boelie  asked:

I would love it if Robert becomes Liv’s constant target for pranks and stuff, and for Robert to act all annoyed but secretly loving it! I already love Liv!

OMG YES I NEED THIS!!!!! This is so funny too b/c it’s possible that Robert might actually get lowkey annoyed, but he’d have to be on his best behavior for Aaron. And he’d ask Aaron to tell his sister to chill out, but Aaron would just raise his eyebrows and laugh it off b/c he loves watching Liv wind Robert up!! GOD I LOVE THIS DYNAMIC, PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME!

boelie  asked:

Why do you think Robert hates Adam so much? I’ve had the feeling it may have something to do with Adam being the reason Aaron had to leave for France. I think Robert doesn’t think Adam is loyal.

I’ve been having this debate myself! From where I look at it his hatred is pretty irrational. Obviously he thinks Adam is no good for his sister, being a cheat and covering up her crimes (I don’t need to make the obvious hypocritical comments here, do I?) but he’s really blown up his hatred into this massive thing. I don’t like to put my shipper goggles on all the time but this really visceral hatred definitely seems to have elements of jealousy tied to it. I still think Victoria is his main reason and because he thinks Adam is an idiot, but he has no friends himself and Aaron’s loyalty to Adam seemed to get to him. A lot.