I had a crush on all of these guys at least once and if you never did you’re lying.

Even though Brad is the only one who doesn’t really have powers or gadgets to save people I think everyone would make fun of Robin for being so uptight. And I think Brad would take care of Ben and treat him like a younger brother (like he does Tuck), while Zuko just ignored everyone. (ahaaaa i’ve thought of this too much help)

boffinart  asked:

do you not ship panne or yarne with anyone? (AND OH MY GOSH I SHIP STAHL AND KELLAM SO MUCH I GOT UPSET WHEN THEY COULDN'T BECOME A COUPLE. and I have tharja with libra as well)

yeah i can’t think of any right away that i would YELL ABOUT LOVING u know, i kinda like panne w/ henry frederick and stahl but if i listed every single ship i like WE’D BE HERE ALL DAY

i d k about yarne i like some of his interactions w/ the other kids but i dont feel any ships



After a few complications, and an emergency gift sub-in (thanks loshka uvu) The Hobbit Calendar is now available for order. Now we would like to thank all of the artists that made this possible and for donating their works to make a fandom wide project for everyone to enjoy. This calendar features artwork from various artists in the fandom, including little event art suprises on quite a few of the months.

So if you’re interested you can order one here for $12.00. This calendar is not for profit, we are donating the money to the Eden Project.

Thanks to our artists, in no particular order:

ewebean, alythekitten, pandamani, loshka, lateforerebor, inchells, @batherik, flavialikestodraw, radiorcrist, maura-labingi, scorpionhoney, ladynorthstar, katchan00, boffinart, sister-sons, taryndraws, drakyrna-art, lallyzippo, bofurs-wife, unconcernedhuman, thorinshielding, nikivirusart

Dying because this took forever. I had this in mind for a while (and I don’t think anyone else did it yet?)…except with a happier ending. but UGHSD THEIR OUTFITS. MY GOSH. And what are faces. 

1 of my submissions for Let’s Draw Sherlock. It’s Psych if you couldn’t tell. Sherlock as Shawn and John as Gus. 

Please don’t repost unless you ask. 

I didn’t mean to draw fanart…but I met up with an old friend the other day and she likes sherlock now, so I offered to draw her something and she wanted John and Sherlock with wings and doing something kind of cute-sy? (yeah? no?) I drew it on a piece of paper but I took a picture before I gave it to her and redrew it on the computer. I tried to make it seem like I still did everything in pencil by using fancy brushes haha. 

On other awesome news: I finally decided not to be lazy and send the files to my dad’s computer to animate on photoshop instead of a sketchy gif making site online. It turned out much better, is much less sketchy, and it was a lot easier than I expected.

It took WAY longer than needed to figure out how to submit this to commonplace. (obviously less watermarks than this one….but i need to take precautions) Hahaha. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out! (I had this idea in mind for many days now…but because of school and whatnot….) So I finished it in 2 hours yesterday (but then it was really small and i had to make it bigger and ekfajsd SO CLICK ON IT AND ENJOY THE GLORY)  thinking that it had to be turned in BEFORE August 31st. Which I guess it doesn’t. 

Anyways I hope you like it as much as I had fun working on it!