Our exhibition


Claire McBride, Chloe Gentry, Victoria O’Rourke, Laura Boffin and Ann-Marie Essex.

From portraiture to landscape, photography to painting, black and white to colour, this collection of diverse work has been crafted with passion by five young graduates of Oxfordshire School of Creative Arts in collaboration with De Montfort University.

Expect a variety of themes, techniques and personal vision in this exciting exhibition.

PRIVATE VIEW Tuesday 10th July 2012 
6:30pm private opening & drinks
7pm full opening

This image is a mess, I will admit it but it is also a sigh of relief. One of my most treasured cameras is still in working order, well kind of. After hibernating in my wardrobe for 2 years because the shutter became stuck and unreliable, the camera seems to be showing signs of life once again :) happy Boffin

"If your not getting dirty by the end of the day, you didn’t do the job properly"

My third year degree work is starting to take shape now and its about time too. I have been focusing this project on people who are preserving and restoring steam machinery. Whether it be steam engines, stationary engines or traction engines, I want your portrait.

So anyway, these six images have been shot at Didcot Railway Centre. I would like to thank all of the lovely volunteers who have let me take their portraits and of course who have had to put up with me plodding around the workshop. I have had such a lovely time talking to you all and finding out about what you have been doing. I am sure you will see me around, lugging the camera about.

The Engine Shed, Milton, 2012.

"A real first class loco shed was built down by the railway siding at Milton Halt. This building had arches at both ends to act as a through shed if needed, but in the event only one end was fitted with doors. (This shed still stands and is in use by the local farmer.)" J.H.Russell, The Banbury and Cheltenham Railway 1887-1962, Oxford Publishing Co, 1977.