bofur-broadbeam said: Just say NO to 4.0

3.5 is the highest I’ll go. I can’t put my ranger through 4.0. Luckily, my Dark Heresy hasn’t updated insanely much, and that’s what I’m doing heavily now. D&D meets Tuesdays, Dark Heresy Fridays, and Rogue Trader every third Saturday.

yer all wonderful.

dwalinsonoffundin said: all I’ve ever played is AD&D Second edition so…. I feel a bit like a baby right now… >.>

bofur-broadbeam said: You make me a happy D&D nerd friend. We only do 3.5,it just seems the most versatile,without being power gamey, Pathfinders oookaaaaay but…its just powergaming really. I dun like so much. 3.5! WOOT

dwarvenshebear said: //I haven’t played since 3.0 and frankly I’m afraid.

Broken Notes

Getting a door shut in her face, a short woman with fiery curls and sun kissed cheeks frowned at the wood before her. It seemed that the man who made various instruments for the area was out of town visiting a cousin. With a heavy sigh, she turned away and put her hood up. Leaving the village, she set out for the previous, which was, in fact, nearer to her home. From what she heard there was a toymaker there, and she hoped there was a chance he could help her.

The early morning faded into day, and into early afternoon before she reached the village there. She had her hood back, and was walking with a smile and a lighter step now, enjoying the fresh outdoor air. Waving at a few of the villagers she knew, for she often sold her wares there, when she did come out of her little holed up home, she walked around, asking directions from a few of the parents. They seemed to be the best bet at finding the toymaker.

Approaching the door to which she’d been direction, she knocked lightly. “Hello?” Pausing a bit she called out once more. “Hello, is anyone at home? I’m looking for the toymaker!” In her hand she clutched a small bag that rattled a bit, the sound of wooden pieces bumping against each other. She hoped she wasn’t catching him during tea, she hated to interrupt.