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Based on: this imagine from @imaginethorin.

I would like to dedicate this little fic to the lovely @averil-of-fairlea.. I love you girl!!!!!!!! Stay strong….

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Admitting that he like her would have been too much: for this very reason, he couldn’t show the others that he was worried because her stroll in the woods just near the camp had been too long and it was time for her to come back.

If her friends were quiet and said nothing, why should have he spoken?

Thorin reasoned like this as he sharpen and polished Orcrist: he was sitting next to Dwalin who was doing the same with his axe while he others prepared dinner and the camp for the night.

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Imagine how pissed off you would be if you somehow ended up in Middle Earth in time to help, but you didn’t speak Westron. Or Sindarin. Or Khuzdul. All you have are proper nouns, and some random phrases like Mellon, and Amralime, and, oh yeah, the inscription from the One ring. because that’s going to go over well when you start spouting off long forgotten verse in the black tongue of Mordor….

So instead of eloquently explaining yourself and saving lives and falling in love with a character of your choice, you have to chase them around like a slightly more verbose Hodor, trying to learn a language and keep the dumb bastards alive. 

These are the thoughts that keep me up nights. 

The Princess and the Grand Warrior (Part 18--Finale)

Title: The Princess and the Grand Warrior  

 Summary: What starts as friendship soon becomes love. Everyone knows that classic story. But what happens when self-esteem affects the relationship, when one feels unworthy of the other.  And the other doesn’t understand…can love survive that?  

 Warnings: Slight Angst. Fluff.

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Part 18

Dalia sat in her room by the window and looked out over the people of Dale.  It seemed simpler out there, no worries of fathers and mothers or of handsome toymakers.  It made her almost jealous, jealous of the simplicity that could be found right outside.

Why couldn’t her life be so simple?  Why did status and rank and ‘worthiness’ have to cloud everything?  She wasn’t asking for much, just love.  Why did love have to be so damn complicated?  She ran her fingers over the small dragon, feeling the tiniest ridges that made up its scales, the small points of its claws, the way it was polished so the light shinned off it.

A wayward sigh escaped her just before her mother poked her head in.  “Dalia?  Could you help me for a moment?”  

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The Girl in the River pt. 2

A second part of “The Girl in the River” was requested by several people on here and Wattpad. I do not own ANY members of the Company. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: Fluff, Everybody lives AU

Pairings: Bofur x fem!reader, mentions of the rest of the Company. 

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Bofur lead Y/N to the edge of the camp. The others in the Company stopped talking when they saw Bofur approaching. They stared. “Wait here, lass,” Bofur told Y/N quietly. When she nodded, Bofur made his way to Thorin. “Who is that?” Bofur glanced back at the woman over his shoulder before telling Thorin exactly what had happened.

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Imagine Bofur helping you when you get injured

Drabble for: anon

Original request: “Could you write a Bofur x reader fic where the reader (dwarf) is apart of the company and get injured after some orcs attack them. Bofur notices she’s hurt and insist on helping her. They then confess there love and blah blah then hair braiding :3 fluffy fluff fluff please. TIA”

Pairing: Bofur x Reader

Word count: 1423

A/N: Some of this might seem rushed, sorry. I’m not sure if I got the braiding bit right but I hope you like it anyway ^.^

“I am fine, Gandalf, really. It’s nothing,” you told the old wizard, struggling to hide your grimace as you lowered yourself to a fallen branch on ground. Gandalf scoffed and walked off, not believing you for a second but you being too stubborn to allow him to help.

When he was gone, you sighed in relief. It felt great to relieve your ankle from the pressure and you finally got to rest your wrist. You inspected your injuries and diagnosed that you had only sprained your wrist. It would heal soon enough. You had gained the injury when an orc pack attacked you during the night. You had sprained your wrist when an orc grabbed hold of it just as you were about to strike him with your sword, and almost crushed your bone. The injury on your ankle was from when you fell to the ground in pain, and the orc stomped down on it. Looking around so no one would notice, you brought your arm up to your mouth so you could bite on that instead of screaming.

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Okay but imagine an everybody lives AU where bilbo stays in the mountain and everything and bofur thinks it's fun to fuck with thorin so every once in a while where thorin walks by him bofur will say "thorin where's bilbo" as worried as he did in mirkwood and watch thorin frantically start looking around even though bilbo is literally 3ft away talking to dis and just rolls his eyes at him like "omg you have GOT to stop falling for that shit I saved your ass 1000 times I can take care of myself"

aslkjakldjsd this is what i’m here for

Imagine Bofur falling asleep with his head in your lap.

The sun dipped down below the trees. Dim rays of fading light began to peek through the branches. The air grew noticeably cooler once the warmth of the sun waned. As the Company neared the Misty Mountains each night became colder and colder. You sat beside the fire, watching the orange flames dance wildly among the logs. The camp was quiet save for the crackling of the fire and the occasional snore of a nearby dwarf. Lost in the smoldering embers you barely heard the heavy footsteps approaching from behind.

“Evening lass.” Bofur chirped, wearing his usual impish grin.

“Lovely evening isn’t it?” You sighed watching the wispy bands of clouds melt into the crimson colored sky.

“Oh aye, and certain scenery makes it an especially lovely evening.” Bofur smirked at you. “Mind some company love?”

“Course not.” You giggled as a rosy pink blush crept across your cheeks.

Bofur plopped down beside you. “I have something for ya.” He said as he pulled a small folded piece of cloth from his coat. Inside were four of the small cakes the elves served in Rivendell.

“Oh my word.” You exclaimed softly.

“I knew you’d want a couple for the road when I saw you stuff six in your mouth at once back there.” He joked. “Bombur was impressed.”

You laughed hard, snorting accidentally in the middle. Bofur gawked at you, trying desperately not to smile. You put your head down, mortified. Oh did you hate it when you did that. Bofur leaned against your shoulder.

“You know I love it when you do that.” He chuckled in your ear.

“Oh shut it, you.” You said, shaking your head as you popped a cake in your mouth. Bofur yawned. You offered him one but he refused. His loss, you thought, eating the rest. Once you finished, you dusted off your hands and tucked the napkin away. Bofur yawned again and closed his eyes.

“You can go to bed if you want. I am capable of keeping watch by myself.” You told him.

He sat straight up and opened his eyes wide. “No, no. I’m fine love.”

As the night went on you and Bofur sat by the fire and talked. Most of the time you two just tried to say something ridiculous to make the other laugh. Bofur was usually the victor. For the last half hour you two exchanged nicknames for each other with Bofur slumped against your shoulder. You called him Chuckles, he called you Princess which made you snort yet again. Next you called him Sunshine and waited for his reply. But no replay came, not in the form of a word anyway. All you got in return was a snore. You eased your shoulder back letting Bofur slide down in front of your chest. Taking his hat off, you cradled his head and gently lowered it into your lap. The leather of his hat was worn, the wool so soft. Curiosity got the better of you as you placed it on your head. Strange, you thought, that a hat could make you feel so safe and cozy. Well, maybe it wasn’t just the hat itself but also its owner. You looked down at the sleeping dwarf and smiled. The lines around his eyes and mouth made it seem as if he wore a permanent smirk. How is it possible for him to still look mischievous even in his sleep? You pushed some stray hairs off his face then gently ran your finger along his outer ear. How large and round dwarf ears were. The way they stuck out beneath unruly hair made you giggle.

“Something funny?” The no longer sleeping dwarf asked.

“Not a thing, big ears.” You said, still giggling.

Bofur cracked an eye to look at you. “Could be worse. I could be cursed with unusually small ears like a certain someone I know.”

You looked down at him, narrowing your eyes. “My ears are perfectly proportioned to the rest of me, thank you very much.”

“Oh aye love, every part of you is perfectly proportioned.” Bofur said with a wicked grin. His accent making each word sound so… appealing, enticing, delectable? How about, all of the above.

“Weren’t you sleeping?” You asked him.

“Thought there was a bug on me ear, woke me up.” He shrugged. “But since it wasn’t, you can go back to doing that thing with me ear.” Bofur yawned closing his eyes.

“Oh can I? How nice of you to let me.” You rolled your eyes.

“Yer welcome.” He smirked.

Instead of touching his ear you stroked his cheek. Starting just below his eye your fingers slowly made their way down to his jaw line. Then back up around his eye to his temple. Bofur sighed. You placed your fingers underneath his chin. And gently lifted it as you bent down and kissed his lips.

“Again.” He whispered without opening an eye.

You delivered another kiss. And then another when you noticed the light from the fire dimmed. Tilting your head, you caught a glimpse of a pair of large leather boots. You looked up to see Gloin standing there. His arms crossed over his chest, a look of disapproval on his face. You smiled sweetly at him, hoping to soften the dwarf’s disposition. It didn’t work.

“This is not the time, nor the place for that.” Gloin fumed.

“Good a time or place as any.” Bofur quipped with a smile. 

“Go to bed you two.” The red-headed dwarf ordered. “Separately.”

Bofur stood up, waving the older dwarf off. He took his hat off your head and plopped it back onto his own. You stood up, stretched out your back and told Gloin good night. Together you and Bofur walked, hand in hand, to your bedrolls. Once there Bofur wrapped his arms around your waist. He pulled you in close and kissed you sweetly. You drew back slightly, his nose still touching yours. The corners of his mouth began to turn upward into a devilish grin. His hands slid ever so slowly towards your bottom.

“You better stop that, the protector of my virtue back there won’t approve.” You told him.

Right on cue, Gloin cleared his throat loudly enough for you both to hear.

“I can kiss her goodnight if I want to.” Bofur hissed at Gloin.  

Gloin just glared at the floppy hatted dwarf. Chuckling you laid down on your make shift bed. At least the ground was still soft here beneath the trees. Soon it would be nothing but hard, cold slabs of rock. Bofur laid down on his side, facing you.

“Goodnight oliphaunt ears.” You teased him.

“Goodnight Amralime.” He whispered as he reached his hand out and caressed your cheek. You stared at him and smiled before closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep.  

  • In the first film:
  • Bofur: So what do you think of Bilbo?
  • Thorin: The burglar? I don't- *trips*
  • [dozens of drawings of Bilbo spill out of his coat]
  • Thorin: These are for... none of your business.*quickly gathering them up*
  • Thorin: They are actually Ori's.
  • In the second film:
  • Bofur: So what do you think of Bi-?
  • Thorin: I love hi- *trips* [hundreds of love letters cascade out of coat]
  • Thorin: Yes those are mine *gathering them up while smiling soppily*
  • Thorin: He's amazing.
Mixed Feelings

Requested by @superwholockbooknerd526Hey!!! LOVE your writing, especially your Hobbit fics. I was hoping you would write another one where the reader is half elf half dwarf and joins the company after killing a ton of orcs in front of them. Thorin isn’t fond of the situation, but when Thranduil acts like a jerk to the reader, he stands up for her and realizes that he REALY likes her and asks to court her. Again LOVE YOUR STUFF!!!!! :)

I apologize for the wait, lovely! I do not own Thorin, Thranduil or any member of the Company. They are the property of J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: None that I can think of except fluff

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x fem!reader (half dwarf, half elf); mentions of Thranduil and the Company.

Originally posted by ivannna7

Thorin Oakenshield, Son of Thrain, Son of Thror, King Under the Mountain was perplexed. He paced in his cell in Mirkwood, going over the scenario over and over again. He despised you…didn’t he? Then why had he stood up for you? You were an annoyance and no asset to the Company. You had no claim to the Mountain. The only reason you were even with the Company was because you had saved them once from an orc pack. So why, in Mahal’s name, was Thorin so upset by Thranduil’s comments?

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Imagine Bofur patching you up when you injure yourself.

(Also a little of this Imagine: Imagine Bofur kissing and nibbling on your neck and ear as his hand goes into your underwear and he whispers dirty words to you )


Most of the screaming had died down. You watched as a few men and women ran around trying to put out the last of the fires. It wasn’t often goblins attacked Bree but it did happen from time to time. Luckily for the townsfolk, you and a few of your dwarven companions were there trading goods. Bifur and Bofur had just sold the last of their toys when an ear-piercing scream startled the town. Dwalin, who had escorted you three to Bree, was the first to react. Grabbing his axes he ran off toward the screaming. The goblins came in fast, screeching and slashing at anything that moved. Some had torches and proceeded to set various buildings ablaze. The four of you, plus a few more seasoned villagers, took care of the two dozen or so goblins. You didn’t come out completely unscathed though. One of the little ones caught you by surprise, jumping out from behind and slashing at your back. He missed, you thought, as you dove out-of-the-way letting Bofur crush the goblin with his mattock. You limped over to a nearby building. The goblin did cut you, but how bad you couldn’t tell. You reached your hand back to touch your upper thigh, just below your right buttock. Blood covered your hand.

“Oi lass!” Bofur hollered as he rounded the corner. His face fell when he saw your leg. “You’re hurt.”

“Yeah, but I can’t see where.” You said trying to contort your body to get a better look.

“Bend over.” Bofur ordered as he walked over.

You turned to look at him. “Excuse me?”

“Bend over so I can see where you’re cut, woman.” He sighed. “Or would you rather one of the Bree folk check your wounds? Although they don’t exactly look. Clean. But, you know where my hands have been.” He teased as he held up his hands in front of him wiggling his fingers.

You narrowed your eyes at him. “Very funny, dwarf.”

He winked at you as he smiled ear to ear. “You telling me you don’t want my hands on you? Well, that’d be a first. Come on now, bend over and let me get a good look.”

You rolled your eyes as you tried not to laugh. “Fine, just be quick about it.” You told him as you walked behind an overturned wagon. You glanced around to locate Dwalin and Bifur before bending over a barrel. If one of them came around the corner now, you’d never live it down.

“Since when have you ever wanted me to be quick about it Y/N? That’d be another first.” He laughed, kneeling down.


You could hear him chuckling behind you as he gently pulled apart the ripped fabric of your pants to inspect your wound better.

“It’s a nasty gash love. Needs cleaned and stitched.” He said. “Take off your trousers.”

“Ah, what?” You asked twisting around to look down at him.

“I gotta clean it and stitch it up and I can’t do that unless you drop your trousers Y/N.” He smiled up at you.

“Any excuse to get my pants off, I swear.” You said shaking your head. You straightened up and peeked over the wagon to make sure no one else was around. You could see figures through the smoke from the fires but no one was close enough to see either of you. You unbuckled your belt and started pushing your trousers down when you heard a soft moan behind you.

“Dammit Bofur. Stop that.” You scolded him.

“Can’t help it love, your arse is beautiful.” He said as he grabbed your backside with both hands.

“Hey, pay attention to what you’re supposed to be doing.” You yelled, swatting at one of his hands.

He moved his hand away at the last second, making you slap your own ass. You looked down at him, his eyes went wide. He licked his lips then looked up at you and grinned.

“We’re going to continue that later.” He smirked.

You turned back around, blushing furiously. Bofur started to rummage through his satchel for his needle and thread. He opened his canteen and doused a rag. You could feel a trickle of water run down the back of your leg as Bofur washed your wound.

“Gonna stitch now. Might pinch a bit.” He told you.

You grunted as the needle worked its way through your skin. Even though Bifur was the master toymaker in the family Bofur did help with the painting and sewing. Because of that he made quick work of the stitching. His fingers worked fast yet gentle. You closed your eyes as you waited for Bofur to finish.

“You don’t happen to have a knife on you Y/N, do you?” Bofur asked.

“No. Just my sword. Why?” You answered.

“Don’t have nothing small to cut the thread with.” He muttered.

You turned around to see Bofur shaking his head back and forth and feeling on his coat, looking for something to use. Then the corners of his mouth slowly started to turn upwards into the most impish grin. He looked up at you, and winked.

“Guess I’ll have to use me teeth love.” He chuckled.

Before you could protest he grasped the thread and pulled it tight as he lowered his mouth against your skin. The feel of his lips on the underside of your rear end sent shivers down your spine. You tried hard to bite back a moan as his whiskers deliciously tickled your skin. He cut the thread with his teeth and bandaged your thigh. Then Bofur’s hands moved down your legs and grabbed your trousers. He pulled them up your calves, knees, and then thighs as he stood up. Gently he slid them up over your backside. His hands moved from around your waist to the front of your abdomen. The fingers of his right hand dipped beneath the band of your underwear. His left hand drifted up your stomach. Still bent over the barrel Bofur pressed himself against your rear, grinding slowly. He growled something in Khuzdul you did not understand in your ear before nibbling on your earlobe.

“Mmm Y/N.” He whispered. “The things I want to do to you. The things I want you to do to me.”

You laid your head back and closed your eyes. He nuzzled into your neck, kissing and sucking. His fingers slid further into your underwear.   

“Dammit Bofur, not here. Please.” You begged, trying to stop yourself from grinding back against him.

“So beautiful.” He purred in your ear. “So delicious.”

“I hate you.” You lied.

Bofur chuckled. “Now, now love. You don’t have to be so wicked.”

He stood up straight and took a step back. You turned to face him. Buttoning your trousers you narrowed your eyes at him. He waggled his eyebrows at you, making you laugh.

“Your incorrigible, you know that.” You told him.

Bofur just grinned at you. He took a step back towards you and put his arms around your waist. Then sliding them down to grab your backside again.

“Aye, and you love it.” He teased.

e HeYou grabbed both of his braids and yanked, pulling his face into yours. You kissed him, shoving your tongue into his mouth. He moaned as you sucked his bottom lip.

“And you love it when I’m wicked.” You teased back.

Bofur’s eyes went dark. He ran his tongue across his lips. He slid his hands up your back and into your hair. He tugged on your hair causing your whole body to melt against him.  


You both turned to see Dwalin and Bifur standing there, arms crossed over their chests.

“If you two are quite finished we’d like to leave. Unless you plan on getting a room here, then we’ll go and you can stay.” Dwalin snickered. “But if you’re both coming with us then you two need to behave yourselves. None of that on the way back.”

You felt your face redden. Embarrassed, you groaned and dropped your head into Bofur’s shoulder. Bofur just laughed and cupped your face, kissing you sweetly. He took your hand and led you back to your wagon. Bofur jumped in first, then helped you up. He brushed your hair back behind your ear, leaned in and whispered…

“We will continue what we started when we get home. I promise you that, my love.”

The Sweetest Dwarf

Anonymous asked: Hello!! I was wondering if I could request a Hobbit one-shot where the reader is Bilbo’s relative (sister, cousin, niece) and she meets the company when they come to Bilbo’s, she accompanies them and Bofur falls in love with her?

Here it is!! I do not own any of the Company. They belong to J.R.R. Tolkien.

Warnings: A little bit of awkward; fluff

Pairings: Bofur x fem!hobbit reader; mentions of others in the Company.

Originally posted by evy-miller

Bilbo let out another exasperated sigh as the door was knocked on for the fourth time that night. You stifled a giggle as your brother went to answer the door. When it opened, eight dwarves fell into the entryway. Where were all these dwarves coming from? You moved to help the dwarves untangle themselves. You were promptly knocked over by one of the dwarves as he managed to free himself from the pile before tripping over the feet of another and falling into you.

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perplexi-tea  asked:

(Hope you don't mind a random prompt) Value Me for Thorin + Bilbo?

(I don’t mind at all!)

My dear Bilbo,

You once asked me how it was that I could love you, after all that you had done. I asked the same of you and we both answered, but I think the time may be right for me to tell you all over again. 

We have loved each other sixty years. Your one hundred eleventh name-day approaches and I find that I love you as much as I did when we first embraced on that Mahal-forsaken rock. You nursed me and I comforted you after we defeated (yes, we) the Orcs and Thranduil’s stubbornness. You say it was my natural stubbornness as well as the illness in my head - after all these years, we have agreed to disagree. I love you for it.

I love your white hair as much as I loved brown. I love your eyes, even though you complain that you must squint these days to read. I love your spotted hands and your freckled nose. I love your determination to destroy everything that might harm you or yours, especially your ring. You think that its loss has weakened your body these years, but I love even your shaking gait. I love how you worry for me. I worry for you, and I love you.

Bofur has come to tell me that you say I must prepare for your party, and had best be dressed properly if I know what’s good for me. Kurdel, I will obey.

Yours ever, in love,


"Imagine Bofur Singing His Wedding Vows to You."

supercoolkitty || imagine

Author’s Note: In my headcanon, Bofur’s vows are sung to the tune of “Red is the Rose.

Under a blue diamond sky, surrounded by friends, family and standing before our dear Balin, I turn to my fiance with a resolve as sturdy as expertly crafted armor.

I have waited to say these vows, my own invention, for months now – to express not only my love for and devotion to Bofur, but my gratitude.

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