bodys a temple

Regardless of what you think, your body is a temple. Don’t let anyone or any magazine tell you otherwise.

♈♌♐ Fire Glows  ♉♍♑ Earth Grows ♊♎♒ Air Knows ♋♏♓ Water Flows

Fire emphasis: Self confident, impulsive, initiative, dominant, energetic, uncontrollable, independent, imaginative, creative, idealistic, stimulating, intense, inspiring, self amusing, intuitive, defensive, self ruling, commanding, playful, spontaneous, delighted, can become burnt out, passionate, independent

Fire Deficit can express as: Lethargic, lack confidence, reserved, underwhelmed, rational, guarded, withdrawing, disinterested, has trouble with assertion, easily bored, melancholic and/or ultra restless and disorderly, impatient, forceful, angry, confused, lack of passion and direction, attention seeking, aggressive

Earth emphasis: Realistic, pedantic, compulsive, materialistic, orderly, refined, responsible, shy, guarded, emotionally reserved, ritualistic, pessimistic, rational, thorough, aware, intelligent, focused, in tune with nature, understands limitations, the physical body is a temple, stabilizing, relies too heavily on logic, sensual

Earth deficit can express as: Spaciness, disorderly, irresponsible, dependent, out of touch with basic living requirements, distant or not contained in the physical body, nomadic, can struggle holding down employment or responsibilities, neglects health, moody or overly cautious and serious, controlling, structured, anxious, hypochondriac, meticulous, duty bound, afraid of imagination

Air emphasis: Clever, spaced out, communicative, cerebral, conceptual, out of touch with the physical body, unrealistic, engaging, social, curious, restless, objective, mentally active, light eater, graceful, flexible, lost in thought, insomniac, informative, abstract, conceives ideas, detached, over emphasizes the intellectual response, distant, imaginative

Air deficient can express as: Extreme doubts with intelligence, struggle with academic and educative institutions, sedate in thinking and latching onto ideas, trouble turning inner world into language, disconnected, quiet minded or becomes a master of a field, highly motivated with education, feels the need to prove intelligence, over rational, worried, high functioning intellectual, dominant in conversation

Water emphasis: Receptive, fluid, hyper sensitive, emotionally focused, secretive, empathetic, withdrawing, solitary, idealistic, visionary, unstable, melancholic, theatrical with emotional displays, projects feelings onto others, people conscious, intuitive, lacks boundaries, can be easily manipulated, lethargic, escapist, disturbed, overwhelmed

Water deficit can express as: Inability to comprehend and identify feelings, disregards emotions, low emotional intelligence, dissociated, unresponsive, has trouble ascertaining values, emptiness, contained, distant, insensitive to the pain of others or extremely moody and unstable, represses emotions until violent outburst, unpredictable, hypersensitive, cannot understand nor control moods, reactive


Sagittarius - Soul Sister 

Sagittarius is innately spiritual with an impure human nature. Unconsciously, every Sagittarius is esoterically directed to lead, to go rogue, to satiate all the soul’s desire with the body as temple. The mind is a sensual organism in Sagittarius that is capable of conceiving a direct experience with infinity, everythingness, nothingness. They can draw both earthly and spiritual breath, and their physical body acts as the vessel of ultimate spiritual intimacy. The more Sagittarius understands about the world, the more self awareness they acquire. The further Sagittarius travels on the outer sphere, the closer to their inner spirit they become. Sagittarius rules the thighs for this reason - the energy to run deliriously in rapture. The intellect must know the Divine Mother, the physical body must experience her, and the senses must be touched by her. The ultimate truth is what Sagittarius is in wild pursuit of, and not the consensual understanding of truth or the scientific conclusion but the experience of truth that vibrates through the whole body and soul, a truth that doesn’t have to be understood or validated by others. The astral body and physical body become the divine Sagittarius chariot, and they are chartered into the deepest experience of life and ultimate existence. The dual body of Sagittarius is symbolised by its half animal, half man centaur and archer. The raging beast of the centaur is restless in Sagittarius, it follows nothing but pure animalistic instinct. It represents what is pure survivalist, servile to indulgence, incapable of resistance. The awareness of this double bodied energy keeps Sagittarius grounded on earth while they sail amongst stars.


concept: maggie goes to yoga twice a week. it’s part of her “my body is a temple” lifestyle. she talks alex into going with her a couple times, and alex literally cannot stand it because it requires her to be still (and quiet) and she’d honestly rather be in a kickboxing class. but she still goes every once in awhile bc she likes to watch maggie. sometimes maggie will be in the middle of a pose, but she can feel alex staring, so she’ll whisper, “eyes up front, danvers” without even opening her eyes. and alex can’t help but grin like an idiot for the rest of the class.

Listen to me, your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated. Your body is a forest—thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the underwood. You will grow back, over and over, no matter how badly you are devastated.
—  Beau Taplin
Your body is your house. It has been since you were born. So why are you tearing your house apart for a boy who couldn’t see your worth? Why are you cutting your house down and setting it on fire to keep him warm when he will never try to repair the cracks that have accumulated through the years?

-Your body is a temple.

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #351


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Bts reaction to you being chubby

Request:  i-dont-understand-adulting :Hi! :) Is it possible to ask for a BTS reaction to as having a chubby gf (especially the parts of their body they love the most)? Please and thank you!

Love yourself. It’s important. Remember, I love you too. Li


You were looking in the mirror, worrying about your figure and what are you going to have to do to narrow your size. Jin knew that, but he didn’t liked it, even one bit. So, he just smiled and told you: “Baby, there is a Greek Goddess looking at me from the mirror. Wowww, she’s almost as beautiful as me. Almost.” To which, you’ll laugh.

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Yoongi will also adore your thighs. He hated that his were bones with no meat, but yours were perfect. Lovely and giving the sweet vibe he loved. Your whole body was a temple he adored, a religion he followed gladly.

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Namjoon lived for them thighs and booty. He had a saying “Magnificent booty and thighs make a good person, great. So my baby girl, I would kindly ask you to never lose weight. Thank you.”

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Hoseok loved food, you loved food, but there was a difference. Hobi had abs, you had fluffines. He was getting really sad when he saw that you wanted to eat, but afraid it will affect your weight, don’t eat. Most of those times he’ll ask you one and the same question. “Baby, with what are children sleeping- action figures or teddy bears?” baffled by the question you’ll answer “Teddy Bears.” “Exactly. I also want to sleep with the most exclusive teddy bear on the planet. You. Hobi loves you. Now eat.”

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Jiminie loved your tummy,because you had a tummy. With all the pressure he was under, he was really happy to see that you were living with a tummy without listening to them negative people and proud of yourself.

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Tae loved your cheeks. He loved them so much, because they were chubby and he could kiss you and for him it felt like he had kissed a cloud. And clouds were close to heaven. Right?

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Jungkook will ignore all your attempts to disgrace yourselve and will praise you however and whenever he could. He loved you and size doesn’t define love. And he made sure you knew it.

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4/38 <3

Day 63/100

The dreaded weigh in was met with some VERY happy results.

My heaviest was 250.
My starting weight was 234.
Last week’s weight was 226.
And after a week of ups and downs and kicking butt, this weeks weight is…


I never thought I would be happy posting my actual weight for people to see, but this is a huge accomplishment.

Only 20 more pounds to go until I reach my first goal!


Many of us are hyper-concerned with what we are accomplishing magickally speaking. We try and take care of issues by using crystal grids, herbs, and intention. We put our power into the universe, and seek returns. That is AMAZING, and we have never been so empowered in our ability to manipulate our lives through magick and energy manipulation. 

There’s a very important message a lot of you need to hear, however.

⛥ Staying hydrated is just as potent and important as water magick.

⛥ Lighting some candles for tranquility can be just as empowering as fire magick.

⛥ Studying for class can be taken in an artistic and magickal lens. People are inherently magickal…everything they do operates on that law. Be it science, math, history, architecture – it doesn’t matter. There’s something magickal about it.

⛥ Diet and Exercise can be completely magickal. The energy that we put into our bodies is just as important as what we send out of them.

⛥ Communing with and playing with your pets can be just as important as a conversation with a spirit guide.

There is enlightenment everywhere you look. Everything around you is made of divine stuff – therefore none of it is superfluous. 

Many magicians cleanse and charge their crystals, clean and dust their altars, and do everything they can to maintain their magickal space.

Your body is your temple – your mind is the ultimate crystal grid. You are inherently divine and need to be maintained in the same way you maintain the physical and metaphysical world around you.

Treat your body, mind, and soul with the same reverence you bring forward to your spirit companions, to your crystals, your tomes, your altars.

Self care is the most potent form of witchcraft because it has immediate returns.

Bless yourself and you can change the surrounding world.

Treat your shrines and artifacts with reverence, but do the same for yourself.

Do all things with the knowledge that you are working with a highly energetic and potent network, and that you are one of the most important plugs into that network.

                                                                                    and so it is!


For those of you who know me, you’re probably aware of the fact that I rarely ever wear shorts. In fact, I haven’t worn high waisted shorts since college, when I was working out 5-6 days a week, taking a women’s weight training class, swing dance, and ballet. Back in those days, I had primo excellent legs and build, but I also spent most of my free time exercising. I also had a part time job to help me buy food and pay for cheap rent and utilities. I didn’t know the pain of life with post-college like working full time, living in a city, travel expenses, car payments, credit card and college loan repayments. These days, my body looks a little different than it did in college, partially because I’m not in college anymore, partially because I just don’t have time to dedicate to the gym, but mainly because bodies change over time, and that’s 💯 okay. My biggest insecurity has always been my bum and thighs. (Go figure: a pear shaped girl who isn’t the same shape as any of her friends or any person advertising fashion has insecurities with her body, who could imagine something as crazy as that?) For that reason, I chose against shorts. Usually nothing fits, like EVER. It’s not worth the struggle and the mood and psyche killer in the dressing room to try to find a pair of shorts that don’t make your hips and legs look 10x wider and larger than they are. But, as fate would have it, in my last resale haul, I happened upon these shorts. High-waisted? ✔️. 3"+ inseam? ✔️. Stretchy but also structured enough so they won’t turn into a stretched out pile of elastic and jean material? ✔️ and ✔️. So I bought them. Initial happiness was there, but then soon came the wave of insecurity. Will my legs look fat? How about my bum? What about cellulite? Guess what? Almost every human has stretch marks or cellulite somewhere on their bodies. I could nitpick and make myself feel horrible, or I could wear what’s comfortable and remember to love and appreciate my body at all stages, including the present. It’s a slow process, but I’m making a conscious effort to learn to love my temple. Plus, I think my butt looks pretty good here. 👌🏼