bodyline blouse

Simple casual coordinate I put together last minute to get dinner with friends including someone I haven’t seen forever since she’s been working in Japan! It was fun getting fancy on a Monday!

Headwear: Lolita Collective (?) I got it at Anime Matsuri

Blouse/Skirt/Shoes: Bodyline
Bag/Tights: Offbrand


I’ve been talking about the post about my clothes and this is it! This is the post!

I chose my favourite clothes and clothes that I have something to say about and divided them to groups. I also threw in some accessories since apparently someone was interested in those too? So no, this is definitely not all my clothes and accessories but at least I tried my best in taking pretty photos of the ones I chose. I wrote captions to each photo (click them and you’ll see them) but if you have questions or anything about any of the clothes then feel free to message me.

If you read the captions you probably noticed that lots of these things are thrifted. What I have wanted to say for the longest time is that you CAN dress inspired by Japanese street fashion WITHOUT buying from Japanese brands or without buying all that amazing stuff you see on the internet. If you are on budget I definitely recommend thrifting, you can find the most amazing and unique pieces when doing that. I’d totally buy more pretty things from Japanese brands too if I could afford it but I think my collection of clothes is pretty nice anyway even when I have like. 3 items from brands haha.

Also yes I have been making clothes as a hobby since I was 12 and for the past 1,5 years I have been in a school to become a dressmaker so I know how to make a bit more complicated clothes like the ones in this post. A lot of the accessories are made by me too but I couldn’t write that in the captions since I had to keep them short uh.

I hope you will respect the time and effort I spent on this post and will not delete my caption, thank you very much. ♡


Wardrobe Post #2 - Memorial Cake, Bodyline blouse.

Here’s the reason I wanted to do the wardrobe post, I used to have the pink onepiece, but I sold it off before taking good group photos. 

The halterneck looks terrible on me, but I can’t let it go. The print ad from Kera was my dream coordinate for a long time.

The Bodyline blouses are wardrobe fillers. I like the lace on them. 


August, 2014 - Like a Lady Tea Meeting

A meeting in a Tea house! Great food, an amazing place with lovely people! <3

I’m so happy because this was the first “big” meetup I helped to organize, and everything was SO nice! <3 

And yes, the chocolate cake WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD for the gods sake I need it again!

Photos took by Renato and Cesar.


Hat and all accessories: Offbrand

Blouse: Bodyline

JSK: Angelic Pretty (Dream dress! *-*)

Socks, shoes and bag (not on pics): Offbrand