Remember to #BREATH…We may find ourselves at a “crossroads” at various times through our #LIFE journey. Our decision at those critical moments will inevitably set how our #JOURNEY will then continue to play out. When the immensity of that understanding is realized, what happens to us? We feel #Fear? Or maybe, #Excitement? The “fight-or-flight” response is an adaptation that has been in the making by OUR #ANCESTORS for hundreds of thousands of years! It is a #GIFT from them, so our body/mind can operate efficiently and at the highest levels of functionality during moments of #STRESS! Feelings of Fear and Excitement are channeled from the same adaptive response of “fight-or-flight”. How do we determine what to feel? WE HAVE TO BREATHE! Excitement can quickly turn into Fear, when we HOLD our breath. Fear can grip us and we involuntarily restrict our breathing, which impairs our physical and psychological functioning. When we take BREATHS, it activates our #bodysense and our anxiety will be channeled into a feeling of #EXHILARATION! Crucial decisions should be made from this place of being, to #INSPIRE means to Breath-in/Take-in the #Spirit. The path may look foggy with fear, but when we remember to take-in the spirit and become #INSPIRED, the apparent FACT is NOTHING to fear. Trust the teachings of our ancestors, connect with your breathe, become an exceptional thinker and trust your #consciousness! Do what you fear and fear will cease to exist! #ALOHA! #keepitlocalspreaditglobal #haleakalaseries #weareallnative #backtobasics #ourhonua #villageminded #Mahalo #gratitude #mauinokaoi #hawaii #haleakala

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BodySense Hot and Cold Aromatherapy Extra Large Back Pack

BodySense Hot and Cold Aromatherapy Extra Large Back Pack

  • Relaxes sore muscles, eases away pain and stiffness
  • Provides penetrating moist heat
  • Natural relaxant and pain reliever
  • No electric cords to limit your movement
  • Reduces swelling when used cold

This AROMATHERAPY HOT/COLD PACK will stay warm 35-40 minutes and cold 20-25 minutes. It weighs 5 pounds and is 13″ X 18″. Soft polar fleece on one side allows for moist heat penetration, and black pack cloth on the other side maximizes heat and cold retention.

List Price: $ 49.50

Price: $ 49.50

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