I’m sad because of all these street cruising clubs on facebook; with psuedo-profound names (like “Aim High, Ride Low”) written in classic bogan tattoo script, full of nothing but shitty Commodores and Falcons with chopped (or removed) springs- have more likes on facebook than my photography page.

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Story Time

So when I was in I was the biggest scene/Emo kid you’ve ever seen. We’re talking the whole nine yards. Girls skinny jeans, eyeliner, and hair way to big to survive high school.

Clearly I was not popular (it also didn’t help that, while I was never a bully, I was kind of a huge dick most of the time because I was an angsty teenager).

One time my girlfriend Victoria was at a party with some friends that I wasn’t at. It so happened at this party were some people from my school. The popular boys. The sporty boys. The huge drunk Australian bogan boys. You know the type.

And they decided it would be a fun idea to shit talk me within spitting distance of Victoria.

She demanded an apology from them for what they were saying and when one wasn’t proffered up she kicked the largest of them in his testicles, and when he went to the ground she poured her drink on him.

He then was outraged and tried to take it out on me the next day. Spreading the rumour that he was going to kick my ass. To which Victoria called him out on his displaced aggression and said if he wanted to fight anyone he should fight her. Which once again made him look a bit foolish.

The point of this story is that I think a lot of guys might feel emasculated by the way their tiny little girlfriend stood up for them, but for me I will always remember that as the time that I knew I wanted to be with this girl for the rest of my life cause no matter what this kid has my back.

TLDR: Victoria King is a bamf

i love when ppl say bolton really perfectly enunciated bc i just say it like bol nh when im at peak bogan


Sydney has responded to the noisy, bogan, racist minority in the most Australian way tonight. A campaign on Twitter (‪#‎illridewithyou‬) has been kicked off offering those that fear for their safety - because of their race, religion or whatever - someone to travel with on public transport. 

Stay strong Australia, and remember that we are at our best when we show our compassionate, diverse and inclusive side.


Mythology Meme -> Mythological Figures -> Cassandra

Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, the last king of Troy. She was loved by Apollo who promised her the power of prophecy if she would comply with his desires. Cassandra accepted the proposal, received the gift, and then refused his advances. Apollo was furious so he placed a curse on her that no one would ever believe her predictions. [x]

Ignorant people (mostly Americans) on twitter dismissing #illridewithyou and commenting on our gun control laws seriously need to shut the fuck up. 

Most of you probably couldn’t even point to Sydney on a map, let alone know what the fuck it’s like over here.

Look up the Cronulla Riots and realise why Aussies feel that hashtag is necessary.