Knack's top 20 most bizarre names given to newborns in Flanders in 2013

1. Godiswithme (f)

2. Torrex O'West (m)

3. Myemmy Blue (f)

4. Anaa'Ol (m)

5. Flotty Paradis (m)

6. Endiorance (f)

7. Phinneas Rex (m)

8. Tamme Jonathan (m)

9. Ecclesiaste (m)

10. Xy (m)

11. Miracle Julius (f)

12. Rivaldo Christ (m)

13. Yxiliana (f)

14. Wodan (m)

15. Sierra Nevenoza (f)

16. Pippa Bluebell (f)

17. Lifted Osarugue (f)

18. Yombotoutblanc (f)

19. Khaleesi (f)

20. Prodige (m)



Trailer: King Philippe I


Voor alle liefhebbers van het prachtige West-Vlaamse dialect.

Thibaut Courtois is becoming an internet hype!

Every Belgian person knows what an excellent goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois is, and apparently the rest of the world knows it too. A new hype is “Thibauting”. Pose as if you were doing a classical Thibaut Courtois save and take a picture of it. The results are awesome! You can find more pictures on this blog: