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How did Luna and Rolf meet?

Luna and Rolf Scamander met in Tibet, at a Magizoologist convention, where they were studying the rare Jvarasura, who was recently caught and being studied for it’s ability to cause random burst of pox and fevers, just from the stench. 

Ms. Lovegood, being the curious woman she was, accidentally got too close to the Jvarasura, and ended up with a strong fever, and found herself in the medic tent, beside a man with a face full of pox.

And it was then that he reached across from his cot, offering her a sip of his water, saying politely, “Hello, I’m Rolf, you’d best keep hydrated. I heard about nasty doodwindlers in Tibet before." 

And from that moment on, Luna was in love–plus she wanted to know what in Morgana’s garter a doodwindler was.

Behold, perhaps one of the most famous paintings in the wizarding world. Here sits Ogimos Archimedes, the famous owl of the wizard Merlin. Ogimos is recorded as a legendary creature, today, rather than just some simple owl of the most famous wizard of the world. Ogimos was said to be a speaking owl, who would comment, persuade, and advise all of Merlin’s work.

Ogimos Archimedes was said to live longer than his master, this painting being made several centuries after Merlin’s death. Ogimos Archimedes did not die, but merely disappeared–some say to the afterlife, and others say to find the next great wizard of the world.  

Mr. E. Boggis, 7th of July, 2014. 

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Did Minerva McGonagall have many boyfriends while she attended Hogwarts?

Minerva McGonagall was, for lack of a better word, a solid young woman during her time at Hogwarts. She was fierce; continuously prodding her nose into books, hoisting herself onto brooms, and then again paging through Transfiguration Weekly, she had little time for boys. But, this did not mean she was disinterested in romance. In fact, she found herself dreaming about it sometimes, whether it be with her team captain—a burly young Irish wizard—Paddy McGuinnness, or the muggle boy back home she was often curious for. 

But, she did have one boyfriend at Hogwarts. It was her fourth year, with a classmate she was fond of, Tobby Abbott. The relationship lasted nearly a day until she was absolutely sick to her stomach. She was tired of the loud and fast-moving chatter: “Oooh, Minerva has a boyfriend?” Even the wink of her favourite Professor, Albus Dumbledore, made her heart lurch. Unfortunately, she ended it rather quickly and harshly, though she regretted it later.


The life of a herbologist was not the most cleanly life. Whether it be the dirt-speckled smocks, or the rough, mud encrusted gloves. Or perhaps it was the bent tools, half eaten and broken by a hungry and upset venomous tentacula. But, Ms. Paige Buttermere had lived the life of a herbologist for three years and seven months, and wouldn’t choose any other occupation for the world. She lived on her own, of course, in a small hut, near Edinburgh. But, to Ms. Buttermere, she didn’t need people. All she needed was a few books, tea, and of course her plants, funded by the Ministry of Magic. Ms. Buttermere would propose to the Ministry every three months her studies, and depending on her findings, she would either starve those next three months, or eat well enough for one. After all, her sink wasn’t ever really clean, considering a large puffabod was starting to root in it.

Despite her mother’s constant howlers, Ms. Buttermere spoke or heard nothing, save for the screeching of unpotted mandrakes, though, luckily for her she wore her muffs. She had no intention to find that special man, or have any children of her own. Ms. Paige Buttermere had her plants, and that was all she ever would need.

Mr. E. Boggis, 27th of June, 2014