Fit Test!!

Every once in awhile I like to test myself to see how I’m doing with my strength and endurance in my workouts. I do HIIT training a few times a week, run, and do yoga, but I can get stuck in the rut of simply working out because I know it will maintain my weightloss. Doing fit tests definitely helps me freshen up my workouts. Shows me where I have improved and also where I need some special attention to improve more. 

I started doing HIIT through BodyRock a few years ago and this past month they put up a Fit Test so you could chart your progress. This was my workout today. Craziness. I do all these movements all the time, but never for reps! I was SO exhausted and sweaty by the end. It was great :) Anyone want to give it a go? Do the following fit test and mark down on your calendar one month from now. Throughout the month incorporate movements into your workouts that will help improve your strength and endurance in these areas. Here’s what I did!

50 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. AS MANY AS POSSIBLE (do not sacrifice form)

1. Squat Jumps–30
2. Push Up Jacks-14
3. Burpees-13
4. High Knees-108
5. Burpee Switch Lunges-9
6. Power Jumps ( or Tuck Jumps )-14
7. Tricep Dips-27
8. Straight Abs-20
9. Surfboards-14
10. Burpee to Squat-11
11. Squat & Scissor Kicks-16
12. Power Jacks-23
13. Globe Jumps-21
14. Low Plank Oblique-17
15. Lunge & Kick – Left-16
16. Lunge & Kick – Right-18
17. Squats – Weighted-20
18. Bent Over Row-27
19. Reverse Pull Ups-32
20. Push Up & Tuck Jump-7
21. Mat Jumps-20
22. Side Oblique Jumps-10

Seriously. Killer madness! If you’d like to see examples of the movements, as well as modified movements, you can go here. The trainer explains everything.

I added my scores and am tucking them away for an entire month. I’ll revisit this test to see how much I’ve improved!! Super excited for this :) Happy Monday you guys!!

The final workout!!

YAY! I did it! Today was Day #30 in the month HIIT challenge I have been doing since the beginning of June. Arms and Abs, how nice :) It was a good circuit and even had a move I hadn’t attempted yet. Here’s what I did today!

30 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. 3 times through.

Twisted Climbers
Overhead Tricep Extensions
L Raises
Spider Planks
Turning Bridge Push-Ups
Bent Over Row
Plank Side Raises

I also did intervals on the treadmill at a nice steep incline. This heat is crazy here. Even if I woke up at 5 am it would still be really warm. So treadmill it is! AvenJuly movements and PT exercises all completed!

I’ll try and get a post up this weekend about my results with this challenge. I know I have lost a couple pounds and my clothes definitely feel better. So, even if the scale yells at me tomorrow I know I feel well. I feel stronger. I feel like this challenge did, indeed, challenge me. 

Welcome to Happy and Healthy All Over!

I thought I’d go the unconventional route and start this blog with the workout I did this morning —

I did this interval running workout, followed by this “Killer Kardio” workout - including the right column, with high knees for 10 minutes (in intervals of 50/10) instead of running. In total, the workout took around 45-50 minutes. It was tough, but so worth the time put in.

Like most everyone out there, for the past 15 years, I have dieted and worked myself out in so many directions, and it’s only now that I think I am finally onto something that actually works. It still requires a lot of work and dedication, but it is also fun and rewarding from the perspective of learning and growing (and seeing/feeling results). 

For workouts, I have followed (and still refer in part) to a lot of personalities/blogs, including (my introduction to HIIT), Athlean-XX for Women, ZuzkaLight, Bret Contreras, FitnessBlender, Yoga by Candace, Yoga with Adrienne, Sean Vigue Fitness and others, but mostly I get my workouts from Pinterest because it is so so much fun to pin and sift through! I also enjoy utilizing any and all modifications certain routines lend themselves to. You can lift heavier, or work different muscle groups within the same exercise, even if the move itself looks ~easier~, and still get an awesome workout in, even if you didn’t do it completely as instructed. (AKA Knowledge is power :))

The most difficult thing for me, though, has been the dreaded D word: diet. When I used to hear the word “diet”, I would think “restriction”. Now, to me, that word just means “be mindful of what you eat”. I did a Paleo diet challenge last year, and while it was an adjustment for 30 days, it is something that I have kept up with, with some lenient aspects. Just like it is important to pay attention to what you put into your car, or your career, or your relationship, it really is important to pay attention to what you put into your body. And of course, this isn’t limited to food and water - this applies to sleep as well as outside influence.

I would like to think of mental health and physical health as being one and the same, as the mind is part of the body. Feeling content (or more than content) is super important; having awesome bouts of super happiness is also important. What is also important is to deal with the downs as responsibly and with as much care as possible, even if it seems like it isn’t going to end anytime soon. More importantly, the people you’re surrounded by is also a huge factor. No one has the power to make you feel like crap unless you allow it. Never be afraid to walk away or turn your back, literally or figuratively.

So TL;DR there are a variety of topics I hope to cover here, with the interest of being as happy and healthy as possible, even when it doesn’t seem possible. I am really looking forward to having fun sharing and discussing with you! Thanks for stopping by - expect more content soon. <3

Full Body Circuits!!

I powered through days #18 and #19 this morning!! I love leg workouts. They make me feel so stinkin’ strong :) I doubled up on workout days since I had to throw an extra rest day in this week. I am amazed I’m not more sore from yesterdays Ab-Plank death workout. Maybe it’ll hit me later today. Here’s what I did this morning!

30 seconds work. 10 seconds rest. Two times through!

Side Jog with High Knee
Squat w/ Knee-Cross (Right)
Squat Knee-Cross (Left)
Cross Jacks
Squat Kicks
Squat  Jumps
Crab Walk Squats

50 seconds work. 10 seconds rest.

Bicep Curl
Bicep Curl Half Way Bottom
Hold & Up + Down Half Way
Kick Back
Upright Row
Forward Lift (L+R Alternate)
Back Extension
Wall Sit-Up + Down Toes
Shoulder Press
Tricep Dips
Bent Over Flys
Lay Down Flys
Hammer Curls
Hammer Curls Half Way
In & Out Bicep Curl
Standing Flys
Tuck Abs + V

#FBF When I had abs. Circa 2012. I used to HIIT it 5 times a week. I love working out. I was underweight back then after the death of my sister in 2010, but I was in shape. Tragedy and stress caused a loss of appetite. It also was the reason I began working out like crazy to begin with. Oddly, I still haven’t regained my appetite, 5 years later. Odder still, I am now overweight. Lol. Well, by my standards. Most people wouldn’t agree. It’s all subjective. My mom thinks my lack of eating forced my body into starvation mode so it holds on to all the fat it can, thus my higher weight even though still little appetite. Idk…I think it was the desserts. Lol. #fitnessfriday #HIIT #HIITtraining #fitness #workout #bellyringsrock #abs #fitchick #bodyrock #iloveexercise #tbt #justcause #whatever #blackwomenworkout #blackgirlsgetfit

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When you don’t  feel like going to the gym but  you don’t want to skip out on a workout.