bodyline blouse


Last weeks school coords. Innocent World is so easy to wear for casual/daily outfits. I feel like lately out of every 3 new dresses I buy, 2 of them are Innocent World.

Coord #1
Jsk and hairclip: “Paraiso du un Unicorn” by AatP
Bolero: Btssb

Coord #2
Blouse: Bodyline
Jsk: “Antique Violet” by Innocent World
Otks: Meta

Coord #3
Bolero: BtssB
Jsk: “Rose Tape” by Innocent World

Simple casual coordinate I put together last minute to get dinner with friends including someone I haven’t seen forever since she’s been working in Japan! It was fun getting fancy on a Monday!

Headwear: Lolita Collective (?) I got it at Anime Matsuri

Blouse/Skirt/Shoes: Bodyline
Bag/Tights: Offbrand

anonymous asked:

First of all let me tell you how much I love your blog! It's been really helping me a lot with learning new useful things and I highly appreaciate what you are doing here! :3 I'm slightly bigger than old school brand (shirred pieces are fine usually) but I don't really feel confident and experienced enough about sewing blouses myself. Can you reccomend something I could do to acchieve a more old school blouse appearance for old school coords beside buying newer releases? thanks :)

I know you just said you’re not looking to buy new releases, and that’s about the first thing I’m going to suggest, but a good way to get into learning to make blouses is to start by buying (bodyline or taobao) blouses that fit the old school aesthetic and adding fabric into the back seam, side seams, and bottom of the sleeves. This is a good (and less expensive) way to get some confidence in sewing, and experience on how blouses are put together. Nothing  beats hands-on experience when learning a new technique.

The second thing I’d suggest is to join the facebook group dedicated to old school lolita, like the one called Old School Lolita Worldwide, where you can spend some time lurking and looking at people’s coords. I suggest grabbing a piece of paper and writing down the traits of blouses as you see them (blouse #1, rounded collar (wide with lace), button front with tucks (vertical lace, small buttons), puff sleeves with detachable extension, flared at wrist, front darts, tucked into skirt) and counting the traits that show up the most often. Once you have the most common traits figured out, you can start to experiment with blouses that have one or two of these things, but that don’t exactly scream old school. If a blouse passes as barely old school enough, the rest of the coord can carry it and make it work.
(The listing stuff is a costume design technique and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone finds it helpful, but it’s worth giving a shot to)
You can also do this technique with old school street snaps, but lurking in that group has two benefits. First, you get to see questions and advice that other people ask, and then you can make your first post with confidence that you’re not asking the question someone’s asked millions of times. Second, even though old school is based in street snaps, some traits have lasted through the years more than others. When your plan is to get blouses that barely pass, you want to make sure your traits you’re looking for are ones that people still think of when they think of old school lolita.
On the flipside, if you post snaps alongside your coord, you can use great obscure blouses that no one sees anymore in old school. This can be really helpful if you’re looking for offbrand blouses in everyday stores.

And, most importantly, if you like how something looks, and it’s even barely any genre of lolita, then go ahead and call it old school-inspired and love how you look. If your coord is cohesive, it doesn’t matter so much if your blouse is accurate to 2001 lolita.

Anyway basically what I was saying is- and I mean this in the nicest way possible with no offense intended- if you can afford full lolita coords with accessories and the whole nine yards, that you actually really want and not just “well this is what I liked that was within my budget”, fuck you

…To put things more intelligently, what I mean is like… Sure, it’s not impossible to do lolita on a budget. It’s not even impossible to do nice lolita on a budget. But you can’t pretend you don’t have to cut some corners to do so. Like yeah, maybe you can get some pretty fabric and sew a nice skirt at home, and maybe you can get a nice Bodyline blouse for $30, and maybe you could find a pair of mary jane shoes that work for lolita at Target or Goodwill. You can certainly, with enough hard work, creativity, and luck, assemble some sort of lolita coord on a budget. In that sense, yes, lolita is doable on a budget.

But you can’t get exactly what you want. Handmade and Bodyline stuff is nice, sure, but come on- everyone’s looked at online shops and seen pages and pages of brand stuff and found at least a few things they really like, or a dream dress they’d kill to wear, and when you’re on a limited budget you just can’t normally get those sort of pieces. And sure, maybe if by some once-in-a-lifetime fucking miracle you might be able to find a brand piece that you like decently enough in your size for a price you can afford on lace market or something, but the odds of that are slim at best. And if a big brand releases a new piece that you’d absolutely die to have? Well, fuck you, buddy, do you have a couple hundred bucks sitting around in the bank to spend right away? I think the fuck not, bitch!

Not to mention the whole “a coord isn’t complete without accessories!!1!!11!!” thing; Most people would say an ideal outfit should include not only just the main body of the outfit, but also shoes, tights, jewelry, hair accessories, maybe a jacket of some sort, or gloves or little wrist ruffle things, all perfectly coordinated and matching with each other for a unified look. That’s kind of absurdly difficult to achieve on a low budget. Sometimes you don’t have the money for accessories after buying main pieces. Shoes and purses, as we know, are the work of the fucking devil because holy shit it is hard to find acceptable lolita shoes/purses at a cheap price AND in your shoe size, and being able to find multiple options so you can pair them with specific outfits? What the fuck?!?!? And then of course when it comes to jewelry and all that, well, here’s hoping if you look through the entirety of Claire’s you might find one necklace that you don’t hate and might at least sort of look alright with your outfit.

TL;DR Lolita on a budget isn’t impossible as a concept, no, but it’s kind of like looking at the Lego Death Star and then trying to build your own Death Star out of your family’s bin of assorted random lego bricks. You might be able to build a Death Star, maybe even one that’s cool and worth being proud of, but can you build the big fancy expensive one with all the whistles and bells that you’ve always wanted? Unfortunately, that’s just not possible.