bog giant

Oracle Head
while not particularly devote to any one deity, a bog witches’ allegiance, if any, is purely out of self interest.
The large majority will worship one of the countless tutelary deities of the region. Others will worship one of their coven’s fallen, yet powerful, matriarchs.
Worship is unique and varied amongst covens, the only common factor is the use of oracles. Oracle heads, regardless of preferred deity, are required for communication with the divine.

A barbaric and savage act to acquire, an oracle head is traditionally the severed head of a giant or troll. Though other smaller raced oracle heads have been noted they typically will consist of multiple heads acting in unison.  
These heads act as a conduit, channeling the divine from the misellaneous portals that pock the world to the netherworld.
These insidious instruments will spew a language so dark and putrid that if a bog witch were to act as channeler it will cause them to combust or melt under the great power of the word.

The larger and more difficult to obtain the more likely the god will respond favorably. It is a sign of respect, devotion and highest of offerings. This is why giants, trolls and other large raced beings are favored.
Dragon oracle heads are incredibly rare but it is said that there is one found in the inner sanctum of the Twin Temples.

Thedas Tourism Guide

The Hinterlands:
Remember: you’re here forever. Dangerous local wildlife (bears), lots of elfroot. Castle is nice when it’s not being overrun by foreign religious cults.
The Fallow Mire:
A giant bog, lots of lightning. Beware of goats splattering against your walls.
Not bad once the sun comes out. Has flooding problem local mayor refuses to solve. The dead usually don’t stay that way.
The Storm Coast:
It’s in the name, really. Bring popcorn for giant-v-dragon fights.
The Exalted Plains:
Warzone, don’t mess with elven stuff you don’t understand. Terrible infrastructure repairs.
The Emerald Graves:
Pretty, most local accommodation is haunted. Even bigger bears.
The Forbidden Oasis:
How in the fuck do you get over there?
The Western Approach:
One for the history buffs and academics with a death wish. No, I did not fart.
The Hissing Wastes:
I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
The Emprise du Lion:
People still live here for some reason. Airy elven ruins, local demons may not be able to fulfil promises.
If you have to ask you can’t afford it but they make you visit the gift shop on the way out anyway. You will get tossed out for being rude.
Current inhabitant now has squatters’ rights but still hasn’t finished fixing the place up. Lovely views but impossible to keep the draft out. Check out the tavern, it’s where all the cool people go.
The Deep Roads:
Lots of darkspawn and even more dangerous threats. Thedas’s number one mug gift shop. Bring cheese.
Frostback Basin:
Fascinating local culture. Even when it isn’t the elves, it’s always the elves.
Black Emporium:
Become a new you but don’t worry, absolutely no one will notice!
Val Royeaux:
Quite a lot of people mingling around looking important but not actually doing anything. Local street theatre includes Templars assaulting members of the clergy, dramatically foiled executions, and romantic duels.

Parent Head Canons

AKA Live Stream Chat

AKA Catching you All Up on One of the Best Discussions of the Night


AKA Blarg.

So… for those who were not a part of the live stream the other night, I would like to quickly update you on my two favorite moments when dealing with Bog and Marianne “Parent” fics. 

And for the people who said it, please tell me your name so I can tag you!

1. When Bog becomes a parent official he is going to run around screaming at the top of his lungs like R2-D2. This is undoubtedly true. To whomever said that, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

2. Bog was born with wings. His were functional by the age of 4. His children’s wings, most likely like Marianne’s, are not functional for quite some time. He is not aware of this and thinks the best course of action is to lovingly throw them off the side of a cliff yelling “fly my darlings! Fly! You can do it! You can… you… you can…? Maybe…………. oh shit.” This does not go well.

3. Bog keeps a giant box of hidden treasures to give to the children. It is called the “If You Don’t Tell Your Mother You Get Something From Here” box.

3b. The Box has to be refilled whenever Marianne leaves for a conference.

3c. There is a reward for never telling her about that either.

3d. She will eventually find out.

4. Bog tries very hard to be the cool parent. He will not be the stern protective parent. He will not be the stern protective parent. He will not be the stern protective parent. He will not be the- OH FUCK PUT THAT DOWN! NO GET BACK HERE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!

These are things that you missed. You have no longer missed them.

You are welcome.


Awhile back you brought up the idea that Art School Bog would probably have to go to the dentist because of grinding his teeth. Today I spent a great deal of time thinking of doped up Bog being driven home by Marianne.

Just imagine, it’s not the first time he’s had work on his teeth done so the oral surgeon knows him. When Marianne shows up she finds the doctor and nurses huddled outside the recovery room because Bog is singing while he comes out of sedation. And the staff knows he does this, but have never told him because they like listening to him.

Imagine Marianne getting Bog something to eat on the way home and he makes the mistake of trying to use a straw. My brother had his wisdom teeth out and found trying to drink a milkshake through a straw is extremely painful. So he gets a spoon but he can’t feel his face so he’s got milkshake all over himself and is just “what?” when Marianne is obviously trying not to laugh.

Imagine Bog staring at Marianne, blurry and uncertain of where he is, and saying random things like, “wow, your hair is pretty.” And Marianne doesn’t know whether to blush or laugh and is having trouble driving straight.

She gets him home, he falls asleep and when he wakes up he remembers nothing. Marianne refuses to tell him what he did, only saying she’ll bring it up if she ever needs blackmail material.


Seriously though.

This is Bog. I absolutely head-canon that he’s secretly great with kids.
100% happy to join in tea parties and dress-up, let them paint his nails and put make-up on him, climb all over him for a better vantage point, do his hair (in an au where he has hair), use his staff and arms as swings.

People are worried at first about the Big Bad Bog King scaring all the fairy and elf kids but they absolutely adore him because he’s so good with them.
And he doesn’t even care too much about people seeing him with flower crowns or painted nails because if they dare upset the kids they’ll have him to answer to.

His patience with adults and goblins who should know better is incredibly short because he has to deal with their crap all day long, even though he’d NEVER admit that he’s fond of them all anyway, but with kids his patience is seemingly endless and the only time he panics at all is when one is hurt because oh god what do i do okay you’ll be fine marianNE HEL P DAWN SOMEONE P L S.