Picture of the Day: The Inside of an Empty Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Photograph by Patrick Rodwell / Boeing

Seen here is the inside of an empty 787-8 Boeing Dreamliner that was delivered to an undisclosed customer in 2014. Known as a BBJ or Boeing Business Jet, these planes are delivered to customers unpainted and without an interior as a completion center of the customer’s choosing installs the jet’s actual VIP interior.

That’s right, this will be somebody’s (or some company’s) private jet with a range of about 9,260 nautical miles (17,150 km). For those curious, the plane has a length of 186 feet (57 m) and a wingspan of 197 feet (60 m).


Kasper is very happy to finish the Ladies Tour of Qatar in 2nd place - YouTube

If you ever feel like you have a limitation stopping you from doing anything just remember that half of the Deaf West Spring Awakening cast was deaf, Krysta Rodriguez was battling breast cancer, Andy Mientus has a rare neurological disorder, claustrophobia, and is openly bisexual, Ali Stroker is in a wheel chair and was the first person to be on Broadway in a wheel chair, Alex Boniello has anxiety, Katie Boeck lost her dad shortly after opening night, Treshelle Edmond felt like she wasn’t suppose to be here. There was so much representation in that cast and there is so much hope that you can do anything you set your mind to. 


Extremely Rare & Fine Greek Coin Showing Dionysos

This stater is worth about $211,000 and is the finest example of this type known. It’s from the ancient city of Thebes in Boeotia from around 405-395 BC. On the obverse is a Boeotian shield with the reverse side displaying an image of Dionysos wearing an ivy wreath with the letters Θ and Ε.

The mint of Thebes produced a number of unusually fine representations on the reverses of its staters, but this one must be the most startlingly impressive of them all. Dionysos, the god of wine, is clearly a figure of great power and emotion; his eyes are fully open and stare out at us, and his lips are parted so that we can see the teeth within his mouth. The brilliant engraver who created this astonishing head has let us imagine the flush moving over the god’s cheeks, as he gets redder and redder with all the sacred wine he has drunk. This is unquestionably one of the finest facing heads in all Greek numismatic art.