Trailer: King Philippe I


Voor alle liefhebbers van het prachtige West-Vlaamse dialect.

Thibaut Courtois is becoming an internet hype!

Every Belgian person knows what an excellent goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is, and apparently the rest of the world knows it too. A new hype is “Thibauting”. Pose as if you were doing a classical Thibaut Courtois save and take a picture of it. The results are awesome! You can find more pictures on this blog: 

Things you see in the Belgium tag

Interesting things that are like-worthy or sometimes even reblog-worty:

  • Political news
  • Other news involving Belgium
  • Videos and gifs of Belgian things
  • Pictures of athletes
  • Belgian music
  • Things about Belgian history
  • People talking about their holiday in Belgium
  • Photographs taken in Belgium
  • People who are visiting our country and are looking for help regarding public transport, language, weather circumstances, etc.
  • Hetalia, whatever it is, that has a character named “Belgium”
  • Anything actually involving Belgium or Belgian things

Uninteresting things that do not belong there

  • Selfies in which the only thing you can see is someone’s face
  • Any pictures that come with a ridiculous amount of unrelated tags #swag #yolo #belgium #girl #boy #summer #rain #i #like #pancakes #food #pterodactyl #watermelon #dalek #NO
  • Porn

Bart Van den Bossche’s most famous song is probably “De Heuveltjes van Erika”, but I think everyone knows this one as well. 

Bart, rust in vrede.