bog water

Did you know that these fluffy mosses are wetness specialists? They grow with so much water around that when they die, they don’t entirely break down. This means that over the course of thousands of years, so much carbon is stored in the soil that ecosystems made of these little mosses eventually have a cooling effect on the climate because they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. And I haven’t even mentioned the rare species they host or the water they’re cleaning. The northern countries have quite a bit of these ecosystems. They’re called peatlands. And we need to protect them.

March, 2017.

Session Three

Pepper has been singing travel songs non. stop.

Sydney Gaydos has been joining in.

Edith Runekill harmonizes.

Malkas is totally used to the singing.

Grim has been walking like 20 feet ahead because literally fuck that noise

A short session establishing the local flavor of Lizard Town. It tastes like bog water.

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Continued || @stanmarshx

Man, Stan had a way with words being so up front about how he felt and reminding them of all the good times. A way to a bestie’s heart is talking about the positive instead of the negative. His cerulean hues glanced a little at the tongue that darted out and dampened his lips, his grin growing wider. Man, oh man…

“Hey, bros can get it on. I don’t see the big deal why we shouldn’t have a little fun as pals.” he leaned into that arm looped around his shoulders, his own deciding to wrap around Stan’s midsection to pull him closer, “I mean we’ve been through hell and back, we’re all grown-up now. Let’s just have some fun and relax, fool around and be ourselves.” He did have a point, whoever was judging them now could go choke on bog water at Stark’s Pond.

If Kenny was willing to have sex with someone who was his best friend, that meant he trusted them a lot. Especially if he knew the guy so damn well inside and out. He wouldn’t dream of hurting or leading Stan on, and if he wanted to put the offer down all he had to do was say so and the blond would step back and give his condolence by offering a few beers and a good funny ass movie to laugh at.


    A dappled stallion, sturdy in build and robust in beauty, peered out at the young man between breaks in the semi-submerged trees. His pale green eyes locked onto the trespasser; distant, seemingly empty. Condensed air blasted forth from the animal’s nostrils, dwindling as it reached the crisp winter air.

You’re new,  The horse’s voice was as deep and slow as the bog’s water,  Unlike any man I’ve seen in these highlands. The clothes you wear—they are not made from hides like those of the villagers. Peculiar. 

Question for other Heathens.

As archaeological finds support, the ancient Heathens left offerings of gold, tools, jewelry, etc. in bodies of water (like bogs, rivers and lakes for example). My question is, should this style of sacrifice be revived for modern Heathens?
Should it stay in the past, or if it were to take off again should we sacrifice biodegradable things instead?

imagine taking the eluvians and positioning them in random places to fuck w/ solas post-trespasser

  • right next to a wall so he’ll walk face first into a slab of stone
  • hung w/ ropes over a swamp so he’ll fall into gross bog water when he steps out
  • in the middle of a poo pile in the stables haha step in shit u asshole
  • bury the eluvian 6 in a coffin SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER UR 6 FT UNDERGROUND