❝ If you touch her, I’ll kill you ❞

❝  I’ll be always by your side; 

Because I love you, even if I’m not what you wanted. 

I don’t wanna leave you, you’re mine as much I’m yours.❞

Bodyguard!Jay Park / Bad boy in love

- For anon, I hope you like it! M.

anonymous asked:

hey hey!! i just wanted to ask: do you have anything about bodyguards and their everyday activities?? love the blog btw!

Thank you so much! I’m sorry this took a bit longer in getting back to you. I’ve been sick the last few days, but I am back in business! Here’s what I could find for you:

What seems consistent in every article is that in order to be a bodyguard, a person must have pretty good defense training. So you may also find it useful to research different forms of defense (martial arts, boxing, etc.) and weapon usage, so you’ll be able to write about the fighting styles accurately. (You’ll also likely find that these characters rarely actually fight and spend more time really standing around, bored, but they would still know how should the occasion arise, and that’s important in writing their mindset.)

bodyguard au

1. If I Should Stay by gloria_andrews (31k, complete)

Louis is a television actor who suddenly needs a bodyguard. Harry is the bodyguard he ends up hiring.

2. Forever Yours by snarfette (40k, complete)

Louis is a mega-star with a problem. Harry is hired as his bodyguard. Despite an immediate attraction to one another, they clash as soon as they meet.

3.  Without You I’ll Never Make It Out Alive by myheroiscurly (201k, complete)

a Bodyguard Harry/Football Louis AU where Louis isn’t even gay at all but somehow Harry is too gorgeous with his endless legs and bouncy curls and Louis just can’t resist. From there on, chaos and love ensues.

4.  Bodyguard by fuckuharold (17k, complete)

Louis was sure Harry was doing everything on purpose. He just couldn’t find a solid reason why.

If it was to make the singer slightly uncomfortable, it worked. If it was to sexually frustrate him, it worked. And if it was to make him flustered, it worked too. Everything worked and Louis really needed to find a way to wank, his balls were going blue.

or AU where Harry is Louis’ bodyguard and really, Louis was fucked since the beginning.

5.  You Took My Heart By Surprise by LiveLaughLoveLarry (39k, complete)

There is reason to believe Prince Harry’s life is in danger. After a failed kidnapping attempt, Louis is assigned to guard Harry around the clock. He is the best at what he does, but he has a tendency to not get along with clients. Louis and Harry start off on the wrong foot, but it soon becomes clear that neither is at all what the other expected.


Queen Anne met Louis’ eyes. “While your file documents many remarkable accomplishments, it also contains a number of early terminations. Why is that?”

“It all depends on what your priorities are,” he said slowly. “If your primary concern is protection, I’m your guy. If you’re looking for someone polite…” He shrugged. “I don’t generally try to be rude, but social graces aren’t what I’m being paid for. If someone values being sucked up to over being protected, that’s their problem.”

“You seem quite well-mannered,” Anne said, frowning.

Both Nick and Louis snorted at that. “You’ve only known me for ten minutes,” Louis said. “Give it time.”

rec list / bodyguard au

The signs as Town of Salem roles

Aries: Arsonist 

Taurus: Vigilante

Gemini: Consigliere

Cancer: Bodyguard

Leo: Escort

Virgo: Doctor

Libra: Mayor

Scorpio: Witch

Sagittarius: Jester

Capricorn: Godfather

Aquarius: Amnesiac

Pisces: Disguiser