bodyguard sequel


I just have to say that Ishigami’s has been the most touching route that I have ever played in my entire life of otome gamer. Seriously, he is just the kind of character that absorbs you until the last chapter. I was a bit mad because he has just 10 chapters in the main story even if all the others have 15 and he doesn’t appear in the DEAD OR LOVE season, but I guess that it’s fine because his story is so good that it pays off. I expected him to be cold as ice until the end but he melts almost instantly at the end of the main story.
The sequel is just amazing, I really like characters with a sad past because they turn to be the strongest ones. What I liked the most about this route was that thanks to MC he discovers his value as a human being, he accepts that he can’t live alone and knows that even if love scares him the most, he can’t run away forever. Ishigami realizes that he has to face that feeling, embrace it and be truly happy to have someone dear beside him. I highly recommend this route.

Something surprising is that the good ending was better that the happy ending to me, I don’t know why I felt it more touching.
I haven’t played the Wedding season yet but I definitely will! He has many interesting and deep lines that must be shared.