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Like Us Series Character Profiles:

-Inclusive of minor characters and bodyguards-

yoi fic rec list, part 6

we’ll be suffering for updates but it’s worth it

seek those who fan your flames by ebenroot / @ebenroot

Yuuri gets hand-delivered a black-print T-shirt by one of his bodyguards on Friday. There’s a small sticky note attached to the collar in Victor’s handwriting that reads: ‘Our new band shirt! Logo is still a work in progress. Name too. But it’s a start! Let me know what you think after school. - Victor’

There’s a heart next to his name that is hastily scribbled out. Then another heart next to that one, like Victor decided to put it in anyways.

Yuuri thinks he’s in love.

in which Yuuri is a teenager that’s actually a prince, and Victor is a teenager with a band that just wants to listen to rock music with him

I got Princess Diaries vibes while I read the story and it’s a whooping 10k!

Yuuri is a prince but no one knows he’s a prince, except for Phichit. The people at school thought he got his team of bodyguards because his parents are rich people. But hey, there’s this teenager Yuuri meets at the arcade and he likes rock music and wants Yuuri to watch to his band performance!


 Binding of Winter by dia_dove / @iceprincess-yuri

The Beasts, giant creatures with great power, have always been there to protect them. At least that was the story Yuuri’s mother had always told him. But there is more to that story than Yuuri knows.

A fantasy AU in which Viktor, the new leader of the Great Beasts chooses Yuuri as his future mate.

I have one word: wolves.

Yuuri is only five when he is promised to be the future mate of the leader of the Great Beasts. However, if you think he’s walking down this path with his own will, it’s not happening, especially when no one bothers to tell him what’s going on!

It’s time for two strangers to get to know each other.

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies by cuttlemefish / @cuttlemefishwrites

Things would be a little easier if Yuuri wasn’t so in love with his husband Viktor, especially considering they have an arranged marriage. Two years after their wedding, Yuuri and Viktor are incredibly in love, but can’t seem to get over the hump of their platonic union to consummate their marriage! Good thing Yuuri is the most (in)famous erotic fanfiction author of the Love in the Streets fandom. Now, he’s got the support of the Internet to figure out how to seduce his husband, if only he can continue to keep their identities a secret.

Or, the AU in which everyone thinks Yuuri and Viktor have the perfect marriage full of adventurous sex when, in fact, Viktor sleeps in the guest bedroom and Yuuri writes erotic fanfiction to quench his thirst.


I look forward to see the Internet helps Yuuri to seduce his husband.

What Now? by shereadsthestars

Viktor Nikiforov, Niki to his closest friends- well, closest friend, singular, prefers to keep his nose clean.

He’s not the type to hold a strong presence in the room, or even dominate the conversation. He’s quiet, and mindful. And would really just like to finish out the rest of his college career in peace.

So it’s no question that his unwavering, slightly over-the-top infatuation with one Yuuri Katsuki is a bit of a problem.

.. being that Yuuri Katsuki is the guy on campus everyone either wants to be, bang, or just generally know and be on good terms with.

He’s the life of the party. The center of fun. The prime source of the juciest rumors and stories stringing about from dorm room to dorm room. And he’s so far out of Viktor’s league that Viktor isn’t even sure himself what league Yuuri lands in. One of his own, surely.

So what happens when Yuuri asks Viktor’s closest friend where 'that cute guy you’re always hanging out with’ is one night, at an annual get together?

Planetary dysfunction. That’s what.

This story makes me feel warm all over the places because when you thought it’s a one-sided love (from Victor to Yuuri), it turns out to be mutual pining for both sides. DAMN IT THIS STORY IS SO SOFT!

we’ll always have paris by spookyfoot / @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband

“Yuuri!” Phichit’s discovered a new frequency.
“Phichit,” Yuuri hisses, “be quiet.” As though Victor can somehow hear them from the table, thirty meters away.
“I am deeply offended that you failed to text me the very minute you ran into Victor Nikiforov, subject of your teenage and not-so-teenaged fantasies, bane of my existence, and the reason the wall between our rooms has an indent shaped like a fist.” Phichit actually gets louder.
“There’s like 50 new photos of you on Victor’s Instagram.”
“Just…shut up for a second!” Yuuri pulls the phone away from his ear. He can still hear Phichit screeching, “don’t ignore me! I raised you!”
Yuuri ignores him. Phichit’s avalanche of laughter echoes against the tile.
He pulls up Victor’s Instagram. Yuuri doesn’t even remember Victor taking seventy five percent of these.
“Yuuri! Stop masturbating, we have to go!” Victor is officially the worst.


Or: the canon divergent au where Yuuri doesn’t screw up Japanese Nationals, runs into Victor in the Paris airport on the way to Worlds in Sweden, and somehow embarrasses himself into a relationship on the 18 hour train ride between Paris and Malmö.

Every chapter of this story is an adventure and I love it! I really appreciate it when authors take the dedication to research stuffs. It feels nice to learn a few things or two while reading fanfictions.

I especially love the part where Victor and Yuuri break into the kitchen because they are hungry. Also, the sightseeing makes me imagine all the cool stuffs.

Imagine being kidnapped so many times because you’re the Champion that Gladion assigns a squad of bodyguards to protect you (and being jealous when you become close to the bodyguards).


Like Us Series Character Profiles:

-Inclusive of minor characters and bodyguards-

djmalinowski Here’s a shot of my prosthetic make-up on Gary Oldman for the recently released Hitman’s Bodyguard - This make-up was designed to show the effects of Dioxin poisoning although in the end it was kept quite subte. 19 individual pieces were used to create the final look. Application and running of pieces by myself. Hair by Fae Hammond. Sculpting by @joshwestonfx and moulds by Colum Mangan. Thanks to CCFX for the work!

Jay-Z, photographed in his original Roc-A-Fella Records corner office on John Street in Manhattan for the United Kingdom’s Q magazine by Perou in 2000. In 2006 Jay would hire Perou to photograph him for both an XXL cover shoot and a Rocawear advertising campaign. 

During the shoot Hov told Perou, “you’re funny, you can stick around.” But it wasn’t all love from the Roc team—Jigga’s bodyguard Hamza Hewitt would later tell him, “if you make my boy look bad I’ll come to London and fuck you up.”Knowing the history of Hamza, this was not a threat to be taken lightly—he took the job of protecting Jay very seriously…

On October 31, 2000 he was arrested at Boston’s “Summer Jam” for carrying an unlicensed .40-caliber Ruger handgun backstage while on protection duty. On April 13, 2001 Hewitt was arrested alongside Jay, Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith and his longtime chauffeur Romero Chambers, when [allegedly] a Glock G22 40-caliber pistol was found in their vehicle. Hov had been performing at Angie Martinez’s debut album release party at Club Exit—he made a guest appearance on the track “Mi Amor"—and the NYPD’s "Hip-Hop Taskforce” were staking out the club, waiting for rap artists to emerge. Jay was freed on $10,000 bail, while Hamza—as the carrier of the weapon—had to cough up $20,000. The rapper was later cleared of the charges when Hewitt plead guilty to third-degree weapons possession. He received a one-year prison sentence. Upon release he worked as a driver for Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory—the co-founder of the Black Mafia Family.

distance-of-birds  asked:

Do you watch Rick and Morty? Can I request an AU where MC is a nihilstic scientist like Rick and drags the RFA +V on insane adventures like Morty? This is strange, but I just wanted to try asking. Thank you!

I honestly haven’t watched it yet- I… I kinda have a basic grasp of the idea, yet not a clue? I’ll try my best, but… Uhm.. for the sake of accuracy, I’ll tell you this might just. be completely unrelated or seem odd because I just don’t know about the show? I’ll try!


  • he’s honestly, really excited at first
  • will the adventures be cool??
  • honestly this boy is like a puppy- he has no idea what he’s getting into, but he’s excited for it
  • is he good with danger? no
  • but will he try to survive and always be excited? yes
  • it almost surprises MC how willingly he goes with them? not even some hesitation?
  • he keeps saying adventures with MC will always be great
  • honestly MC has a suspicion he just wants to spend time with them but hey
  • what works works amirite


  • *cue the meme-y fast part of night of nights playing in a 2 hour loop*
  • honestly,,, she fears for her life
  • does praying even work in this setting. she’s praying. please let her be safe. what the heck
  • she loves MC sure but. this whole thing is A Mess
  • always trying to complete work on her spare time but honestly?? when does she even have spare time anymore?
  • she tries to turn down MC when it comes to adventuring but a simple “aw… but I wanted you to come” is enough to make her go
  • she’s weak for MC ok
  • probably swears MC will be the death of her about five times per week


  • this is an actor’s dream
  • in some sort of way
  • all this adventuring must have some sort of payoff in his acting right????? 
  • that’s what he tells himself anyways
  • he tells himself that every single time because he wants to believe that no, he’s not just doing this because he loves MC and wants to be with them more. he totally has more reasons than that to go on these insane adventures that are probably risky and he shouldn’t really do-
  • lowkey he’s almost always screaming inside at the smallest danger but he never shows it?
  • he’s not really that scared for himself, he just doesn’t like the risk being…. there


  • is this a normal commoner thing
  • honestly, he’s so disconnected from normal people life it might just be possible to convince him 
  • yes jumin, all commoners take their partner on weird ass insane adventures! completely normal! hahaha guess you didn’t know just because you’re rich haha
  • … maybe not do that. he doesn’t deserve that
  • most of the times, he wishes he could just take his whole bodyguard team with him and MC
  • but also… it’s nice to bond like that, without worrying about the public eye too much
  • it does bother him a bit when he comes home tired and lol nope time to adventure
  • but honestly. have you seen this man. he’d do anything for MC. anything


  • shit son,,, and he thought he was the weird one here.,.,
  • you know how pirates vs ninjas is a trope?
  • he’s going to try that but with him and MC
  • he’s constantly trying to make it a real trope but something tells MC it won’t really catch up
  • don’t expect to see a hacker vs scientist in the cinemas anytime soon
  • for the most part, he loves the adventures
  • his lifestyle can be so… dull and repetitive, yet dangerous at the same time, the adventures are actually very nice
  • ok maybe nice isn’t exactly the word, but they’re better than sitting in front of the computer all day doing Highly Illegal Things
  • maybe not on a moral scale but who cares??


  • one question here:
  • why
  • why did MC decide to do this
  • he’s an almost blind man. why
  • of course he’ll say yes even if he can’t see for shit- when he loves someone, he loves for real. he’d probably go along with MC no matter what
  • still, he’s aware he may be a bother. why take him?? he doubts he’d be useful-
  • so even if it’s risky, and he sometimes doubts he’ll even make it out alive, he feels… flattered
  • flattered that MC is still taking him, even when he thinks he’ll just slow them down-
  • also he’s very very scared the whole time and always tries suggesting to please go for some tea and calm down if he gets out of this one and maybe try to talk MC out of this whole adventure business
  • he never manages to and ends up doing that again

anonymous asked:

After coming back from seeing Civil War, the Wayne family was a little divided

After coming back from seeing Civil War, the Wayne family was a little divided. 

“If handled it better, Tony Stark’s plan doesn’t sound too crazy.” Tim shrugged as they walked into the Manor. “But come on, the guy was a wreck. You should’ve all been able to see that. He has the signs of PTSD, he was like a walking pamphlet.” Clicking his tongue as he made a grab for the popcorn bag Dick was holding. 

The popcorn bag that Dick immediately pulled away as soon as he heard Tim’s words. 

“You think an accord that would turn heroes into lapdogs of the government is something that’s ‘not too crazy?” He asked, pursing his lips. “Everyone has issues, but you have to think about people as people. Not weapons. Tony’s thinking of people like… they’re just big atomic bombs.” Popcorn spilled out slightly as he waved said popcorn around, as if to prove a point. 

“Objection your honors.” Now it was Jason’s turn as he finished his slurpee, “Negasonic teenage warhead was cool as hell. And also an atomic bomb.” 

“But a person too!” 

“Fair.” Jason nodded, his tongue flicking out to lick blue stained lips. “This is why I voted we see Deadpool again.” 

“C’mon Jay, you have to pick a side.” Dick said, and it was easy to tell where he wanted the second oldest’s allegiance to be.

“James Buchanan Barnes.”  

“….Excuse me.” 

“You heard me,” the sound of slurping now echoed around the Manor just long enough for it to get annoying. “I’m on team not quite dead guy who came back to life morally grey and with an improved costume.” Jason grinned, showing off matching blue teeth. “He’s relatable.” 

“Jason you can’t just…” 

“If not a bit of a discount copy.” Jason butted in, tossing his cup into the trash. “So I’ll let you two duke it out while I figure out how to 180 a motorcycle.” 

“Dami.” Dick’s voice was as sickly sweet as the candy they gorged on while watching the movie that tore this family apart. “You wouldn’t let down your good ‘ol partner now would you?” He asked, Damian cocking a brow as he looked up at Dick. 

“Prince T’challa of the great Wakanda works alone.” He said, and Dick’s face just fell. 

A cat themed vigilante with a royal background. He should’ve known where Damian’s loyalty would always be. 


“Now if you’ll excuse me, I must be going. You both have awful taste.” 

Tim honestly couldn’t blame him. 

“….Girls?” He asked, looking over at Steph, Babs and Cass as they all looked up from where they were having their own conversation. 

“Team T’challa’s bodyguard.” All three of their voiced rang out, shit eating grins on each of their faces. 

That was also fair. Well, there was only one last chance for a tie breaker. 

“Bruce?” Now every pair of eyes turned to stare at the other as though Bruce didn’t just fall asleep for half of the movie. 

A soft sigh slipping past his lips as Bruce pressed two fingers to the bridge of his nose. “I can’t keep track of what movie we watched.” He admitted, letting out a breath. “They’re all written the same. Bit cliche.” 

anonymous asked:

excited for the new black panther movie -- but I hope soon we'll get a movie featuring a woc as the hero. I'd love seeing a black woman kicking some ass on the big screen. representation is so important

I definitely agree with you there, Nonnie. You won’t get any argument from me!

I will say, in case you are unfamiliar with the comics (most people are) that Wakanda is a society where women are trained to be warriors. The Dora Milaje are the the all female team of bodyguards for the King T’Challa (Black Panther).

Originally posted by tchallaofwakanda

And T’Challa’s little sister Princess Shuri grows up to also take on the Black Panther mantle, in addition to having the fiercest science mind that rivals only Tony Stark.

Originally posted by cynth-order

Okoye, the head of the Dora Milaje, has a girlfriend by the name of Ayo. So that’s two queer black women warriors who have their own spin off comic and are both going to be featured prominently in the film.

Nakia is another member of the Dora Milaje and a deadly opponent against anyone who crosses her (she’s also going to be Black Panther’s love interest presumably, but that’s not the point here).

And the entire country of Wakanda is governed by Queen Mother Ramonda of Wakanda, Nakia’s mother and T’Challa’s stepmother. She is not one to be trifled with if you value your life.

So…. YES, I WANT A WOMEN OF COLOR PROTAGONIST  SUPER HERO MOVIE!!! But also, I want us to keep in mind that the main cast of Black Panther is  roughly 50% female.  And they all kick such major ass.

I just love T’Challa’s bodyguards so much!

Okay, so you know what I want to see in the Black Panther movie?

  • Natasha sparring with one or multiple of T’Challa’s bodyguards.
  • Bad guys keep trying to get T’Challa when he’s on diplomatic trips, but the bad guys keep getting punched in the throat by his bodyguards.
    • This happens multiple times. The scene will cut from T’Challa trying to stay awake during a meeting about embargos or something, to his bodyguards brawling in the parking lot.
    • T’Challa doesn’t even know there are bad guys half of the time because that’s how efficient and brutal his entourage is.
  • I want at least one Wakandan to watch the news, shake their head, and say, “What is up with these white people?” But then T’Challa gives them a really stern look, because he is a righteous and progressive king. I want the Wakandan to kind of blush and correct themselves with, “Excuse me, I meant people of European descent.”
  • Bonus points if this is one of his bodyguards, after seeing Spiderman doing literally anything.
  • I want a flashback to Civil War, where T’Challa’s team of bodyguards are losing their minds. “How do you lose an entire king?!” And the oldest, wisest, most-done-with-this-shit bodyguard (let’s call her Aunika) just puts on a pair of shades, and goes, “Where’s the Panther suit? Wow, it’s missing? What a coincidence.”
  • She is so done with his shit, she puts a tracking chip under T’Challa’s skin like he’s a pet labradoodle. And then she puts a tracker on the suit. And then she puts a tracker on the backup suit he doesn’t think she knows about. She is too damn old to be running all over the globe trying to protect this meatball.
  • And traditionally, the bodyguards aren’t supposed to talk to anyone except each other and their king, and Aunika is old enough that she still won’t say anything to the other Avengers. But she will absolutely drag T’Challa’s ass when they’re alone.
  • But in, like, a mom way.
  • T’Challa gets pretty, very young bodyguards, sent from all over Wakanda, and he’s like, “They’re so smol and precious.” And Aunika is like, “You’re all literally the same age. Nakia has six inches and thirty pounds on you.” And T’Challa looks her dead in the face, “So smol. So precious.”
  • Okay, when Aunika is talking to T’Challa, she is 100% polite. All the time. But she pulls some wild shit. Like she has new recruits for the Dora Milaje program prove they can bench press his bodyweight. And they have to get it right, so he obviously has to be there to get bench pressed. New recruits have to be able to run a half mile with him in a fireman’s carry, and in a bridal carry. “Aunika, you never had to do any of this when my father hired you.” “My king! Are you implying I am just making up new requirements? To what end? To embarrass you?”
  • T’Challa goes on an Avenger’s mission and it goes pear-shaped basically immediately. His bodyguards swoop in, crack the Hydra base open like an egg, do some quick reconnaissance, pick up the information the Avengers were supposed to get, and then they wait around. And poor Nakia is like, “Let’s just grab him and go!” But Aunika is like, “If we rescue him, it’ll hurt his feelings. We just have to wait for him to get out himself and then we can act like we just got here, and then we can go.” But Nakia is still like, “Then why did you tie me to this metal chair?” And Aunika is like, “So he can ‘save’ you.”
  • Nakia: “Is this because I failed the flight simulator? I can retake it tomorrow!”
  • Aunika: “I can’t hear you over the sound of our king performing a daring rescue. Hello T’Challa. It’s been so long I forgot what you looked like.”
  • (That is a dramatic lie. It’s been 24 hours, tops.)
  • I want Aunika to try to adopt Sam Wilson, to save this sweet summer child from these white savages. “I mean, these savages of European Descent.”
  • Basically, I want 80% of Black Panther to be Serious Plot, and the other 20% to be his bodyguards dealing with his life decisions.

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Here’s video of Klay Thompson going full EDM DANCE MANIAC at a nightclub in China – fist-pumpin’ and tongue-waggin’ like his life depended on it … and it’s pretty awesome. 

Klay posted up next to the DJ booth at Face Club in Shenzhen on Wednesday – when Tiesto’s track “The Right Song” took hold. Thompson got super into the music – he spun. He crotch-grabbed. He bounced around a lot. Everyone loved it.  

One person at the club tells DDN Sports there’s a good reason Klay wasn’t mobbed – he had a full team of bodyguards watching his back so he could let loose. 

Steph Curry has weighed in with an emoji reaction …

What if: Tsuna grew up under Alaude’s care?

The day Iemitsu bumbles back into Namimori with his boss (and a team of bodyguards) in tow, he treks mud all over the clean floors, laughs loud enough that the next-door neighbours can hear him, spends nearly ten minutes making kissy faces with his surprised, delighted wife, and then - without so much as a by-your-leave - picks up his son and throws him in the air like it’s a game.

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Do you think those Galra ladies appeared in the teaser is some sort of bodyguard squad/elite team under Lotor’s direct command? So instead of having a harem full of helpless gal and further confirmed what a douche he is like in the original, jerk prince will have a team consisted of badass ladies ready to whoop some asses for him, whos probably handpicked/bought/chose from the gladiator ring by Lotor, based on the skills and abilities they have.

Because that would be awesome. And made Lotor a formidable enemy. And I will cry tear of joy

Or in the lighter note, they’re probably the rebellion who rescued Matt (so like Space Kiyoshi warrior?)