The Fresno Nightcrawler

The Fresno Nightcrawler, also known as the Fresno Alien, has been spotted in both Fresno and Yosemite. It is a short creature of about 4 feet, extremely thin, and has no arms. It has also been seen wearing a white cloak. 

Certain Native Americans in the surrounding area claim the Nightcrawlers have existed on Earth for a considerable amount of time and come from a planet consisting majorly of swampland. Their long legs are thought to help them maneuver through the boggy terrain.

  • Me: *High pitched noise of distress*
  • Friend: Did your character do the thing?
  • Me: *hands fly around wildly while continuing inaudible noises*
  • Friend: Yeah, I know you love them, but you know they have their own decisions to make.
  • Me: *Screeches then flops head down into hands*
  • Friend: Shhhhhh *pets me* Read some fanfics about them, you'll feel better.

Whatever scared Marianne when she entered the dark forest, looked different and beautiful to her, when she was with Bog,which is my favorite part in the movie… I just love the fact that they have paid so much attention to all the small details, which makes it much more beautiful…

Look, I’m not saying that Bog is the Perfect Monster Insectoid Boyfriend with his super long talons and his thorny scales that flare when he’s the slightest bit inconvenienced and his rattling exoskeleton and the fact he probably molts and his raggedy mossy fanged teeth and his knobby knuckles and knocked knees and his fierce profile and his raggedy wings that still manage to flash rainbows when the sun catches on them and his full lips and his baby blue eyes that rival aquamarine jewels—

—I lost my train of thought.