Yoga Exercises That Help Osteoarthritis

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Standing Lunge with a Chair

Stretches the hips, chest, back, strengthens the quadriceps and promotes balance.

A yoga mat and a chair.

Set the pelvis carefully, squarely facing the back of the chair, and keep it that way as you perform the pose. Do not let the back leg droop. Align the front knee with the second toe.

1. Stand facing the back of your chair.

2. As you step the left foot back, bend the right knee until the right shin is vertical.

3. Lean forward toward the chair and fully stretch your back leg, firming the muscles from foot to hip.

4. Retaining the forward lean, lengthen your tailbone down and draw the lower belly in to stabilize your pelvis.

5. Bring your torso upright and retract shoulders back until they are just above your hips.

6. Let go of the chair when ready, and stretch arms up parallel to ears. Breathe fully and confidently as you maintain this pose.