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Saitama’s Training (Video)

One-Punch Man Training Program

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That’s all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Book Review: “Convict Conditioning” by Paul Wade

While Paul Wade remains a secretive and elusive character, the techniques he divulges in Convict Conditioning are simple, effective, and useful for athletes of all experience and strength levels.


I didn’t feel like doing any high intensity workout today. These exercises were perfect and will show up in one of the ZGYM workouts soon. I can really recommend the power bands. You can take them with you when you travel and add some resistance to your lower body exercises to tone up your butt and thighs.
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The Reason Bodyweight Exercises are the Ideal Way to Get in Shape

The Reason to Workout Using Bodyweight Exercises?

The conditioning world is a a complex mess of lavish workout equipment and high priced health club fees. Considering all the data on the web it is extremely challenging to realize which workout programs are ideal. Well, I’m here to make sense of the buzz and support you in going back to performing exercises the way it was supposed to be.

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Bodyweight exercises are injury reducing, difficult, and greatest of all…fun!

Specialists concur that by basically working with just bodyweight exercises, a person can attain 97% of their physical fitness potential (the rest for elite athletes). For most people, carrying out bodyweight routines regularly will get us in the greatest shape of our body’s potential.

Bodyweight Exercises for Fat Burning 

Bodyweight exercises are good for body fat burning. Studies show that the ideal tactic to maximize your body fat burning is by carrying out quick, high intensity intervals of straightforward exercises. There is zero need to lift large iron and raise the risk of injury. The high intensity interval routines can be as quick as 4 minutes for a total workout but the body fat burning results remain throughout the day! This bodyweight workout method raises your metabolism into burning fat all day long. You even burn fat in your sleep!

Fat Busting Tabata Bodyweight Exercises
The Tabata protocol was discovered by a Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata. His popular medical exploration studies revealed that performing a 20 second high intensity exercise with 10 second rest for four minutes not only maximizes all day fat burning but also increased cardiovascular fitness.

Bodyweight Exercises for Cardio

Walk into a globo health club at any onetime and you will find folks clamoring for the hamster wheels… I mean treadmills and elliptical equipment. I shake my head at the idea of this each time that I see it. Although working on a treadmill for thirty minutes to an hour 2-6 times a full week does have numerous heart benefits, it is time consuming and places a lot of stress on your joints, knees, hips, and ankles.

These folks will get back a lot of time and maintain or exceed the healthy cardiovascular benefits by basically carrying out reduced high intensity interval training (HIIT) training sessions working with just bodyweight exercises. Your hips and knees will not only be happy, but the rest of your body will also as you will also be increasing your power, muscle mass, and your long term body fat burning.

Bodyweight Exercises for Speed and Agility

Remarkable increases in both speed and agility will be gained from using bodyweight exercises and a method called plyometrics. Plyometrics are the use of speedy muscle loading and contractions to train the body’s neuromuscular system to react swiftly. Plyometrics is a favored bodyweight training technique of numerous coaches and athletes. Fantastic increases can be created in running speed, jump height, reactions, and throwing strength.


Some of the most amazing exercises ever seen!  The Plyotechnics

The latest in our series of free, on-going workouts begins today - the bodyweight workouts. Short on space and/or equipment, but still want to be lean and strong? These workouts are for you.

The bodyweight workouts will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For the Monday and Wednesday workouts there is no equipment required at all. On Fridays you may need to improvise a way of doing pull-ups or finding a box or bench to use. That’s it!

Don’t underestimate bodyweight exercises. These workouts are designed by Breaking Muscle founder Mindith Rahmat and they are a great way to build muscle endurance, basic conditioning, and flexibility. Give these a shot and let us know how it goes!

Click here to get started on the first workout!

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  • Sport Specific Workout - We’ve done hockey and football, tennis and rugby coming up next. 12-week programs designed to have you ready for your favorite sport.

How to: Side Lunge

Here’s a more detailed description of how to do a side lunge. If there are any other moves you’d like to see let me know!

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So on my journey to a full press I’ve decreased the gap between my feet by two ft and have increased core strength. I love seeing progress! @strengthwraps #progress #press #control #core #fun #gymnastics #gains #fitfam #instafit #eatclean #workout #diet #balance #goals #inspiration #instagood #igers #bodyweight #calisthenics #bodybuilding #fitbody #strengthwraps #me #nevergiveup #yogi #yoga #fitness

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Product Review:  The “Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide” by Nia Shanks

Nia Shanks has put together yet another amazing training guide - the “Beautiful Badass Bodyweight Workout Guide.” With this program, you really don’t have much of an excuse not to get stronger.

Body Weight Circuits

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During these economic times many people cannot afford to pay a monthly membership at a gym, let alone purchase equipment. You do not need to go to a gym to get a challenging workout at home. The only equipment you need is your body to get a great workout. I am not saying that using added resistance is obsolete. Just if you have no other equipment than yourself, all you need is an open corner in a room, a timer, and you are good to go.

I use bodyweight exercises in conjunction with added force typically with my clients to consistantly challenge them, but sometimes we just do a rigorous circuit session with bodyweight alone. These are the workouts that seem to leave most in a heap on the floor. Some do not realize how much demand you are putting on your body by using your own weight as a tool. Body weight circuits WILL help you gain lean muscle, lose fat, lose weight, improve body composition, and improve cardio endurance.

One of my clients refers to me as the “Burpee Nazi” because I almost always include some variation of a burpee in every workout. I love the burpee because there are so many variations you can use. This allows me to bring something new and fresh to a workout. You can hit many different body parts using different burpee variations. I have been known to add exercises such as a side plank leg lift, plank jacks, 180 jump squat, reptiles, long jumps, and many others to my burpees to make them interesting and challenging. No matter, all these exercises and variations can be modified to your fitness level.

I also love any body weight exercise that requires you to perform all out in a push up position. Have you ever wondered how much of your body weight you are utilizing when you do a push up? When men perform a push up, they using about 77% of their body weight. Women use about 71% of their body weight. Now, I am talking a full, on your toes push up. If the push up is being done on your knees, bring this number down to about 55% for women, and 56% for men.

Although these numbers are averages,the reason behind the discrepency between men and women comes down to one thing, body shape. Men tend to carry more bulk in their chest and shoulders, and the average woman carries most of her weight around the hips and thighs. Therefore, it takes less force for a woman to lift her body because most of her weight is located below the chest.

Do you wonder about how many pounds you are lifting when you are doing a push up? Perform the following test, and you will get an estimate at how weight much you are actually lifting.

Put your scale on a flat and hard surface. Get into a push up postion with your arms on the scale and record the weight. Do the same thing in a modified push ups position and record that weight as well. Then record your full weight. Now divide your weigth in push up postion by your full weight. For example a 120 pound person with a push up weight of 70 would lift about 60% of their body weight (72 pds).

This is the reason why pushing yourself through any body weight exercise in a push up position is so taxing on your body, and can produce amazing results.

Relocating yourself to your nearest local park is another great way to get in an amazing and functional workout. A park generally has lots of playground equipmetn you can use to get a hard core workout. You can use the swings for a bulgarian split squat, any bar for pull ups or chin ups, parallel bars for dips, etc. Just don’t mind the stares you may get from some kids and their parents. :)

Below is an example of a quick, no-brainer 20 min body weight workout that I perform when a.) I don’t have much time, and b.) want or need to use only my body. This workout does not require a lot of skill, and can be performed by almost anyone. This can be modified to fit your fitness level.

-Competition Burpees (60)

-Lateral Skiers (60)

-Push Up w/ Alt T Raise (60)

-Pikes Peak Push Ups (60)

-Jump Squats (60)

-4 rounds with no rest

-or 3 rounds with 1 min rest between sets

*Don’t forget to ALWAYS warmup, cool down, and stretch after every workout help to prevent injury.

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Dear Coach: Can I Increase Muscle With Bodyweight Exercises?

Dear Coach: It’s time for me to change up my routine. My question is, if I’m doing bodyweight exercises are they going to increase my muscle size/definition more than weight lifting?