hunkmight  asked:

not to be that person but jotaro has a rocking tattoo thats ocean related and also unrelated do u have any pride hcs? like how they are at pride parades(is that the right thing??) and if they go or not?

i just realized i read this wrong….i thought you were talking about jotaro having a pride related ocean tattoo and i absolutely jumped at the idea

hunkmight  asked:

i accidentally started watching jojo at part 3 which was a mistake im too attached to jotaro now but joseph is wonderful he's my son now also yound dio i would gladly throw into a river

it can be confusing to know where to start but it’s all gooood fam. i totally feel you tho, i end up loving all the jojos and all the parts but HA YEAH that first ep of phantom blood goes so hard fkdljgf

hunkmight  asked:

im not even to the part with diego brando but man i love how u drew him and those dino things??? he's my son now

diego??? son material??? fkjdlKFJD jkjk THAANKS his design’s p cool! dinosaurs were literally the first thing i learned to draw as a kid so im glad nearly 20 years of experience™️ has amounted to somethin hahah