Intuitive Eating

Earlier I linked to this blog post, and I’m going to do it again here:

Golda wrote some things that made me feel like a weight was lifted from my shoulders: 

If you’ve been practicing intuitive eating, and it hasn’t resulted in weight loss, it is not your fault and it doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong.

When I first heard about intuitive eating as an alternative to dieting, I read everything that Geneen Roth ever wrote.  And although she has a lot of good things to say, she also implies, again and again in each of her books, that if you eat intuitively you will lose weight. 

And, perhaps most perturbing, is the fact that practicing intuitive eating with the expectation of weight loss really screws up your ability to eat intuitively.

Exactly! I think every time I’ve tried to eat intuitively in the past I’ve had a lingering thought in the back of my mind that it could lead to weight loss, which of course made me not eat all that intuitively. ALSO, I got the impression I was doing it wrong because I had read inferred that I would lose weight like Geneen Roth did if I stopped binge eating and ate intuitively instead. 

It’s so freeing to lift these limiting beliefs from my shoulders! I don’t need to lose weight! I can honor my hunger and fullness, but if I don’t I can just learn from it instead of freaking out, I can eat chocolate for breakfast if I want, I can eat a salad for a snack if I want, I can do whatever I want!
Why You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (And How To Do It)

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Finally. Someone who doesn’t tell me to just stop, but how to stop.

Kill your scale. It’s ridiculous to measure your worth based on a number in a little box that you get on in the morning. It’s absolutely ridiculous. It has nothing to do with your worthiness. Nobody needs a reality TV show to be a healthy human being. And love yourself no matter what you weigh. If somebody comes up to you and tells you you’re fat or if somebody comes up to you and tells you you’re beautiful — that has absolutely nothing to do with who you are and everything to do with who they are. And remember that.
—  Kai Hibbard (TBL ex contestant)