bofors guns

Operation Pedestal, 12 August 1942: army gunners man a 40mm Bofors gun aboard Melbourne Star. These weapons were intended for the air defence of Malta, and were nominally part of the cargo, but in a moment of desperation were used to supplement the ship’s close range armament.

Battleship USS South Dakota (BB-57) blazes away with her anti-aircraft guns at a Japanese torpedo bomber during the Battle of Santa Cruz, October 26th, 1942. South Dakota and Enterprise had incredible kill counts during the battle, together scoring over 70 kills with their AA guns alone. This is mostly due to the recent installation of the powerful 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun.

The crew of a Bofors anti-aircraft gun view vapour trails in the sky high above the Dutch-German border near Brunssum, 25 December 1944. © IWM (B 13136)

Flak bursts blanket the skies above USS Enterprise (CV-6) during the Battle of Santa Cruz, October 26th, 1942. In the distant background the battleship USS South Dakota (BB-57) can be seen, as well as two destroyers. Enterprise is credited with downing 46 Japanese aircraft by AA fire, and South Dakota is credited with 26. This outstanding success is often attributed to the recent installation of the new 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun.

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155mm Field Howitzer 77B “Bofors Gun”

Impressive piece of equipment, looks like a lot of fun doing donuts in this thing but I think I watched the whole video mostly because of the synchronized “jogging” of the crew was more entertaining.