Kanan and Ezra aren’t Jedi

Episode VI Yoda to Luke: “…the last of the Jedi will you be.”

The Force Awakens: “Luke Skywalker, the Last Jedi”

Jedi: Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

Kanan: (Is afraid that he will fail Ezra because he wasn’t fully trained) (Is afraid to use his real name) (Was afraid to be a Jedi for a long time) (Still somewhat afraid to completely trust the Force after he lost his sight)

Jedi: Attachment and possession are forbidden.

Kanan: (loves Hera) (owns a blaster and a bag of belongings in A New Dawn )

Jedi: Avoid the dark side

Kanan: (values Bendu as his teacher, a creature between Dark and Light) (tries to save the Grand Inquisitor who returns to grant him the rank of Jedi Knight despite turning to the dark side in life) (also is indirectly taught by the Grand Inquisitor, Maul, and the other inquisitors) (has a student who uses the dark side sometimes)

Also Kanan: (is worried but never tells Ezra explicitly to stop using the dark side) (also never calls Ezra evil even when Ezra does use the dark side, only tells him not to act out of emotion and a warning) “Do you know how dangerous this path is?”

Jedi: wiped out during order 66

Kanan: considers Caleb Dume to be another life, a life that was over.

“Caleb, the little Jedi cut off before his date with destiny. His career as a galaxy saving superhero stunted. He couldn’t believe now that he had ever been that person…that boy was a nobody…a never was…” (A New Dawn)

Kanan: (not a Jedi)

Ezra: (definitely not a Jedi)

My favorite part about the animated Star Wars series is that so much of it borrows from conceptual/in-development Star Wars that never made it to the final cut. Like, “Hey yo are you going to be using this concept art of Padme in the final cut of any of the movies? No? Okay we’re going to color her skin blue and make it Pantoran Senator Riyo Chuchi. Are you going to use this rejected design for Chewbacca for anything? No? Great well now he’s purple and his name is Garazeb Orrelios. Oh they won’t let Lucas call the Light and Dark sides of the Force Ashla and Bogan? Fair enough. Ashla is now the Lasat word for the Force.” The animated series are so well done and people work so hard on them but so many of their elements are basically the lore equivalent of

and I love it.

The Dark Side...

Has gone by many names…

Bogan. Druj. Shadow… 

They all hold significance to their part of history. They all are true to the Dark Side of the Force. But none, hold the whole of it… None do the Dark Side true… justice. For that there is only one word. One, name.






The Dark Side is poison. The Dark Side is patience. 

The Dark Side waits.


Typical Aussie Experiences

* not checking the mailbox for a few days, so as not to disturb the huntsman camping out there.
* midnight Maccas run.
* more than one jar of Vegemite in the cupboard because even though none of them are empty, there’s always a chance of running out and that’s unacceptable.
* goon of fortune.
* being way too defensive over the ‘shrimp on the barbie’ thing because 'we don’t SAY that!’
* all of your friends named Rhonda are instantly hot like a sunrise
* any friends not named Rhonda are also sometimes hot like a sunrise.
* listening to at least one of your bogan rellies/friends argue out the Holden or Ford dynamics cause 'it’s Bathurst weekend, mate!’
* Having to explain to an international friend that the footy is not soccer, nor rugby, nor gridiron, but something kind of in between.
* Melben, Brisben, Canbra, straya.
* chucking a u'ey cause TomTom’s had one too many.
* handing your foreign friends protective gear to save them from drop bears.
* Duncan’s ya mate, but Dan Murphy is borderline family.
* When neither are around, you go looking for a thirsty camel.
* spending your time bitching out other capital cities cause yours is superior, and then vacationing there anyway.
* trying to make it a week without seeing Eddie Maguire’s face on something.


“DEADSET” a film By Elvis Di Fazio inspired by the Australia day Celebrations Here in Sydney.

Mathew Clarke & Leeroy Destruction
D.O.P : Elvis Di Fazio
Photographer’s Assist :Fadi Kazmuz

Music / Sound:
Audio sample from an outtake filming Ryan Ward for CRUNK SOCIETY  by Elvis Di Fazio
Nature Sounds from the album “Favourite Australian Birdsong”
Thunderstruck By AC/DC
Down Under By Men at Work