Hetaween 2016 - part 7
  • England:*sighs* in the end I just chose this... I hope it's not too plain like last year's...
  • Canada:ah, I think I see England~ England-
  • England:*dyed hair black and wearing glasses* *riding a broom stick* *partly-visible magical creatures following behind him* *golden snitch floating beside him* there you lot are! I was wondering if I actually went to the wrong neighbourhood-
  • Countries:HARRY POTTER???
  • England:what's with that shock??
  • America:hey, you even dyed your hair to match your personality-
  • England:*throws the Golden Snitch to America's face*

Rowan and Thorne are currently what floats my boat lol

anonymous asked:

Your take on the comeback of Leonard Snart???? I really am disappointed :(

I totally understand that.

I’m… in a weird place about it, to be honest. On the one hand, I had really high hopes and had totally convinced myself we were ‘really’ getting him back this episode. That being said, before I watched the episode, I came onto tumblr briefly and was spoiled as to the fact that he was just in the flashback and a hologram. And I actually think having that spoiled was what allowed me to enjoy the episode?

I got my disappointment sorted through largely before I even watched it. When I turned it on, I wasn’t waiting on tenterhooks for him to appear because I knew it wouldn’t be him in the present. I loved the flashback to the night the particle accelerator blew, and then I loved so much of the other stuff in this episode (especially the WA stuff because I also massively ship that and thought they were really cute this episode). I was able to focus on pretty much everything else.

So… I liked most of the episode, on the whole. And because I wasn’t waiting for Len in the present, I was able to focus on the details we did get about him.

There were some interesting nods in this episode. Barry knowing he left with the Legends but seemingly not having that many details, and also not knowing Len died. Barry calling him ‘an old friend’ and having a hologram of him that they could put together? (How did they synthesize his voice? That’s the part I’m most curious about, heh. And who was ‘acting’ the hologram? Barry? Was he wandering around having the time of his life pretending to be Captain Cold or did someone else from the lab volunteer? Cisco? One of them had to have recorded it, based on their prior hologram escapades).

Also, there was the line from about how a reflection pales in comparison to the real thing when the hologram disappears. I actually think the writers were being sly with that line. I think they were sort of acknowledging to the audience “yes, we know this Snart pales in comparison to the real Snart and that you want the real one back.” I take it actually as foreshadowing of the real Len ‘coming back’ at some point (and by some point, I mean the mid season finale of Legends because that’s the next time we see know we’ll see him).

On the whole, I suspect this means we’re back to the the theory of us getting a past!Len brought forward in time (also fits with them showing him in a flashback this episode). It’s still possible that someone might reach across the multiverse to bring a different Len over, or that somehow Alchemy is gonna start bringing Flashpoint people who are dead in the current timeline back to life. But if they are re-introducing him on Legends, then my guess is back to time travel shenanigans (likely due to Eobard).

I’ll also say… I feel like getting my hopes up for this episode was my own fault. Len wasn’t really strongly promoted for this episode. He wasn’t in the episode trailer, he had a bare second of footage in the pre-season tailer footage, and the ‘sneak peak’ scene they released before the episode literally showed us that he was in a flashback. Although the episode summary / press releases said it was ‘Captain Cold returns’, I don’t inherently blame the show writers so much as tv websites for the spin they tried to take on it.

tl;dr - I was disappointed but I got most of my disappointment out of the way before the episode started, so I was able to enjoy the rest of the episode. Beyond that, there were some neat nods toward the idea of him returning properly soon, though it remains to be seen if that will happen and what it will be like if it does.