Fit Test!!

Every once in awhile I like to test myself to see how I’m doing with my strength and endurance in my workouts. I do HIIT training a few times a week, run, and do yoga, but I can get stuck in the rut of simply working out because I know it will maintain my weightloss. Doing fit tests definitely helps me freshen up my workouts. Shows me where I have improved and also where I need some special attention to improve more. 

I started doing HIIT through BodyRock a few years ago and this past month they put up a Fit Test so you could chart your progress. This was my workout today. Craziness. I do all these movements all the time, but never for reps! I was SO exhausted and sweaty by the end. It was great :) Anyone want to give it a go? Do the following fit test and mark down on your calendar one month from now. Throughout the month incorporate movements into your workouts that will help improve your strength and endurance in these areas. Here’s what I did!

50 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE (do not sacrifice form)

1. Squat Jumps–30
2. Push Up Jacks-14
3. Burpees-13
4. High Knees-108
5. Burpee Switch Lunges-9
6. Power Jumps ( or Tuck Jumps )-14
7. Tricep Dips-27
8. Straight Abs-20
9. Surfboards-14
10. Burpee to Squat-11
11. Squat & Scissor Kicks-16
12. Power Jacks-23
13. Globe Jumps-21
14. Low Plank Oblique-17
15. Lunge & Kick – Left-16
16. Lunge & Kick – Right-18
17. Squats – Weighted-20
18. Bent Over Row-27
19. Reverse Pull Ups-32
20. Push Up & Tuck Jump-7
21. Mat Jumps-20
22. Side Oblique Jumps-10

Seriously. Killer madness! If you’d like to see examples of the movements, as well as modified movements, you can go here. The trainer explains everything.

I added my scores and am tucking them away for an entire month. I’ll revisit this test to see how much I’ve improved!! Super excited for this :) Happy Monday you guys!!

Who in the world thought it would be a good idea to incorporate 1-ARMED BURPEES???

Yes. Yes you read that correctly. I am on Day #22 of this challenge and the first exercise of today’s circuit is a one-armed burpee. WHO WROTE THIS???

Anyhow. Um. I did them. Quite horribly, I certain. But I didn’t not fall on my face. And I did not break my arm. So even if my form was completely awful I survived. And I’m counting that as a win :) 

50 seconds work. 10 seconds rest.

One Arm Burpee (Left+Right)
Push-Up Under Knee (Left+Right)
Squat & Kick (Left)
Squat & Kick (Right)
Squat + Side Kick (Left+Right)
10 Mountain Climbers + 10 Crab Touches
Reverse Pull-Ups
Sumo Squats
Bike Abs
Oblique Tuck Abs
Plank Punch

I also did a Fit Test today. I’m going to put that in another post so I can document my numbers!! More on that a little later. But, first, this lady needs food!!


#waybackwednesday performing @kylehanagami ’s choreo at #BodyRock with #funkanometrysf — gotta remind myself all the time that even though I’m labelled as the “groovy” one, I can still get down with the technicalities when I’m in training mode…. Which shall be soon. 😊😊 #livelovedance

Day 7

It’s day 7!! Great news to share while waiting for our hummus crusted chicken to cook…my husband and I both weighed in this morning and after the first week in I’m down 4.5# and my husband is down 6.5#!!!! I couldn’t believe it when we weighed this morning! I’m also down ½ inch in my waist and my hips! YAY!!! not to mention we both feel great awesome!!!

I also got my hiit workout done (day 12 of the 30 day fat burn challenge)

I can’t wait to try the chicken in the oven, it smells amazing! 

Only 3 more days of the cleanse phase then we get to start to put the amazing nutrients back in our bodies with MNS. We feel so good right now, and I known it’s just going to continue to get better when we hit that max phase :)

Full Body Circuits!!

I powered through days #18 and #19 this morning!! I love leg workouts. They make me feel so stinkin’ strong :) I doubled up on workout days since I had to throw an extra rest day in this week. I am amazed I’m not more sore from yesterdays Ab-Plank death workout. Maybe it’ll hit me later today. Here’s what I did this morning!

30 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. Two times through!

Side Jog with High Knee
Squat w/ Knee-Cross (Right)
Squat Knee-Cross (Left)
Cross Jacks
Squat Kicks
Squat  Jumps
Crab Walk Squats

50 seconds work. 10 seconds rest.

Bicep Curl
Bicep Curl Half Way Bottom
Hold & Up + Down Half Way
Kick Back
Upright Row
Forward Lift (L+R Alternate)
Back Extension
Wall Sit-Up + Down Toes
Shoulder Press
Tricep Dips
Bent Over Flys
Lay Down Flys
Hammer Curls
Hammer Curls Half Way
In & Out Bicep Curl
Standing Flys
Tuck Abs + V


Day 5 is done! Half way through the cleanse phase of the 24 day challenge!! On my lunch break today I was able to do day 10 of the bodyrock fat burn challenge - nothing like some hiit on your lunch! Dinner was a #fail though… We tried to go get salmon but the place was out so we went to Outback and got the tilapia with crab meat. Well it said topped with lump crab with a light lemon butter so we already knew we were being bad with a bit of butter… But… It came out with a crab cake in top :( we thought we were being good until that. Fail of the day. Ooh well. After dinner and a quick rest we went out and just finished week 2 day 2 of the couch to 5k! My husband went around the block without me while I did the second half of the workout because he’s way past me and needed a little more. Overall I’m proud of my day and of our challenge this far! Still feeling great!

Abs!! Day # 17!

My muscles are SO SORE today!! I have no clue why. Thank goodness today’s workout was abs. Or so I thought. Mwuahahaha! My poor little abbies are still sore from the last workout!!! Mmmmm. Good pain :) 

This circuit was great! But, really, who spends 5 minutes in plank. Me! I guess. I had to take a couple breathers. 12 minutes of abs!! 

50 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. 

Plank Side Drop (Left)
Plank Side Drop (Right)
Plank Side to Side Drop
Plank Butt Under
Straight Crunch
Side to Side Oblique Legs
Russian Twists
Plank, Up and Down
Crossover (Left)
Crossover (Right)
Bike Abs

I chose to just do some walking intervals because I was so sore today. Hopefully it helps work out some of the soreness so I can be ready to run tomorrow!!

Hope you all had a great day!! Yay for the weekend!!