestrials who possess an outrageous propensity for imitating the fads and icons of popular Earth culture. So in the pages of the Hoka stories, one can find a Hoka Sherlock, a Hoka Napoleon, a Hoka… well, you name it. The surreal juxtaposition of characters from wildly different times and sources is at the heart of these satires.

I was invited to contribute the preliminary conceptualizations for a Hoka movie project, and with the popularity of both science fiction movies and teddy bears, it seemed a great idea. I enlisted David Wenzel to help with realizing some of the characters and scenes. Not only did David offer valuable advice regarding period details and atmosphere, but his preparatory drawings and watercolors for paintings such as these were right on the mark.

Despite all the effort, and some eye-boggling work by Rick Baker (an Academy Award-winning makeup artist), the movie was never made.

domestic rats are so under appreciated!!! i don’t understand how people are so freaked out by them, theyre all so unique and sweet. they have the most charming little faces and their tiny hands are so cute, especially when they hold onto things… and when they get so happy they start grinding their teeth rlly loud and boggling their eyes its so good… every rat is perfect thanks

Little Frog (Jack Lowden x Reader) Part of the “How To Parent” Series

Summary: It’s one of Jack’s few days off and Y/N decides to spend it with him doing one of his favourite activities.

AN: Sorry if the dad fics don’t float your boat. I’m gonna post some other stuff soon, I promise. Also this was written prior to the knowledge that Jack shaved. Rip.

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It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants Part 1

(OR: Mace Windu Unfucks The Timeline)

Part 2  Part 3

“It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants!” - lily, slightly concussed.

“What the fuck is sensemaking, anyway?” - @sanerontheinside, not actually concussed. Yet.

Yeah.  We (I?) started writing this when I had that concussion.  That kind of set the tone for the piece…  But it’s finally out of my head, which is great!

@suzukiblu, you wanted notice.

Warning:  cursing ahead!

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anonymous asked:

Henlo can you do a scenario with Kirishima and his gf who keeps teasing him in public like groping him and giving him panty shots on purpose and sucking on a lollipop seductively and just giving him a HARD day! And if you could end it with him taking her somewhere semi private to make her scream his name as revenge 😉 😉

It took me a while to get to your request because of school, but alas! It is here! 

Kirishima Getting Teased by S/o Scenario

First dates are always difficult, Kirishima thinks to himself.

It’s sort of corny, and he worries that it might be unoriginal, but this day should be special. After all, first impressions are important, right? Thus, he finds himself tapping his foot and fiddling with the strap on his watch as he and his girlfriend stand in line at the movie theaters. Beside him, she sucks on a lollipop while checking something on her phone.

Looking down at her, Kirishima can’t help but to notice she looks.. cute. Really cute.

“So, what movie do you want to watch?” he tries to redirect his drifting thoughts.

“Let’s watch ‘It’!” she exclaims, grinning up at him from around the lollipop stick.

“You mean the creepy clown movie? No way!”

“What, are you scared~” she jokes.

“I just don’t want to die!” he exclaims, with exaggerated horror. There’s mirth in his eyes, despite his objections. She laughs at his antics heartily.. It’s worth it to see her smile, he concludes.

The two of them bicker back and forth a bit, before buying their tickets, and heading towards the candy line. One large popcorn and two drinks later, they’re set to go.

“Hurry up,” his S/o calls out to him, while making her way up the stairs…

Kirishima’s eyes nearly boggle out when he goes to follow.

Her short skirt flows softly with her every step. Standing innocently in his line of sight are her lacy, black underwear. He swallows thickly, and averts his gaze respectfully. A fierce blush dusts his features.

“Are you coming?” she turns to face him, while smiling knowingly.

This throws him for a loop.

The theatre room is crowded. As his S/o, leads him towards two seats in the center column of the theatre, Kirishima’s head is in circles. Did she do that.. on purpose? The very thought is tantalizing, not to mention dangerous. But why would she – in front of all of those people? They chat lightly while the previews play. He’s feeling guilty because he cant get the sight of her cute butt out of his mind. For all that she seems to notice, it may as well have never happened. Its maddening!

S/o makes a show of drinking her drink. She was parched, she says. It’s no surprise when some of it spills on her shirt.

“Hey, help me wipe it,” she asks with a pout, handing Kirishima a napkin.

“W- what?”

“Right here,” she stresses, pointing towards a wet spot on her left breast. The white fabric of her shirt has become translucent with the moisture – in that small patch by her cleavage, it’s easy to see the hem of her bra.

“Sure..” he mumbles, ghosting the tissue across the area. He’s hardly drying it, really.

“I’m so clumsy,” his s/o continues, grabbing the soda. “I should be more careful next time.”

She sticks her tongue out, and slowly licks up the droplets that splatter on the straw. When she’s reached the tip, her eyes lock onto his red ones.

“U- um..” he doesn’t know what to say. His mouth is dry, and he can feel his blood rushing down south. Under the weight of her unwavering gaze, Kirishima finds himself licking his lips and savoring the salty flavor of his skin. He imagines that perhaps that’s what she’d taste like, too..

She looks down, then, and breaks the stare, along with his trance. His hand is still resting on her breasts.

“I think the movie should start soon..” he snatches it away as if he’s been burned, while laughing awkwardly.

“Yeah, it should,” she says, innocently.

While they sit in silence, Kirishima blinks in shocked delight. Did he just.. reach second base? He thinks so! Thirty minutes later, she returns the favor.

Casually, she places her hand on his knee..

The sound of his madly pounding heart drowns out the film in front of him; loud, deafening beats fill his head and his ears. Slowly, she trails her hand higher, and higher, sending a tingling down his side that feels almost electric.
The pulsating between his legs grows into a throb. He clenches his toes. Is she.. is she going to…

Just as her small, wandering hand is about to reach its goal, it deviates to the side, and away from his member. Her warm breath sends an intense tingling down his neck.

“Just grabbing the popcorn,” she whispers into his ear.

That’s just cruel..

“I’m going to the bathroom,” he states, while grabbing her hand firmly. “Come.”

Silently, he leads her out of the theatre and to the unisex, ‘family’ bathroom. Wordlessly, they walk. The place is empty, and carries an unpleasant odor to it. He’s got her cornered the minute the door closes.

“Do you see what you’ve done to me?” Kirishima asks, pressing his forehead against hers. The sounds of his desperate breaths fill the air between them.

S/o is grinning madly; she can’t help it.

“What are you gonna do about it?” she asks, defiantly.

Now, he’s grinning, too.

“I’m going to make you finish what you’ve started–”