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➢ Seventh Son Movie Storyline
“ John Gregory, who is a seventh son of a seventh son and also the local spook, has protected he country from witches, boggarts, ghouls and all manner of things that go bump in the night. However John is not young anymore, and has been seeking an apprentice to carry on his trade. Most have failed to survive. The last hope is a young farmer’s son named Thomas Ward. Will he survive the training to become the spook that so many others couldn’t? ”

➢ Seventh Son Movie Detail
° Release Date : 2014-12-12
° Casts : Julian Black Antelope, Ben Barnes, Lilah Fitzgerald, Zahf Paroo, Brenda McDonald, Sean Carey, Joanne Bentley, Taya Clyne, Gerard Plunkett, Thai-Hoa Le, Eric Keenleyside, Fraser Aitcheson, Jim Shield, Duffy, Billy Wickman, Marcel Bridges, Anthony Welch, Yaroslav Poverlo, Timothy Webber, Alicia Vikander, Isabelle Landry, Djimon Hounsou, David Cubitt, Kit Harington, Primo Allon, Carmel Amit, Jeff Bridges, Luc Roderique, Jason Asuncion, Olivia Williams, Antje Traue, Faustino Di Bauda, Loyd Catlett, Jason Scott Lee, Julianne Moore
° Duration : 102 minute
° Rating : 5.2

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Title: So I’ll  paint you a clear blue sky

Character(s): Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter 

A/N: Drarry. Thats all. There might be a part two with smut tbh

Song Reference/Title Credit: Blue//Troye Sivan

Summary: Harry and Draco finally admit they love each other. Through actions, that is. ;)

Word count: 865 (short i know) 

With a wave of his wand, Professor Lupin shushed the class. They were on about what was in the rocking wardrobe before them. “I see you all have plenty of questions about the boggart placed before you.” Puzzled chatter erupted, “Alright, settle, settle! Now, can anyone tell me what is a boggart exactly?” And with no delay, Hermione whipped her hand in the air.  

“A boggart is a shape shifter who takes the place of the person’s before them biggest fear.” Then in one swift motion, her hand came back down to her lap. “Right you are, Miss Granger! Ten points to Gryffindor.” Lupin exclaimed with a righteous grin pronounced upon his face. Hermione smiled to herself. “Now please, class if you will, stand up from your seats and make a formal line.” The professor instructed, and the class stood array in between the desks, and with a punctual motion of his wand the desks skidded across the room and stacked themselves up upon one another. After a few demonstrations (including a sharp dressing snape, and enormous spider) it was Draco’s turn.  Soon the boggart flashed before his eyes. And the form it took made a gasp sound through out the room. Stood before him was the boy who lived. 

Now normally if you were I’m Professor Lupins class, there was always noise going on. Whether it’d be him instructing, the class talking, if they were doing something hands on, but not right now. Everyone knew of the boiling feud that dwelled between Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy. With curiosity and shock looming in the air, the boggart finally spoke, “You know Malfoy, I’ll never love you. You’ll always be nothing but a pain in my ass.”

 And before anyone could react. Malfoy, with scarlet cheeks drew his wand and castes the boggart away. He placed his wand back in his robe, turned around, and scurried out. Lupin cut the class short, and everyone parted their ways. 

By the time dinner rolled around, everyone had questions, and the event that took place traveled all over the castles. Whisperers took place as Draco or Harry would walk by. Harry himself was utterly confused. Why was he Draco’s boggart? And more specifically why did it say ‘I’ll never love you’? Ron and Hermione thought not to bring it up until Harry himself found out answers. 

And he decided that after dinner was over he was going to search for Draco. While eating his food, Harry took notice that Draco wasn’t at dinner. Harry wasn’t surprised. He could understand. When they finally finished their food (Harry barely ate), they all piled out of the Great Hall and spilled into their common room. Except Harry, he set off to find Draco. 

He roamed the castle for at least an hour before deciding to go to the slytherian tower and try there. On his way back, he passed moaning Myrtles bathroom. Why not? He thought, and sauntered in there. Before he could look around for Myrtle, he saw him. 

Harry walked closer, it appeared that he was asleep. “Draco.” Harry called, but nothing happened, he only stirred. Harry sighed and bent down to shake him, “Draco!” Finally Draco jumped up. “What, Potter?” He snapped, something protruded in eyes, and Harry supposed it was anger and embarrassment. “Draco we need to talk.” Harry said sternly. “I was hoping you’d forget…” His blue eyes floated to the ground, no longer holding the feeling “But I suppose this was bound to happen..” he stopped to slump to the ground and sigh. “Should I explain?” Harry gave a slight nod, and Draco nodded. 

“There’s something about you, Harry, that I can’t hate…My family hates you. Everyone I surround myself with hate you….But I can’t make myself do… and I don’t mean in a friendly way…I mean in a erm, romantic way…” Draco confessed, and Harry was taken far aback. He never would have guessed in a million years that Draco Malfoy would say these words to Harry Potter. And yet with all the resentment that once was held between Harry and Draco seemed to melt away. Harry noticed tears forming in Draco’s eyes. “Of course I’m not expecting you to feel the same way, but it feels great to relieve myself of this.” And with that Draco wiped his wet face of his silent tears, stood up. “I hope this doesn’t change anything. We still hate one another.” Draco began to walk off, and before he could, Harry grabbed him.

“Not so fast, Malfoy.” He muttered while propelling him against a stall wall. And finally their lips collided. It was all Draco could imagine it would be, and possibly even better. Harrys lips were worked their way down his neck, and Draco shivered while eliciting a moan from his throat. The feeling of his lips upon his neck was a feeling he never experienced before, and he never wanted it to stop. Soon after they got done with their escapade, they both exited the bathroom. Harry wore a mischievous grin, while Draco had a small and loving grin that only Harry could put there. 

Wizarding World: Fantastic People, Fantastic Beasts

Xenophilius’ barista is a boggart. When he orders, it asks: “and how do you spell that?”

The baristas keep brewing hot coffee for their most recent batch of customers, but by the time the dementors pick it up, it’s iced coffee.

The Giant Squid orders ten black coffees, then asks if there are any sizes bigger than the trenta.

Instead of installing a bell over the door, the baristas hang a portrait of Sir Cadogan. He convinces himself that each new customer is the first of an invading army.

Aragog brings his entire family to the Starbucks for lunch, but they’re not interested in coffee.

Hagrid orders two steaming hot coffees and sits at a table in the corner to drink them. They’re really hot. One is on fire. He’s smuggled a dragon under his coat. The baristas call security.

Newt Scamander orders a small nonfat latte, and takes it to go in a big hurry. He returns years later and orders three venti frappuccinos in different flavors. The entirety of the Starbucks watches the baristas concoct them, waiting with bated breath to see how they will turn out.

What if...

During a lesson on Boggarts, you see that your greatest fear is being made fun of by your friends, including the Weasley twins? You get very upset even at the fake sight of being tormented, so your favorite twin plan a special evening for you to help you feel better.

The Boggart; A Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter Fanfiction

It’s the 6th year at Hogwarts, Professor Snape (The defense against the dark arts professor) decides to bring back a lesson from year three… Defense against The Boggart. Just like year three, everyone took their turn facing The Boggart, and using the same Boggart-Banishing Spell, “Riddikulus”. Although things take a very interesting turns when Draco Malfoy steps up to face The Boggart.  

Genre: Fantasy & Fluff, with a plot. Fanfiction/Short Story
Word Count: 923
P.O.V (Point of View): It will be a 3rd person narration.
Quick A/N; If you have never read or watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the fallowing story may not make sense.

Here it goes…

Both Gryffindor and Slytherin were walking down the corridor, on their way to their Defense Against the Dark Arts Lesson. No one was as talking as loud or as much, and everyone was extra nervous. Earlier that day word got out that Professor Snape is revisiting a lesson from year 3, defense against the Boggart. And sure enough, when the two houses entered the class room, there was the wardrobe in the front of the room.

Crabbe and Goyle instantly got white in the face at the mere sight of the wardrobe containing the Boggart. Malfoy simply rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “I’m not afraid of anything, that bloody Boggart wont know what to do when I step up to it.” “I hope” he quickly thought as Professor Snape strode into class.

“Quick, single file line.” The Professor demanded in his neutral tone.
Everyone rushed to get into the line, Malfoy ending up somewhere in the middle.

Professor Snape then crossed his arm, as he stood next to the wardrobe. “I assume you all remember the Boggart-Banishing Spell.” He said in almost a mocking tone as everyone chanted, “Riddikulus”.

Professor Snape seemed a tad shocked, as he urged the class to start.
Each student one by one faced the Boggart, their worst fear coming before their eyes. And one by one each student yelled out, “Riddikulus!” And with each step closer to the wardrobe Malfoy, started to get more, and more nervous. His mind kept racing with thoughts; What is my worst fear? Do I have a worst fear? I would know if I had one wouldn’t I? And all to soon he was next.

He slowly walked up to the Boggart. The clown form it was currently in smirked before starting to shift, and it took its time. With each passing second Malfoy grew more and more anxious, when suddenly the Boggart transformed into… Harry Potter. All the students, including Malfoy, let out a soft gasp, as Harry Potter himself scrunched his eyebrows together, confused, only a few steps behind Malfoy. The Boggart Harry slowly walked up Malfoy, smirking as he did so. Once he was close enough, the boggart leaned down to Malfoy’s eye level, then spoke.

“How could I… Harry Potter… Ever love a Slytherin?” Malfoy’s stomach turned at the disgusted way the Boggart Harry snarled the word ‘Slytherin.’

Malfoy raised his wand and nervously looked up at the Boggart. “R-r-ri-rid-diku-“ He stuttered, trying to cast the spell, when the Boggart spoke again.

“Pathetic… I’m embarrassed for you.” The Boggart said with a wicked grin.

Malfoy raised his wand once again, the Boggart smirking in front of him. Malfoy opened his mouth to say the spell, but simply let out a shaky sigh. He lowered his wand to his side and could feel all eyes on him. He couldn’t take it any more, he knew what the boggart was saying was true… In the next second Malfoy sprinted out of the room, just as the class bell went off.

Malfoy didn’t stop jogging through the corridors until he reached his favorite spot to go to, in the library. The far east corner on the windowsill just thick enough to sit on. Malfoy sat on the windowsill, his back against the length of the sill, and his legs spread across the sill’s width. He looked out the window, and viewed the Hogwarts campus… He thought he was alone, until he heard a soft whisper beside him.


He knew it was Harry… but he couldn’t face him, he simply continued looking out of the window. But Harry was a stubborn one. He kept repeating. “Malfoy… Malfoy… Malfoy…” Harry let out a sigh when Malfoy didn’t even move… Harry was loosing hope. But he didn’t give up.

In a last attempt he said, “Draco?” In a week whisper.

Malfoy closed his eyes and tipped his head. “Why did he have to use my first name?” He thought as he glanced over at Harry with a sigh.

Harry rested his hand on Malfoy’s knee as he knelt down to Malfoy’s eye level. “Is that really your worst fear?” Harry asked the nervous pale boy.

Malfoy bit his lip and looked down at Harry’s hand on his knee. He didn’t answer.

Harry used his other hand to run his finger tips across Malfoy’s cheek and to his chin. He made Malfoy look at him and softly grinned. Malfoy bit his lip nervously, waiting for Harry’s next move.

The next moment Harry… chuckled. Malfoy let out a sigh and looked out the window again. Harry quickly got on his feet and sat on the windowsill next to Malfoy. Harry reached out and caressed Malfoy’s cheek and made Malfoy look at him.

“I only laughed because… well… you obviously need to pay better attention.” Harry said with a grin.

Malfoy scrunched his eyebrows together, confused, when suddenly Harry Potter’s lips were on his.

Malfoy closed his eyes and smiled into the kiss, as did Harry. Malfoy rested one hand on the back of Harry’s neck, and the other on the back of his head.
Harry kept his hand on Malfoy’s cheek and moved the other to the small of his back. They stayed like this for a few moments. Until Harry lent back, he smiled at Malfoy and simply stared at him. Malfoy slightly lent into Harry’s hand, and smiled.

Harry suddenly leaned beside Malfoy’s ear and whispered, “Everything the Boggart said… Isn’t true.” Kissed his ear, and then walked out of the library.

I’ve been thinking about the stuff that Lyall Lupin probably taught his son, about Boggarts and Poltergeists, probably Dementors too, because they seem like they’d also fall under “non-human spirituous apparitions”. ‘Cause he was sure Remus would never go to school like a normal kid, but he’d be damned if his baby boy never got an education.

And I’m just thinking about little baby-faced eleven year old Remus making friends for the first time, and they know all sorts of cool stuff. Sirius is always going on about high society and pureblood rubbish, he talks about how much he hates it, but always with a hint of pride in his voice because he knows stuff. James acts like he’s the expert on everything Quidditch-related, but never really notices that he’s a potions prodigy too. Remus notices. Peter’s mostly quiet, but at least he seems to know what everyone’s talking about when they go on about all these things Remus has never heard of, or has no contextual understanding of. But Peter’s cleverer than he knows, with street-smarts that astound small, sheltered Remus Lupin.

So, he sinks into the background, falls into the homework they’ve given with more passion than any of them (which isn’t saying a whole lot, the other three seem to put schoolwork on a backburner a lot), and he soaks up everything, he needs to know this stuff. They’re always nice to him, but he always feels somewhat out of step when they try to relate. He doesn’t feel…necessary.

Which is why he surprises even himself when one day an idea clicks in the previously unexplored, devious part of his mind. He speaks up after James is finished ranting about how Peeves had gotten the better of him (“Evans was there laughing her smug arse off, it was bloody humiliating!”).

And this, this is the first time they ever see Remus Lupin’s proper gap-toothed grin, complete with what looks suspiciously like a glimmer of self-confidence in his eye. He rolls up the too-long sleeves of his hand-me-down robes and says, to their amazement, “I got this.”

Oh and he does. It’s all they talk about for days afterwards, how quiet little Lupin bested the notoriously anti-first year poltergeist, how there was a spark of joy on his face that they’d never seen before, and how bloody brilliant his spellwork was. (“Why didn’t you tell us you’re a damn genius?”).

Obviously he waves it off, pleased but embarrassed (“It’s just something my dad taught me, no big deal”), he doesn’t tell them about the excited letter he sent his parents the very next day, detailing everything down to the warm glow of pride he felt, for once in his life. His parents are trying not to be over the moon about the mayhem bit, but it's just so nice to hear that he’s happy.

Of course, they all got detention, (“Excessive use of magic in the corridors! Shameful behaviour!” McGonagall scolds, the corner of her mouth gives a traitorous twitch as she struggles to look stern) but it was so worth it.

It only took Peeves a few days to dislodge the chewing gum, but he never really let go of the grudge, much to his dismay years later of course. Lupin never forgets a handy spell.

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Do you know of any tips/guides for role-playing in the HP fandom? Such as basic vocabulary/glossary, things to know when role-playing in Harry Potter? Thank you!

As for roleplay guides and terminology we have a masterlist of categorized Links and tips on indie roleplaying here! -C


Cousin to Boggarts and Bogeyman, the Bogle is a primitive creature, closer to Boggarts than any other of the fear-creatures. Bogles simply create enlarged shadows and an uneasy feeling, rather than targeting specific fears as Boggarts do, but are more than capable of devouring people into the shadows in a manner reminiscent to some of the feeding behaviour of Lethifolds, leading to some to draw a possible link. While Lethifolds are still considered more closely tied to Dementors than to Boggarts, the tie is an interesting one, but requires farther study into all fear and despair beasts (including Boggarts, Bogles, Bogeymen, Dementors, Lethifolds and Set-Aasith) before any kind of verification can be given.

Most Bogles are found in largely magical woods throughout Britain, though some are rumoured to be found in Forbidden Forests and Enchanted Gardens elsewhere in Europe - apparently drawn in by the magic - and in long-magical forests in France, such as Brocéliande. They are also commonly sighted around locations claimed by the Fae, particularly Unseelie Fae, who, it is believed, encourage the presence of the creatures to provide them with more fear to draw on for their magic and for sustenance. Like Boggarts, however, Bogles can be dispelled by laughter, not simply being repelled but fully disintegrating. They can also be repelled by suitably bright light, rather as European Gytrashes are.

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(Read about folkloric Bogles Here. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)