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Steel Magnolias - Actress!Reader, Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Genre: Fluff, attempted humour near the end

Word Count: 1316

Warning/s: Mentions of pregnancy (Is that even a warning?)

A/N: I’m a drama student and I was rehearsing this scene from Steel Magnolias for an assessment and came up with an idea to combine it with the Avengers. Enjoy 😉

“No, you’re getting rest. I think that rehearsal can wait, Y/N.” Bruce insisted.

“But the show’s next week! I need to get through the blocking and the lighting preferences and-“ You argued, trying to sit up. Bruce put a warning hand on your shoulder, giving you a stern look as he pushed you back down. 

“Too late! I’ve already approved your absence.” Tony waltzed into the lab, waving his phone screen at you. 

You weren’t giving up. “Tony, they need me! I’m one of the main characters of the whole thing!” 

“They’ll have to deal with it themselves.” He shrugged. “Besides, you’re hurt and sick, therefore unfit to attend. You’re not going and that is final. Who even rehearses at school on the weekend?” 

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Command (M)

Birthday post for badass tsundere rapper Yoongi!

Yoongi, You

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Oneshot

Word count: 2,580 words


You couldn’t believe it, lips forming an ‘o’ of disbelief, eyes boggling at the white draw four text with black background on the small stack of cards. “What the hell? How is this even possible?!”

“Blue,” Yoongi drawled, ignoring your question.

Huffing, you drew four cards from the deck and added them to the ever growing pile in your hands, not bothering to hide your vexation. You gestured wordlessly for him to continue, and he dropped a blue draw two card. “Uno.”

You screamed in frustration and threw your cards at him, earning a chuckle in return. “Just what sort of voodoo are you using? It’s not possible to have so many draw cards every game!”

“You’re just unbelievably unlucky, y/n,” his shoulders shaking in silent laughter as he picked up the cards. “Let’s see, how many commands do you owe me?”

“Five,” you mumbled, barely audible.

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Harry's Trauma

(Ok, a bit saucy towards the end, you have been warned!)

Tom decides to spice up life on Voyager with a series of games for the crew to take part in. He suggests it during a particularly arduous staff meeting, once Tuvok finally stops yapping on about security or some other such nonsense. They are in a quiet area of space and the whole crew are bored. There’s only so many times you can run a diagnostic.

Interestingly, the Captain agrees with his ideas and quickly quietens Tuvok’s concerns. She says it will lighten the mood and improve morale.

Tom literally beams with barely contained giddiness.

His first game suggestion is, “The floor is lava.”

Quite simple in rules, basically at any point anyone can address another person, tell them the floor is lava and that person has 5 seconds to get their whole body off the ground.

Everyone (except Tuvok) joins in and much hilarity ensues.

Tom actually has to lie down after approaching Chakotay, whispering the words, and watching as the great bulk of a man dances about frantically looking for somewhere high, before launching himself onto the top of Neelix’s work surface, knocking over a large pot of Leola root stew in the process.

Harry plays dirty on the bridge and the whole bridge crew fall about in hysterics as Harry addresses Tom with the words and watches as he frantically clambers onto his own workstation, the controls beeping furiously at him in protest.

Chakotay manages to catch out B'Elanna, addressing her during a routine engineering meeting. B'Elanna is forced to leap up onto the railings surrounding the warp core whilst the rest of her team howl with laughter.

The Captain, however, pulls the best one yet, at the end of the senior staff meeting, she addresses them all with the words and laughs hysterically as everyone, (except Tuvok), dance about, eyes wild, shrieking until they all find a space. Chakotay is stood on her chair. B'Elanna is on the table, Harry is dangling from a service hatch above his head and Tom is curled onto the surface of the replicator.

The game continues in a similar fashion. Tom hears Chakotay caught the Captain out, forcing her to admit defeat when she failed to find a space off the ground in the allocated 5 seconds. He hears, she launched herself into a Jeffries Tube and gave the 2 crewman working there the fright of their lives.

Even the Doctor takes part. He launches himself onto a Biobed, hypospray in hand when Kes whispers the words to him. He huffs afterwards that lava really would not affect him but secretly he enjoys being part of the game.

Tom decides to introduce a new game. Hide and Seek. This time the Captain and Chakotay decide not to take part this time, explaining they are running behind on some essential reports. The Captain, however, makes Tuvok take part this time, ordering it a good way for him to bond with the crew. She also stipulates that the crew must not use tricorders to hunt others down, and for the duration of the game, internal sensors will be offline, so nobody can cheat. She looks pointedly at Tom at that point. She then adds a final clause. No hiding on deck 13. She reasons that there is too much technical equipment on that deck that could cause injury.

Tom sets aside a time for everyone to take part. He puts himself as chief seeker and the rest of the crew spread out to hide.

Harry thinks he has the perfect place. He squashes himself inside a service hatch right above the emergency control room on deck 13. He reasons that the hatch is technically on deck 12 and therefore he’s not breaking any rules. He smiles to himself, he thinks he’s been spending too much time with Tom if he can so blatantly bend the rules. He settles down for a long wait.

He’s busy humming a song to himself, when he hears the doors to the emergency control room open and voices float upwards. There’s no mistaking the throaty voice of the Captain and the softer tone of Commander Chakotay. He holds himself dead still, straining to hear.

“In here, they’ll not find us,” Janeway says.

They must have decided to take part after all? But, she said no hiding on that deck?

“A clever ploy, Kathryn, banning them from this deck!” Chakotay chuckles.

“Well, I fancied a bit of adventure. We’ve exhausted everywhere else!” Janeway’s response is filled with humour.

In his hiding place, Harry frowns.

“Know what I fancy?” Chakotay murmurs.

Janeway’s throaty laugh floats up to Harry’s ears. “A little game of Hide and Seek?”

“I know what I intend to hide and where,” Chakotay suggestively replies.

Harry’s eyes boggle in his head.

“Oh, yes…” Janeway practically growls. “I intend to hide it well!”

Harry wonders whether he should risk a look or maybe make his presence known. He has a feeling he’s parry to something more than ship reports. He’s about to lean towards the hatch opening, when the sound of lips meeting assaults his ears, followed by groans and moans.

Harry slumps back stunned. He hears his captain groan the name of her first officer and the sound of clothing being tugged and pulled.

He squeezes his eyes shut (though his inner thoughts reason that is not going to help) and curls up into a ball.

He hears a growl, followed by a saucy laugh, which quickly turns into a definitely aroused moan. He sticks his fingers in his ears, but it doesn’t stop him hearing Janeway make a very intimate command.

He tries to take his mind off what is happening right below him. His mind offers the suggestion it’s like hearing your parents have sex and feels nausea bubble in his stomach.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh bleeds into his ears and he stuffs his fingers in harder, wincing at the discomfort.

He starts trying to think of other things. Nice things. The sea. Music. Ice cream. Sex….argh!

He starts running through all the technical details of Voyager, speed, weight, area…..size, Chakotay’s size, which is obviously pretty good considering Janeway’s appreciative words that continue to assault poor Harry.

He thinks of home, his family, his mum, his mum having sex….argh!

Another growl enters the hatch and Harry swallows an anguished cry as he hears his captain whimper with undiluted pleasure.

He’s horrified to find himself being ever so slightly turned on. He curses Tom Paris and pulls his arms up over his head.

How long can this torture go on for?

He has to concede in the treacherous depths of his brain, that Chakotay has some serious stamina, he’s literally going hard at it down there….he makes a silent plea to any deity listening to make it end quickly.

The rhythmic thumping and frantic groans reach a crescendo and Harry finds himself disappearing inside himself where he is safe and he can’t be harmed by the trauma he is enduring. He’s 8 again, hiding under the covers of his vintage Buzz Lightyear bedding in the hope that the monsters in his wardrobe won’t get him.

Even the sound of his command team coming apart below him can’t hurt him now. No, he’s safe here inside his head. Safe.

Harry loses track of time. He doesn’t hear his commanding officers laughing softly as they gather to their clothes. He doesn’t hear them leave. He lays there in the silence of his head.

The next thing he knows is a hand on his arm, he leaps away in fright and sees the shocked look on Tom Paris’ face.

“Hey, you won, Harry!” Tom says.

“Leave me alone! Don’t touch me!” Harry cries.

“Dude! You won! What’s wrong?” Tom asks, concern flooding his features.

“Keep your tokens! I don’t want them!” Harry cries, scrambling out of the hatch. “I don’t want to ever remember this game! Ever! Never speak of it again!”

Tom watches his friend leave. There could only be one thing that would send his friend into such a frenzy. He grins and calls out,

“OK, who did you hear having sex?”


MORIARTY HOKA (1983), SHERLOCK HOKA (1983), and NAPOLEON HOKA (1982) by Michael Whelan

The “Hoka” books, by Gordon R. Dickson and Poul Anderson, have been favorites among SF fans for many years. The Hokas are an intelligent teddy bear-like race of extraterrestrials who possess an outrageous propensity for imitating the fads and icons of popular Earth culture. So in the pages of the Hoka stories, one can find a Hoka Sherlock, a Hoka Napoleon, a Hoka… well, you name it. The surreal juxtaposition of characters from wildly different times and sources is at the heart of these satires.

I was invited to contribute the preliminary conceptualizations for a Hoka movie project, and with the popularity of both science fiction movies and teddy bears, it seemed a great idea. I enlisted David Wenzel to help with realizing some of the characters and scenes. Not only did David offer valuable advice regarding period details and atmosphere, but his preparatory drawings and watercolors for paintings such as these were right on the mark.

Despite all the effort, and some eye-boggling work by Rick Baker (an Academy Award-winning makeup artist), the movie was never made.

Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the video, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the video from the official SMTown Youtube channel.

Tom & Jerry: In the V broadcast, Irene said the video was about doing dangerous things for the one you love. All of Red Velvet is in love with the same man and they try to take each other out because of it. They “kill” each other in extreme and unconventional ways, juxtaposed with scenes from a Tom & Jerry-like cartoon. Cartoons like Tom & Jerry have long been criticized for their violent nature, but ultimately these concerns are brushed off because it’s just a cartoon. It’s a child’s thing, not meant to be harmful. And no one ever seems to actually get hurt. There’s no permanent damage. They recover almost immediately. I find there’s a similar attitude concerning love and “girl world.” Doing anything for love is often perceived as a good thing, a sign of commitment. This mindset has led to intense competition between Red Velvet members as they try to eliminate the girls who stand between them and the boy they love. It’s thought of as typical for girls to compete against one another in social circles. It’s expected for girls to rip each other’s reputations apart, to backstab. Because they’re young, it’s dismissed. It’s something they’ll grow out of. There’s no permanent damage. Indeed, although none of the members are ever seen to be properly injured from their deadly games (metaphors for the gossip and backstabbing stereotypically found in female social circles), participating in them has its own consequence. 

40-Love: My sister plays tennis. I knew “love” was a term in tennis, so I asked her what it meant. Love means zero. When the game begins, everyone starts with zero points. They start out with love. The more points you score, the farther away you get from love. The more the members sabotage one another, the better they get at “the game of love,” the more harm they do others, they get farther away from love. By participating in such a vicious cycle, you lose sight of the love you’re fighting for.  

I saw a few people theorizing about who survived, about who won, but I don’t think it’s about that at all. It’s not about who lasted the longest, but who had love last in their hearts. 

The video begins with Wendy pulling the string on Seulgi’s sweater. As the sweat unravels, Wendy lights the end of it on fire. It’s reminiscent of those cartoons when they’d try to blow someone up, an example from Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner

We don’t see the fire hit Seulgi, only that she notices her sweater is unraveled. Still, we assume the fire got her. 

The score stands, Wendy: 1

At several points in the video, the frame is circular, reminiscent of Looney Tunes. 

At the beginning of the video, we can see them in a school gym. They wear P.E. uniforms. They’re school girls. At this point (sorry for the blurry screenshot), they all turn to whisper in the others’ ear, like a game of Telephone. As well, this is revealing about the gossipy nature of the social circle. 

Joy observes a tennis match. Near the bottom of the screen, you can see a warning sign forbidding skateboarding. Notice that throughout the video, there are signs like this giving safety warnings. A little ironic touch given that the video is about them killing one another. 

In the gym, Irene, Joy, Yeri, and Wendy gather for a game of dodgeball, three against Irene. In the basket, there are more than just dodge balls. The three grabs these objects from the basket, we assume, to throw at Irene. 

Tennis, dodgeball, the arcade sound of the song, the title “Russian Roulette,” these are all games. It highlights the theme of love as a game, where its players must compete against one another. 

Joy: 1 Yeri: 1 Wendy: 2

Yeri lies with her head in Irene’s lap. Throughout the video we get flashes like this, showing their friendship. While they compete with one another, we still see them interact as friends. Though this is a game of death, they never appear paranoid or untrusting of one another. 

Seulgi has a little rig set up, something similar to Mouse Trap. She knocks over dominoes, and the balloon falls on the cactus. It’s a convoluted trap, very cartoonish. This is a smaller model of her later trap for Joy.  

There’s a raven, which has obvious symbolism: death. These are deadly games. 

On the right side, you can see the locker room safety rules sign. Again, irony–especially as this scene foreshadows one of Seulgi’s “deaths.”

Seulgi and Wendy stand on opposing sides of the tennis court. This is the match Joy is overseeing when she’s startled by the back and forth of the ball. She’s startled by the intensity of the match. This is a mirror for the deadlier games of the video.

Someone stands at the edge of a diving platform. Someone approaches from behind. This foreshadows Yeri’s death. 

Wendy first drains the pool.

And pushes Yeri.

Joy: 1 Yeri: 1 Wendy: 3

Here we get our first instance of the parallel animation. The mouse pushes the cat in the pool, a mirror of Wendy pushing Yeri. The cat and mouse are an obvious reference to Tom & Jerry. However, in the cartoons, it was always Tom as the aggressor, with Jerry only responding to what Tom did. Here the mouse is the aggressor, trying to kill the creature that threatens it–just as the girls kill those that threaten their relationship.  

The cat flattens out, another cartoon trope. 

Yeri, Irene, Wendy, and Joy all stand behind the lockers, waiting for Seulgi. Another surprising instance of friendship. They all target one another, but they’re still united against each other. 

Red Velvet at a table once again. Yeri holds a box of cereal (which is a real cereal, by the way). They eat together, another instance of friendship.

Wendy lies in bed, with Seulgi and Irene hiding beneath it. This is what I mean by there’s no paranoia. Seulgi and Irene are very obviously there and Wendy is not alarmed. 

The cereal is obviously not cereal. 

But they still eat it. Although only Irene is seen holding the spoon to her mouth, I am going to assume that all of the members ate it. 

Joy: 1 Yeri: 5 Wendy: 3

Seulgi does Joy’s makeup. Another instance of friendship. She pretends to be a friend while sabotaging her. Seulgi has propped up refrigerator over Joy’s head. A larger version of the trap from earlier can be seen in the background. 

Seulgi cuts the string.

Irene and Seulgi push Wendy out into traffic. 

Joy: 1 Yeri: 5 Wendy: 3 Seulgi: 1 Irene: 1

The fridge falls on Joy.

Joy: 1 Yeri: 5 Wendy: 3 Seulgi: 2 Irene: 1

Wendy and Seulgi position the piano at the top of the stairs. 

This is probably the least likely death in the video, but I will nevertheless include it. 

Joy: 2 Yeri: 6 Wendy: 3 Seulgi: 2 Irene: 1 

They push the lockers over on Seulgi.

Joy: 3 Yeri: 7 Wendy: 4 Seulgi: 2 Irene: 2

The cartoon cat gets a lump on its head, just like in Tom & Jerry

At the base of the stairs, Joy and Irene are playing Cat’s Cradle. Another game. 

Wendy and Seulgi push the piano down at Joy and Irene. This reminds me strongly of the episode of Tom & Jerry when Tom was killed after a piano fell down the stairs and hit him, sending him to heaven.

These are the last deaths of the video. The final score for kills is: 

Joy: 3 Yeri: 7 Wendy: 6 Seulgi: 4 Irene: 2

As for deaths:

Joy: 3 Yeri: 1 Wendy: 2 Seulgi: 3 Irene: 4

Irene not only kills the least, but she dies the most. She is the only member who died more often than she killed. In this deadly game of love, she is by far the biggest loser. And yet, she’s the one who gets shot with the love bullet. She’s the one who stays in love. She was done the most harm, but did the least. It’s not that she survived the most, because she didn’t. It’s because she was the least involved in harming her friends that love has stayed with her. 

The raven, which is typically an ominous sign of death, cocks its head, as if watching the events of the video. It’s amused by their cartoonish violence. Death is given a comical turn, just like the cartoons. 

At the end of the video, the cat is smushed, eyes boggled, drool coming from its mouth. It’s either dead or unconscious. The game is finally over. There’s no reason to compete any longer. Irene has already won. 

It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants Part 1

(OR: Mace Windu Unfucks The Timeline)

Part 2  Part 3

“It’s Mace Motherfucking Windu, he can do whatever the fuck he wants!” - lily, slightly concussed.

“What the fuck is sensemaking, anyway?” - @sanerontheinside, not actually concussed. Yet.

Yeah.  We (I?) started writing this when I had that concussion.  That kind of set the tone for the piece…  But it’s finally out of my head, which is great!

@suzukiblu, you wanted notice.

Warning:  cursing ahead!

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russian confessions (bucky x reader)

Bucky doesn’t know the reader can speak Russian, and therefore regularly showers them in compliments.

Word count: 779

Request: could you write a bucky/reader for prompt #2 where bucky is constantly praising the reader in russian and reader has failed to mention that they’re fluent after having lived in russia for a few years? they’re cuddlin (platonically) on the couch and bucky’s just showerin them in russian love confessions and reader accidentally answers or thanks him in russian. just fluff please, and a gender-neutral reader would be great // @kinqshley

The first time Bucky complimented you was right after a debriefing.

You and the others had come back from a particularly grueling mission, and you were bruised and scarred and sweaty . The room smelled of pure filth.

You had a deep cut on your cheek that had stopped bleeding on the quinjet, but you were sure that you’d need stitches. You were tired, you were sore, and there was dirt and blood smudged on your face.

When you left the conference room after an hour of listening to Cap and Fury ramble on, you smelled like a week-old carcass and if you were any dirtier, flies would be swarming around you.

But he said it anyways.

“Ты такая красивая,” he remarked quietly. You were the only ones in the elevator, and you only just barely heard his whisper.

You pretended not to hear him, and you were quite sure he didn’t see the faint blush on your cheeks.

The second time was at breakfast a few days later.

Natasha sat next to you, and Steve to your other side. When Bucky came downstairs, he stared at you for a brief moment and then huffed out a quiet, “Ты такая восхитительная.”

Upon a strange look from Nat, he blushed and grabbed a muffin, then headed towards the elevator again without a second look towards you.

She gave you a questioning look, and you just shrugged. You didn’t see Steve’s fond smile.

By the third time, you had realized that he didn’t know you could understand him.

You were on the couch doing paperwork while he was sat next to you and watching television.

“Ты такая обаятельная,” he spoke, eyes not moving from his show. You knew he was speaking to you either way.

The fourth time, which was the most memorable, was in the middle of a fucking mission. You had just taken out a Hydra agent when Bucky smirked at you and said, “Ты всегда в моих мыслях. Мне так хорошо с тобою.” He then proceeded to send a man flying across the room with a single kick. Needless to say, you were a bit distracted for the rest of the mission. That earned you some severe scolding from Fury.

The final time, you were both watching a movie on the couch. You were snuggled into his side, his arm around your waist.

During a particularly boring scene, he looked down at you.

“Я самый счастливый человек на Земле, потому что у меня есть ты,” Bucky said with a grin. “я хочу, чтобы ты Скажи, что любишь меня.”

You chuckled softly and, without thinking twice, replied.

“Джеймс Барнс, ты такая необычная. Я тебя люблю.”

His eyes boggled at your response, and you felt his arm tense. You still were watching the movie, unaware of what you had done.

“You… you speak Russian?” he asked, staring intensely down at you. “You’ve understood me this entire time?”

You then realized you had indeed replied to him, in Russian, and sighed, blushing slightly.

“O-oh, uh, yeah,” you replied sheepishly. “I lived there a few years back, when I was a teen. I’m kinda fluent.”

For a second, Bucky was silent. You didn’t dare to look up, scared of his reaction — what if he was mad that you’d played innocent the entire time? Or what if he was lying the entire time? What if he hated you?

And then, he laughed.

It started off small, just a tiny giggle. Before you knew it, he was howling in laughter, clutching his stomach and tears forming in his eyes.

It was contagious, and you were soon laughing like a hyena.

When you both finally managed to calm down, he enveloped you in a hug and kissed you on the cheek.

“It would’ve been easier if you just told me,” he murmured, and you could hear the smirk in his voice.

“Shut up,” you replied and wrapped your arms around his torso. “I liked being showered with random compliments.”

“Of course you did,” he scoffed, then kissed you gently.

You had no idea that speaking Russian would ever be so beneficial.


Ты такая красивая - You are so beautiful.

Ты такая восхитительная - You’re adorable.

Ты такая обаятельная - You’re wonderful.

Ты всегда в моих мыслях. Мне так хорошо с тобою. - You’re always on my mind. I feel good when I’m near you.

Я самый счастливый человек на Земле, потому что у меня есть ты. я хочу, чтобы ты Скажи, что любишь меня. - I am the happiest man on earth because I have you. I wish you’d say that you love me.

Джеймс Барнс, ты такая необычная. Я тебя люблю. - Bucky, you’re so strange. I love you.

Bruce Wayne Imagine

Requested: “You like FMA right??! maybe like a reader inspired magician/alchemist one?!

A/n: at bottom as always.

Reader (a magician/alchemist) meets Bruce for the first time and is approached by him in hopes of helping him recruit Victor Stone(Cyborg) for the Justice League.

“Mr. Wayne. This is unexpected.”

Bruce walked over towards you, his hands politely behind his back. He smiled graciously, looking over the empty room as he did.

“Apologies for the unexpected drop in.” He said. You smiled in return, watching him roam around, his eyes boggling at the various props of spectacle colours.

“It’s not a problem.” You said, suddenly feeling your fingers fidget at the  audience of Bruce Wayne himself.

“The show ended an hour ago. Is there any particular reason you’re here?” You questioned, intrigue on your lip. He smiled, and returned his gaze to you, his full attention now in your eyes.

“I need some help finding someone,” You watched him, your eyes unable to retreat away. “And i’m wondering if you could help me.”

You smiled politely at the handsome man, his business suit clean and tidy.

“I’m a magician, Mr Wayne,” You stated, “Not a detective.” 

Bruce never left his gaze on you, and you felt the pressure.

“The Gotham PD might be of better suit for your inquiries.”

“I don’t think they can help me here. And even if they could, they wouldn’t.”

And you smirked,

“You’re right on that one.” You said, “Maybe it’s best to contact the big guy.” Bruce raised an eyebrow,

“You know,” You ushered on, “Batman.”

Bruce chuckled, his head rolling back a little.

“I think he’ll be the last resort Ms (Y/n).” he began walking towards you, slowly, but cautiously.

“I need your help specifically. I know you’re more than just an average magician. You can do things, no other magician can do.” Your eyes found the floor, and watched each step Bruce made.

Soon, his feet were right in front of yours.

 You looked up, his face incredibly close for strangers. You felt your heart pick up and a heat wash to your cheeks.

“I’m looking for Victor Stone, and i know you know where he is. He came down here a couple days ago. May i ask why?”

You looked at him,  wondering the reasons for his visit,

“What do you want with him?” You asked.

“It’s just very important that i talk to him.” He said. You raised a brow, and looked down, turning to walk towards a table.

“He came asking if i could help him with his body after the accident.” You said, pouring yourself a glass of water.

Bruce looked intensely at you, his hands still behind his back.

“He asked if you could bring him his body back?” You nodded gently, remembering the lingering pain of Victors pleads in your mind. “And could you?” You shook your head in regret,



“Because the laws of alchemy prohibit it.” You said, and your words somehow remained soft and gentle,

“Look Mr. Wayne,” You began, “There’s generally a reason why someone doesn’t want to be found. And i have to respect Victors request of-”

“Something’s coming. Something big-something bigger than all of us.” Bruce interrupted. He took a step towards you,

“I need his help. We all need his help. All i’m asking, is that you bring me to him. I just need to talk.”

You watched him, the confusion of his words spinning through your mind. You then began walking towards him slowly. His eyes were still on yours. His concentration was incredible. From his eyes you could tell he was asking from the deepest corner of his heart. 

You stopped before him just as your bodies were about to touch.

 You looked up.

“It was good to see you Mr. Wayne.” He crossed his brows in confusion.

You then gently tapped his forehead, where he disappeared out of sight like stars sucked into a blackhole.

Gathering your belonging to go home, you still felt like his stare was lingering on you.

Bruce felt like his head was spinning rapidly. His vision went black, then in a split second, it was back. He looked around him, his head slightly fuzzy.

 He was back in his manor. 

He ran his hand through his hair and chuckled. What more could he of expected from a magician? He shook his head in disbelief, a smirk on his face. 

He slipped his hands in his pocket, when his fingers felt a crumbled ball of paper. Slipping his hand back out with the paper in his hand, he gently opened it up:

“You’ll find Victor at 3 Marine Road, Gotham. I hope it didn’t hurt, i’m sorry- (y/n)”

Bruce smirked, placing the piece of paper back in his pocket. When he walked up slowly to his room, with the face of you and your magic fresh on his mind, he still couldn’t believe it,

“Where were you tonight Master Wayne?” Alfred popped out of his room at the sound of Bruce coming home. Bruce looked at the old man, a smile on his lips,

“It’s nothing Alfred,” he said, 

“I just went and saw a magic show.”

-I feel like there could be a second part if i wanted it to be, or if you guys liked it. But honestly not feeling too confident in this one-i think exam fatigue is coming on.

-Hoped you liked! It’s different, but i hope not too bad!

-have a great week!

“Dark Doctor 3” - Digital Oil Painting

 I really love this kind of stark relief in paintings. The negative space of the black and the clear lines of the light. Plus, I always love me some Dark Doctor. Yum.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Meat Cute 1/?

Or, how Mabel Pines and Henry Corduroy wooed and won each other, but more importantly, how Dipper Pines despite his best efforts, gained a brother in law.

Guise, this was supposed to be a one shot, and now it’s going to be several chapters I BLAME Y'ALL Y'ALL ARE THE WORST.


The first time Henry Corduroy saw the woman he would marry, she was finishing up a keg stand. When she was put back down on the ground, she screamed “SONGS ARE HUGS FOR YOUR EARS.” Then Mabel Pines immediately went to run around the party, ululating and waving her hands in the air.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was certainly interest at first sight.

Backtrack a bit, to a week before.

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Mind Over Matter Makes These Things Feel So Real

xpoofiegirl21x requested: "hi i was wondering for a request could you write a Chris motionless imagine where you have been depressed for a while, and Chris feels as though somethings up. then at the end he is all romantic with you and makes gentle love with you (smut) *this would be quite helpful to me for how I’m feeling* thanks"

im so sorry you’re all sad!!!! my ask box is ALWAYS open if ya wanna talk :))) SMUT WARNING hehe c; and not my photo!!!!


   Crying always exhausted me. Like, I felt my whole body droop and my eyes shut as I still felt salty tears against my cheek and pressed to my eyelashes. and, I cried frequently. Maybe this is nice if you liked that dead weight feeling, but I didn’t.

   Chris, my boyfriend, was always off on tour or at the studio and I totally got that, but I wish he knew. I wish he understood me and helped me. I loved him to pieces, and knew he loved me.

“y/N? Darling? I’m home.” Chris peeked his eyes through the bedroom and saw me. I was basically naked, asides my underwear. I wasn’t wearing a bra, and Chris’s eyes perked up.

“Hey beautiful,” He came over to me.

“Go away,” I pouted and whined. I crossed my arms over my chest, covering myself.

“Mmm…no babe.” He kept his eyes on my body, trained.

“Is that all I am to you!?!” I screamed.

“What?” His eyes boggled, not because I was nude, but because of my rare screaming.

“Is that all I’m good for?” I asked angry, wiping away fresh tears. “Sex?”

“What? no way!” I sat on the bed, and Chris knelt in front of me. He was rubbing my thigh, and kissing it, too.

Silence as Chris did it work, making his way up before he slipped off my underwear and began gently rubbing my clit.

“God, Chris,” I moaned softly.

He smirked, but it dropped. “you know, Y/N, I know how you’ve been feeling…” he trailed off, continuing his work.

“Feeling? WHAT?” I shrieked a bit at the end, as he seemed to create an immensely pleasurable feeling at that exact moment. “Fuck…” I felt him suddenly dip his fingers inside me, working deeply. “If it was like im feeling right now, holy hell,”

“No,” he frowned, but pumped his fingers faster and deeper. “You’re sad.”

I opened my eyes, but they closed once again. “Oh. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry!” He assured me as he began taking off it clothes with one hand. Eventually, his fingers left me, feeling empty. I whined at the sensation.

He attached his mouth to my core, and I nearly screamed. “Christopher!”

He smiled, before stopping that and undressing some more. He lined himself up, teasing me with just the tip inside. “Chris, god, just sick it in!”

Suddenly, he thrusted full-power, making my legs shake.

“Fuck yes, Y/N,” he moaned.

“God, im gonna come,” I whisper-yelled.

“Me too,” he murmured gently, against my ear. “I love you,” he whispered suddenly as he came.

“Damn,” I moaned as I came, too. “I love you more.”

Chris smiled as he lifted me up. “Sure.”

“Do You Believe?” A Fenrys Fanfiction

In this fanfic you should read this before continuing. There are a bit of things in that fanfic  that will help you understand this one. After reading that, please enjoy this (long) fanfic!

Word Count : 6465

Edit : I am currently working on the next part of these time jump installments. The name is WIP.

Please enjoy this! 

No matter how many times Fenrys fiddled with his tunic buttons, or unstrapped then restrapped his belt, and then slid his jacket on and off, on and off, he could never not see what Maeve had just done to him.

The White Wolf of Doranelle yet again fiddled with the ends of his shirt, halfway between tearing the whole thing off and hugging it tighter to his bare and exposed self. For Connall, he thought and he let loose a small breath.

Sometimes he hated his brother just as much as he hated his circumstance, but whenever he saw Maeve glance just one time - one gods cursed time - at his brother, Fenrys practically begged her to take him to bed.

He knew Connall knew what he was doing and sometimes Fenrys couldn’t look at him. Couldn’t stand the sight, smell, or touch - even a simple place of his hand on his shoulder - of Connall.

But when Fenrys noticed the subtle difference between them, the different eye color and hair color, but also the way Connall smiled a bit differently. The way they both laughed a bit differently. Even their wolf forms, Fenrys pictured their mother.

He hadn’t taken him long to realize that the woman warrior and male that had raised him and his brother weren’t his blood. They both had light hair and mind boggling blue eyes. Fenrys couldn’t have come from them.

Sometimes, when he was pinned to the bed on his back, or forced down on his knees, he would bring those those subtle differences together and he came up with different outcomes. His mother - their mother - had dark ebony hair and soft sky grey eyes. Her cheeks were soft and her jawline was tough and could out last any beating. She had to have been a grey wolf. To give her a bit of him and Connall.

Those dreams were his only comfort in the night hours. Those thoughts and hopes were all that kept him from trying to rip Maeve’s head off her shoulders. The sliver of hope that his birth mother was alive out there, plotting and planning trying to get her sons back. And his father - for some reason Fenrys didn’t give a rat’s tail end about the man.

It was his mother, the thought a woman could love him, that kept Fenrys going. His father was just the other side of the equation.

Fenrys found himself in the woods surrounding Doranelle. He needed to get out of that suffocating capital, with Maeve and her stupid blood-oath. With Gavriel, always trying to help him. With Rowan Whitethorn, always giving him pitying looks. With Lorcan-brooding-Salvettere. With Vaughan, who had the luxury of just flying up up and up.

Fenrys shifted and he curled his wolf form around a tree and rested there. He rested there, as the sky stayed dark. Fenrys closed his eyes and his tail slowly ran itself along the soil.

His ears perked when he felt the wind shift. He growled and peeked open one eye, only wanting to scare the squirrel or rabbit who had wandered across the wrong Fae-Wolf. But when he saw a girl, sitting in the tree, he opened both eyes.

She was beautiful. Fenrys had always been interested in beautiful things. But he looked for their flaws first. A chipped tooth, a scar that could never be hidden, a broken smile. Anything that was not perfect about them but made them even more beautiful.

Maeve was perfect but she was the devil incarnate. Imperfections and scars showed a person had been beaten down, but had enough strength to get back up.

This female had one. Three long and jagged clawed scars that looped around the entirety of her neck. She smiled sweetly when she noticed Fenrys staring at them. She wore a low v neck tunic. Her scars could be hidden but she showcased them, she would never hide them.

“What are you?” Fenrys’s ears perked up, but he couldn’t find enough strength to want to shift back into a Fae. The woman perked her head to the side and she stared down at herself.

“If I tell you, I’m afraid things won’t fall into place as they should” The woman swung her legs over and she gracefully fell off the branch and landed without a noise on the soil. Her voice was of a slow moving river.

She smelled of burning spice thrown into the winds. Fenrys cocked his head to the side and he snarled as the woman knelt before him. “I won’t hurt you” She whispered, getting down on her knees before the White Wolf of Doranelle.

Fenrys had to give her credit. He was tenfold the size of an average wolf, and she only looked at him with a half-masked interest. Fenrys shifted and he scooted back, leaning his back against the tree.

Ten feet of soil and grass and wild lands separated them. The girl smiled and she ran her fingers down her scars gently. “Maybe I’ll tell you about mine when you share about yours”

Fenrys took the time to take in her looks. Dark ebony hair and shocking grey eyes. He tried not to show his shock and the girl smiled softly, nodding. “Mom?”

The girl shook her head. She pushed her hair out of her eyes, pushing the ebony curls out of her face. They turned to a stark white as she ran her fingers through it. Like his fur. “I was only what you wanted to see. I am not your mother”

“So you’re not a…”

“I’m not a monster” The girl pulled herself to her feet and she leaned against the tree. Her dress was stained with grass and soil, but she didn’t seem to mind. “If I was, I think I’d have already killed you.” The girl smiled down at Fenrys.

A smile. Fenrys had never seen one so beautiful. One that wasn’t cruel and twisted, one that wasn’t whispering in his ear that he should calm down and serve the one the smile belonged to. It made Fenrys want to engulf in the pleasure that smile could bring.

“I will always be here. Until you don’t need me”

Fenrys blinked and she was gone. He stared at the empty air perplexed. The sun rose over the horizons and Fenrys sat there, staring. He wanted it back. That smile, those scars, that soft voice. He wanted more.

Fenrys shifted back into his wolf form and as the bond nearly dragged him by the invisible collar and has Maeve forced him onto his back again once the sun settled over the sky, Fenrys wanted to know her name.


Fenrys arrived at exactly the same time he had arrived yesterday. The sun was just setting and he wrapped himself around the same tree. His ears twitched and his ear perked up at every snapped branch or rustle of the wind. “I need you”

The girl appeared. She smiled as she slowly climbed down from the tree across from Fenrys. She seemed to float across the grass as her bare toes wiggled in the soft green. “Do you?” She asked, setting herself down. “And why is that?”

“I just do” Fenrys answered. He couldn’t form an answer. He sounded pathetic.

“Then another question: Do you believe, Fenrys the White Wolf?”

“In what?”

“That was not my question” The girl crawled forward and her sky grey eyes peered into Fenrys’s onyx ones. Her nose just barely brushed the tip of his snout and Fenrys scoffed, blowing hair into her face. She smiled and scooted back only slightly. “I asked if you believed?”

“In what?” Fenrys asked again. His paws scratched at the ground and he scoffed in the girl’s face again. She was too close. Her smile only grew every time he tried to huff and puff and blow her away.

“Call me again when you believe. And then our journey can begin, together. I feel a mighty storm awakening in you, Fenrys the White Wolf. A storm I have been waiting for a long time”

The girl gave Fenrys a sweet smile and she tapped his nose before she disappeared again. Fenrys gave a Lorcan-brooding-Salvattere worthy huff and a growl. But he picked himself back up, and locked the cage on himself too early as he walked back into Doranelle.


True to her word, Fenrys had tried for three nights to find the woman that made Fenrys see women different, but she did not appear. Believe. Believe in what? What was he to believe in when he was a glorified toy every day?

His days with Maeve continued on into his nights, and sometimes Maeve didn’t even let him leave the room. Fenrys gave up on trying to find the woman’s scent by the fourth day and he gladly let himself be locked in Maeve’s chambers.

Fenrys clenched his jaw as Maeve stroked his cheek gently. She pressed her body against his and ran her hand down his chest slowly, cocking her head to the side. Fenrys looked at her neck and surprised himself with the disappointment that flooded his every sense when he didn’t see that necklace of scars he wanted to see. “Why are you disappointed, Fenrys? Am I not enough in this body?” Enough? Any male would kill to have the body Maeve had decided to be in when she was with him.

Fenrys stilled his emotions and he ducked his head down, kissing the spot where her neck met her shoulder. Maeve stiffened and Fenrys took the opportunity to lift her up and wrap her legs around his waist. He growled and backed them onto her bed, burying his face in the mattress by her neck as she stripped him out his tunic and pants.

Maeve took her time as she fiddled with his belt, dipping her hand up and down and around. Fenrys twitched and he gripped the sheets around her head tightly and Maeve smiled. “Sensitive”

Fenrys held back his growl and he didn’t object as Maeve flipped them over, pinning him on his back again. He was forced to stare up at her as she braced her hands on his chest, leaning down and kissing the small scars that covered his chest with a lover’s softness.

It only made Fenrys want to retch more. “How about we pleasure you this time, Fenrys?” Fenrys’s arm darted forward and he gripped Maeve’s hair, keeping her from ridding him of his trousers.

Maeve smirked softly and she kissed the fine hair on his navel and she purred, staring up at Fenrys with those doe eyes that always drew men in. “So sensitive, Fae males” Fenrys gripped her hair harder and he cursed himself for arching his back as his trousers were carelessly thrown around his ankles.

Fenrys kept his eyes open and trained on the ceiling as Maeve coaxed him into rolling his fingers across the nape of her neck. Fenrys wanted to sink his claws in and completely skewer her. “Enjoy it. Scream my name and never stop”

A blood-oath command. Fenrys tried to bite his lips off to keep her abhorrent name off his tongue. But when her mouth closed over him, her command took over and Fenrys howled, arching his back again.

And let the gods rain down hell and drag Fenrys back with them because Fenrys enjoyed it. And he hated himself for it. Even breaths flew out from his mouth, but he couldn’t stop his body from betraying him and enjoying every moment.

Fenrys shut his eyes as his pleasure overcame him and he howled his wolfish howl, twitching in Maeve’s mouth. The Queen grinned and as Fenrys came down from his horrible high and as he opened his eye, he saw the girl with a necklace of scars. “I believe” He whispered, Maeve too occupied with building up his next edge to hear.

The girl smiled and she stroked Fenrys’s face and the male could have sworn he felt her cool but comforting fingers. She leaned down and placed a kiss on his brow, and Fenrys knew she would be there the next time he came looking for her.

“What do I believe in?” Fenrys asked. He sat only a few feet away from the woman this time. She smiled and braced her elbows on her knees, biting her lip slowly. Fenrys’s eyes fell down then they snapped back up. No.

“You just have to believe” The girl smiled. She twirled the grass in her fingers, leaning her head back against the tree. “So when something comes along, you know what to do. Does that make any sense, Fenrys?”

“Not at all” Fenrys huffed again. He shifted back into a wolf and rested his head slightly on the girl’s knee. She smiled and scratched behind his ear until Fenrys fully rested the weight of his head on her leg.

“I’m new at this” The girl smiled and she rubbed the back of Fenrys’s neck gently, circling her thumb. Fenrys jerked away at the familiar touch and he lifted his head off her leg, going back to being ten feet away. “I’m sorry”

The wolf didn’t reply and she bit her lip, brushing her hair away from her necklace of scars. She brushed them gently and saw Fenrys watching.

“If you could look like anything…why keep them?

“I can not look like anything, contrary to your belief. This is who I am, scars and all”

“Are you a saving angel?” Fenrys scoffed. He buried his nose under his paws, watching her with skeptical eyes.

“Maybe” The girl smiled. She traced her fingers along her scars again, tossing her head back to stare at the heavens. “I go somewhere much better” She smiled and lied back against the grass, spreading her arms wide. “Do you believe, Fenrys?”

Fenrys gave a practically audible eyeroll but he nodded. When he looked up, his saving angel was gone. He sniffed at the grass that was slightly dented due to her body weight. She smelled of burning leaves this time.

As Fenrys was forced to lock himself back in his cage as the sun climb over the sky, he wondered what she would smell like next time.


“You seem happier” Connall commented, staying in the corner. He didn’t dare look at his brother as they both wiped their bodies clean of blood. Fenrys narrowed his eyes at his brother, then he shook his head. “You aren’t..enjoying it, are you?”

“Gods, no, Connall. How could you be so stupid?” Fenrys snarled. Connall cringed and he wiped the back of his neck, his cloth coming back a deep red. He shook his head and dipped it back in the bin.

“Connall, I’m sorry-” Fenrys walked forward to brace his hand on his brother’s shoulder but Connall slapped his hand away, snarls leaving from his mouth. He wrung out his cloth and scrubbed his knuckles and arms in silence.

Fenrys watched his brother and he cursed himself for acting the way he did. He remembered why he let himself be taken to bed every single day. So Connall wouldn’t have to.

He remembered he was trying to preserve the softness and gentle breeze that seemed to follow Connall around every time he walked in or out of a room. He was trying to save the sweetness that still laid within his twin’s eyes, even under Maeve’s rule.

“You will always hate me, won’t you? For trying to step out of your shadows?” Connall slammed his cloth into the bin. Red water splashed out and slid across the floor. Connall clenched his fists and he slid his shirt back on. “I look at you and I see competition, Fenrys. Always have. For our parents’ love and affection. For Maeve’s. For anyone’s. You’ve always been better, the White Wolf that can travel in the shadows? What am I? The back-up? You still save me, Fenrys, and when is enough enough? I will never be able to repay you for this” Connall walked past his brother and out of the room before Fenrys could answer.

Fenrys pulled his shoulders in as he watched Connall limp away. Even this morning, Fenrys had made most of the killing blows. The male set himself down on the stool and he groaned, burying his hands in his hair.

Was his brother right? No. Fenrys felt this urge this need, this yearning to stop every blade that was swung at his brother, even if it meant that he would have scars for the rest of his life.

He didn’t want Connall to be in his shadows. His shadows were the worst place to be. Dangerous, full of rage and a scary wildness. Fenrys shuddered and he gripped his head.

He screamed and knocked the bin over, throwing it against the wall and watching it break. Connall had joined the most cruel creature, just to get away from Fenrys. To have someone to protect, to serve, and to cherish.

And all Fenrys had done was follow him, pulling Connall right back into his deadly shadows. Fenrys felt small fingers prying his hands away from his face. He almost screamed again when sky-grey eyes met his onyx ones.

Fenrys got up quickly and he closed the door. He braced his back against it and the girl smiled softly. “No one can see me but you. But I can make myself visible to others. It will allow me to visit you in the day”  

“No” Fenrys shook his head. He let the girl gesture him back over and he sat down. She smiled and brushed the small cut on his lip, sitting on her knees between his thighs, staring up at the wolf. “You’re mine. My…hope”

“Hope” The girl smiled. “Is that what you want to name me? It’s pretty, but not original” She laughed softly and traced a crescent moon on Fenrys’s knee.

“Janus” Fenrys whispered. The girl’s head perked up and she smiled, nodding. “Goddesses of new beginnings”

“Oh I like that. Janus” She whispered. The girl smiled and she shimmered.

“Don’t go” Fenrys begged. The girl stopped shimmering and Fenrys gaped at her.

“I’ve only just gotten here, Fenrys” Her cheeks lit up as Fenrys touched them. She was…solid. Fenrys leaned forward and Janus smiled, bracing her chin on the side of her hand, cooing into his touch. “Names hold a lot of power. And I really like Janus”

“Mine?” Fenrys pressed his forehead against hers. To protect, serve, and cherish.

“Yes. Always” Janus smiled. She stroked Fenrys’s cheek and when the door swung open, Janus disappeared. Fenrys sat up straight and he looked over grumbling as he saw Gavriel.

“What?” The wolf spat out, standing up. Gavriel gave him soft eyes and Fenrys glared at him in return. “Don’t pity me or my brother, Kitten” Fenrys shoved past his cadre member, snarling.

“You should see your brother” Gavriel said, following him. Fenrys walked a bit faster, but Gavriel just kept a leisure pace, smiling at everyone woman they passed in the palace.

“I should do a lot of things. Above all, I should be in Maeve’s bed. You’re holding me up. Nice chat, Kitten”

“You will need somebody, Fenrys. Eventually”

“I will need no one” Fenrys growled. He skipped steps as he traveled up the spiral staircase. Fenrys didn’t look back once at the mountain lion as he walked to Maeve’s chambers, squaring his shoulders.

But when he saw Janus smiling softly, leaning against Maeve’s doors, Fenrys was wrong. He needed Janus. And when he walked into Maeve’s room and didn’t leave for the rest of the day, he pictured sky-grey eyes.


“Doranelle is an interesting place - look forward. People will think you’re talking to yourself” Janus shook her head and she giggled. She stopped at a flower cart and leaned over the woman, peering at the flowers. She sniffed then softly and grinned up at Fenrys.

Fenrys cocked his head to the side and the flower-woman looked up at him and smiled the same way Janus was smiling. But her smile made his blood curl and turn to ice. He quickly walked away and Janus squawked, running to keep up with him.

“I could always just make myself visible to others, Fenrys. I’d love to meet your friends” Janus looped her arm through Fenrys’s. She smiled and walked next him, her bare feet tapping along the stone grounds of Doranelle.

Fenrys spoke through clenched teeth, half-way to hide the fact he was talking to an invisible woman and half-way to hide the possessiveness he felt over said invisible woman. “I said you’re mine”

“Being visible won’t stop you from protecting, serving, and cherishing me, Fenrys” For some reason, those three words made Fenrys smile instead of cringe. He turned to look down at Janus and he nodded.

“I believe”

“Good, boy” Janus reached up and she rubbed behind Fenrys’s ears, hiding her laugh as the tip of his ear twitched. “Cute. We still have a long way to go, Fenrys”

Fenrys ducked them into a dark alley and he sat down, turning his back to the outside world. Janus slipped between his legs and he found himself stiffening less and less every time she did. “I still don’t understand the final destination”

“You will when we get there” Janus smiled. He cocked her head to the side and she looked behind Fenrys. She braced her chin on his knee. “I must go. Your friend is coming. I will be back, Fenrys of the Wolves”

Fenrys reached out, but Janus was already gone. He snarled and stood up, walking quickly out the dark alley. He saw Lorcan smirking and he only wanted to punch every tooth - fangs included - out of the demi-Fae’s mouth. “Did I interrupt something, Fenrys?”

“Don’t you always” Fenrys growled. He stared at the Hellas blessed Fae, cocking his head to the side. Loran was the equivalent to an adolescent giant. Same height, same ugly face, same ugly personality, and same moodiness.

“Rowan is looking to train again. I told him I would come get you before I do some…fun things” Lorcan smiled cruelly. Fenrys rolled his eyes and he walked away, but then Lorcan gripped his arm. “It would be a shame if…Maeve caught your little friend”

Fenrys snarled and he glared up at the Hellas Demi-Fae. Lorcan grinned and he let Fenrys go, like water slowly trickling through a punched hole in a dam. “Thank you, Fenrys, for your delicious candor” Lorcan waltzed away, picking at his nails with his blade.


Maeve rolled off of his damp body and Fenrys hated himself for whimpering at the loss of contact. She had claimed he wasn’t performing well and had dug her way through his mind. He was glad he had kept Janus a secret. She only saw grey eyes and white hair.

Maeve had tilted her head to the side and had said “Very well” then her eyes had turned the same shade of grey and the same bone white for her hair. Fenrys had shuddered and stared in horror. But those eyes were a frigid grey and her hair was the color of hopeless hope. And she still did not have the necklace of scars - Janus’s perfect imperfection.

Maeve had tamed the wolf by pinning him on his back again. She stayed in his mind and pleasured him there as well. It was thing to have this monster taking over his body and making the male and wolf within him howl in pleasure and beg for more. But to dig around in his mind, a sacred place, and make his mind yearn for her too, made Fenrys feel worthy of nothing.

Maeve had made him not only scream her name, but beg - beg - for more. Fenrys had never begged for anything. If there was one thing he wanted to beg from Maeve, it was death. Not more of her horrid touch.

He wanted her off of him, but those words, “You were made to protect, cherish, and serve me, Fenrys” had kept him in that bed, squeezing her hips tighter. She had snarled serve, serve, serve, over and over, and Fenrys served her.

He had reached up, then down, then out, then in, and every which way and had served Maeve until even the Queen of Faes couldn’t mask the pleasure Fenrys had given her. She was a female after all. And Fenrys was notorious for pleasing his females. But Maeve was not his, he was hers. Her toy.

“Serve me, Fenrys, serve me” She had said. Over and over. Commanding him to make her feel good. Commanding him to make her see stars. Commanding him, like the dog he was. The filthy dog he was.

When Maeve slid off him, Fenrys was panting. He stared at the ceiling, long since past trying to cover himself in blankets he would not find. Maeve liked the bed bare when he was there, which was almost every waking and sleeping hour.

Maeve sat up on her elbow and she stroked Fenrys’s face softly, dipping her fingers down the curve of his shoulder. “Kiss me, Fenrys” Fenrys stiffened. He clamped his lips shut and Maeve smirked. “Have it your way” She reached her hand down and Fenrys stilled, gripping onto the sheets.

It only took a few seconds for Maeve to have him howling, begging once again. She grinned and leaned down, bracing her other hand on Fenrys’s chest and she kissed him.

She tasted of apples. Fenrys kissed her back, as she dipped into his mind, making him eager. He gripped her hair and flipped them over, pinning her down. Maeve grinned and she grabbed Fenrys’s face, pulling him down. “Cherish me, Fenrys”

Fenrys cringed. He nodded. Cherish her. He couldn’t even imagine cherishing this cruel thing in his arms. He closed his eyes and he pictured the necklace of scars and he braced his knees in between Maeve’s legs, and cherished her all night long, into the day.


Her toes dug into the moss that covered the log. Janus smiled and she stared down at the waterfall, covering her mouth. She removed her hands and looked back at Fenrys.

“Do you know?” He asked, just barely balancing himself on the log. He was sure his body weight would crack the only thing that kept him and Janus from falling thirty feet. “Do you know what she…”

“I do. But even I don’t have the magic to stop Maeve. I am sorry” Janus stared down at the water below. “It is why I have brought you here. A good cleansing helps the mind, soul, and body” Janus looked back at Fenrys. “Do you believe?”

Fenrys believed this log was going to break, yes. But he nodded anyway. Janus grinned and she reached for the hem of her dress. Fenrys cringed and he looked away. Janus grabbed his face gently and she nodded. “Clothes can stay on. Either way, I want to see if Fenrys of the Wolves can swim”

Fenrys nodded and he leaned into the cool touch of Janus. She smelled of mist today. He swallowed as much of her scent as he could and he brushed her back gently.

Fenrys reached up and he took off his over coat, tossing it along the log. Janus smiled and she sat down on the log, watching Fenrys kick off his shoes and throw them to the other side then toe off his socks. “That’s quite enough, Fenrys. You’ve just gotten so much closer to your destination” Janus smiled up at the heavens, as if she was saying I told you so.

Janus stood up and she lifted her dress over her head. She wore a smaller, shorter, and tighter under dress beneath. Fenrys found himself staring too long then he looked away. Janus grinned and she spread her arms like a bird - like his saving angel. “Jump, Fenrys of the Wolves!” Janus leapt forward and she pencil-dived into the water below. She screamed and laughed, flinging her arms. She broke the surface and Fenrys found himself smiling.

“I believe” He whispered. He jumped in after her, breaking the surface a lot faster than Janus had. When he resurfaced, he sighed in relief to see Janus swimming on her back, giggling.

“I know you believe, Fenrys” She swam around the wolf and splashed him until he splashed her back. Janus squealed as Fenrys wrapped his arms around her waist and hauled her out of the water, tossing her over his shoulder.

He dunked her under and Janus laughed as she resurfaced. She danced in the water, tossing it to the skies. She swam on her back and on her front, her hair sticking to the sides of her face.

“Do you visit my brother? Or anyone else?” Fenrys asked. He pulled himself onto the bank, his bronze body shimmering. Janus swam up to him and Fenrys opened his legs wide enough, letting her rest between them. He was slowly understanding that Janus didn’t just like being in between them to get a better look at his face.

“No. I don’t, Fenrys. I am yours, forever”

“I don’t want you to go” Fenrys reached forward and he cupped her face. He leaned forward more and more until he was hovering over her, the sounds of the waterfall blocking out their breaths.

“Then don’t think about it” Janus cupped his face. She scratched behind his ear and smiled when his ear twitched. Slowly, ever so slowly, Fenrys let a smile take over his face. Then Janus was gone and Fenrys grasped at the grass where she used to be.


Fenrys shook. He shook as rage and fear took over his body. He couldn’t think straight. He tried to imagine a necklace of scars and a giggle that made butterflies break free from their cocoons, but pure rage took over. Fenrys screamed and he ran towards Maeve.

Vaughan and Lorcan caught him around the arms. Fenrys kicked at them and he screamed at the evil Queen that would forever have a hold over him. “Let him go!”

Maeve stayed on her throne and she watched, a small smile playing on her devil red lips. She tapped her nails against the side of her head. She was dressed for the occasion. Completely red. Dress, lips, hair, nails. Her eyes were a dark stormy grey.

Fenrys fought harder and he knew Maeve was letting him have this sliver of control. To make it worse. “Do you know what happened, Fenrys? I grew a bit tired of you, but Connall was there when you were not” He was with Janus. Fenrys’s face fell as he stared down at his brother. “He did not perform well, I’m afraid he’s been gone too long”

“Let him go. Your fight is with me”

“On the contrary. Where one twin is involved, the other gets dragged along. It’s the fun of having both of you” Maeve grinned cruelly. She sipped her blood red wine and she licked her lips softly. “Count them off, Connall”

“Don’t do it!” Fenrys screamed. He tried to fight off Vaughan and Lorcan, but nothingness had overtaken their eyes. He watched his brother be pinned down by Gavriel. “Don’t do it, Maeve!”

Connall clenched his jaw. He looked up at Maeve, mouthing I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Fenrys could tell Maeve had taken control of his mind. Connall would never apologize for something like this.

“One!” Connall screamed as the iron barbed wired whip sliced across his back. Fenrys screamed and he tried to kick at Vaughan’s knees, trying to yank his arms out of Lorcan’s grip. To get to Connall.

“Two!” Connall screamed again, bracing his hands on the ground. Fenrys cringed and he fell limp as Lorcan punched him in the stomach. He wheezed slightly and could only listen to his brother scream, “Three! Four!”, Fenrys snarled and he shifted as Connall screamed “Five!”.

Maeve grinned and she watched with slight amusement, tilting her head to the side. Fenrys didn’t know what was happening until a twin whip slashed across his eye. He howled in pain and then he came down again. “I yield!” Connall screamed. He had counted to sixteen before he could no longer handle the pain.

Fenrys whimpered and he curled in a ball. Maeve put her hand up and she stood up, walking off her throne - click click click. She smiled and reached down and lifted Connall’s head up. “Soak his wounds in salt water. Now.”

Fenrys whimpered and he pawed at the ground. His left eye was drowning in his blood and he could only watched in horror was Rowan Whitethorn and Gavriel dunked his brother in cold salt water and Connall’s screams filled Doranelle.


“She tries to break you, Fenrys” Janus pressed the cool cloth to his eye. She ran her slim fingers through his golden hair. She sighed and looked down at the shaking Fae.

“She’s winning” Fenrys bowed his head, burying his face in Janus’s side. Janus smiled gently and she made Fenrys hold the cloth to his eye. She crawled over to Connall, assessing his back. “Will she not notice both our absences?”

“Maeve will find she was pleasured immensely tonight. She will not know the different if you are both back by dawn” Janus nearly snarled her words. Fenrys wondered who was doing the pleasuring. She knelt over Connall and she smiled.

“I have questions. And I want them answered” Janus nodded and she spread the green paste over Connall’s wounds. The Black Wolf moaned and whimpered, shifting from wolf to man yet again.

“Who are you? What are you? Where do you come from? Why me? Why not Connall? Does someone visit Connall? Are you it? Does someone like you visit every male? Does-”

“Slow down” Janus laughed softly. She blew across Connall’s forehead, pushing his fever at bay. “I am Janus. I am the White Wolf. I come from your mother, Fenrys. I am your guardian. Connall has my sister, the Black Wolf. I’m not sure what the universe has in plan for other males, but only my sister and I visit you and your brother”

“My…mother?” Fenrys whimpered. He fell limp, feelings drowning him. Janus crawled over to him quickly. Fenrys eagerly let her slide between his legs and cup his face.

“I was there when you were born. I vowed to watch over you” Janus reached forward and she brushed the side of his face, pulling the cloth down. She didn’t cringe away from his brutalized eye, only looked at it. “It will heal. I promise”

“Tell me more about her. Please” Fenrys cupped Janus’s face. He saw it then. The Wolf in her eyes. Janus smiled sweetly and she kissed the side of Fenrys’s face, and the Fae found himself leaning into her soft lips.

“I wish I could, Fenrys. One day I will and I will honor your mother” Janus brushed her scars. She settled herself between Fenrys’s legs and the wolf leaned forward, pressing her back tightly against his chest and nuzzling her neck.


“I promise with my life, Fenrys” Janus smiled and she wrapped his arms around her, watching Connall.

“Will he be okay?”

“Yes” Janus bowed her head. “You will both get through this. After the Darkness”

“What does that mean?”

Connall stirred, moaning. Janus pulled herself away from Fenrys and she checked on Connall’s scars, lifting up the rags that had been her dress. She sighed and washed the scars down again. “It is a brutal way of healing them, the salt water, but the wounds will be fine scars soon enough. You should go. Come back to me tomorrow, Fenrys”

“Will that be our good bye?”

“Of course not, Fenrys. Should you ever truly need me again, I will come back”

“I won’t need you again, will I?” Fenrys asked, as he carefully picked up his brother. Connall grunted and he opened his eyes, smiling at Janus. His eyes fluttered closed and Fenrys knew, his brother loved Janus’s sister the way he loved Janus.

Janus was already gone.


Janus smiled down at the White Wolf, basking in the sun. She rubbed his stomach slowly, looking down at the small scar over his eye. She moved her fingers over to his back, rubbing again. “You have grown so much, Fenrys. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it will make a difference.

“A flame is coming, Fenrys” Janus continued. “A flame that will burn Maeve to ashes and pull you and Connall out of the Darkness. She will be the one you yearn to protect, serve, and cherish. She is what you need to believe in.

“Do you believe, Fenrys?” Janus looked down at him. She smiled and rubbed his snout gently, kissing it. Fenrys lifted his head up and he nodded.

He shifted and pulled Janus into his lap. “Before you go, I need to- I need to be able to touch someone and have- have them touch me without…” Fenrys felt like the dog he was when he was with Maeve. How dare he ask this of Janus? Janus, who might as well have been his second mother. But when he was with her, maternal love was not the only thing Fenrys felt.

Janus smiled and she stared down at Fenrys. “It would be my honor, Fenrys. But the honor, alas, is not mine. I know, though it seems far away, a Wildthing will ride in on the winds and sweep you off your feet. A hair of gold and a gaze of light. A scream louder than your roar, and a temper wilder than yours. The honor is hers. Caged, branded, and tamed like you. But you Fenrys, are of the Wolves, and you are not tamed. The honor is hers”

“I believe, Janus” Fenrys smiled. He held her face and he held on tighter when Janus began to glow. “Please, not yet”

“I believe too, Fenrys” Janus smiled. She leaned forward and the wind licked Fenrys’s lips, as Janus disappeared for the last time. Fenrys held onto nothing and he stared at where Janus was.

But he held onto something. Janus had told him he only had to believe. And whatever Maeve threw at him. Fenrys would believe in the flame. And he would believe in his Wildthing.

This is so so so long but thank you for sticking through to the end. I really love this concept and I hope you loved it too. 

Extra : The term “Wildthing” came from @propshophannah fanfics called Wildthing and I loved it so much, I hope she doesn’t mind I borrowed it. Here are her Part 1 and Part 2 you should really read this FenrysxAsterin fanfic.

kiwispaz  asked:

"Oh!" Abby's eyes boggle as she looks up and down Edge's body. She'd never seen him so bare bones. "Uh, you do too, without all the leather..." She takes her hat off and holds it defensively over her chest. In her mind came an endless stream of questions. Did he know the other skeletons? Why was he still wearing the scarf and gloves? How'd he get all those scars? How did he keep that speedo on with no butt? There were so many yet she couldn't voice a single one, stranded in an awkward silence.

He notices the way she looks him up and down and smirks, taking it as a compliment.  “OF COURSE I DO!” he responds confidently, a smirk crossing his features.  “DO YOU KNOW ANY OF THE OTHERS?  THEY INSISTED ON THROWING THIS PARTY TO KICK OFF SUMMER.”

Catch Me If You Can

Based off of this post. (serial killer!cas, serial killer!dean)

The first time Dean had heard of him, he’d been impressed. Triple homicide right under the sheriff’s nose? Very obviously leaving just too little evidence for a conviction?

The guy was good.

And yeah, Dean had been impressed… and maybe even a little turned on when the new kid on the block smiled all sugary sweet for the cameras, playing innocent with his brows knitting and baby blues watering appropriately, big trenchcoat hanging off his frame. He looked like a normal guy. Maybe a tax accountant. But Dean knew the look in the kid’s eyes; that hungry, dead, and slightly crazed glint he knew to watch for.

His name was Castiel Novak.

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The Dog named Dean (DeanxReader oneshot)

Summary: After deciding to go on a witch hunt by himself, Dean gets himself turned into a dog.

A/n: So i made this at first with a scary descriptive smut scene at the end but it felt wrong so I took it out lmao.

Warning: A little not pg-13 at the end, no smut, swearing

Words: 3730

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the space between us (chapter 12)

chapter title: bang bang bang
words: 2.5k
story summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

a/n: In which there are k-pop karaoke shenanigans.

AO3 | FF

Adrien walks up to the sound booth and grabs the pamphlet listing all of the available karaoke songs. To his surprise, very few of the available songs are western—most of which are from the late 80s and 90s. In fact, the majority of the available songs are Korean pop songs.

Luckily, Adrien has recently developed an interest in Korean pop music—particularly the bands BTS and Big Bang—to the point where he’s actually gone and memorized the lyrics to many of their songs, even though he’s pretty sure his pronunciation is terrible (fluency in Mandarin hasn’t done much for his skills in Korean, though he tries), and now that he and Marinette are dating, Adrien has started planning to serenade her at some point in the future with his favorite song (well, at least lip sync).

But the minute he spots the Big Bang song Bang Bang Bang on the list, he decides that he’s moving his plans up to tonight. With a huge grin on his face, he walks up to the bored employee manning the sound booth and requests the song.

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Distractions [Sirius Black x reader.]

A/N: This is for the anon who wanted Sirius falling for a Ravenclaw. This was a lot of fun to write. :’)

Professor McGonagall had known exactly what she was doing when she’d split up the disruptive influences that plagued each and every one of her Transfiguration lessons. But it was tricky. She’d walked into the room quite aware of the way her paws padded onto the wooden floor, and at the copious amount of squealing which occurred when she was in her animagus form. Ears pricked, back arched, only a few of the students had noticed the markings around her eyes giving her away. Faint and brown and almost like… glasses? She’d turned into her human form, patting at the tight hair coiled into a bun which lay on her head with a wry smile as mouths gaped open and any attempts to pet her died away. 

The silence lasted for a few minutes. But then, Sirius Black, 4th year nuisance and general mischief-maker, had begun to scribble furiously on a piece of parchment. Before he’d been able to pass it along to the boy sat next to him, one Remus Lupin, equally troublesome but strangely deceptive in his quiet demeanor and good grades, McGonagall had whipped out her wand and obliterated it. It fell to ashes as the faint smell of fire settled into Sirius’ hair. A few minor disruptions later, from bad puns to annoying questions, voices that spoke to each other often and voices that pretended to be other voices, McGonagall had worked it out. This batch of Ravenclaws and Gryffindors could do without this constant onslaught of bad jokes and silly habits. It was time to separate Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. 

And for the most part, it seemed to work. Though they threw their voices to each other still, and dawdled to desks when practise was in place and lingered, McGonagall would often catch their eyes as they hurriedly dispersed and feel like they liked her. Or respected her. Or something. But she’d simply nod, peer sternly over the slight of her glasses, and get on with her work. That was what they were doing too. And strangely enough, it wasn’t Remus Lupin leading this escapade, no. After a while, it became Sirius Black? Well, a surprise was a surprise and this one, McGonagall decided, she liked.

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