A Z U L I T Y  C O M M I S S I O N S !

As promised, here are the updated prices and added a full-body option. You’ll see that not all of my usual commission styles are listed; I have kept the ones that have varying prices (character sheets, illustrations, icons) to inquire-only. If you are looking to get one, we may discuss it and I will gladly offer you my base prices.

As it currently stands, I am a full-time student and a part-time worker. I will do my best to fulfill commissions in a timely manner and will keep open communication with you at all times.

Monochrome: $20 Bust | $25 Half Body/Full Body
Coloured: $25 Bust | $30 Half Body/Full Body
(+$10 per additional character)

Flat Colours: $30
Full Colours: $50 
(+$20 per extra character)

Flat Colours: $50
Full Colours: $70
(+$20-30 per extra character)

Flat Colours: $70
Full Colours: $90
(+$30-40 per extra character)

R U L E S / G U I D E L I N E S:

  • All prices are in USD
  • Payment upfront is preferred. However, I am willing to arrange payment plans (i.e. downpayment, paying before and after completion, etc.) Please contact me if you need such arrangements.
  • No realism, mecha, complicated armour, or furries*
    *Animal features and Yordle characters from League of Legends are fine.
  • Please ask about NSFW. Most sexual themes and mild violence are okay, but I would like to be informed of any NSFW themes prior to any payment arrangements.
  • Accepting Paypal ONLY.

View all finished commissions here!

**If you are interested or would like more information, please contact me at**

Rossetti Painting ‘Lovely Guggums.’ Douglas Percy Bliss (British, 1900-1984). Pencil, watercolour and bodycolour and scratching out on paper.

Rossetti sits hunched over an easel, drawing or painting Lizzie Siddal, known familiarly as ‘Guggums,’ the cutler’s daughter who inspired so much of his early work and whom he eventually, after a long and fraught engagement, married in 1860. On the far wall hangs one of the female half-lengths of which Rossetti painted so many from the late 1850s on.

British Museum:

Cactus Grandiflorus (Icosandria Monogynia), formerly in an album (Vol.II, 32); Melon Thistle. 1778 Collage of coloured papers, with bodycolour and watercolour, on black ink background 


(undertale spoilers)

here are almost all of the assets used by flowey, minus photoshop flowey, because that’s a whole other beast. some of these faces are actually used exclusively by photoshop flowey on the tv screen, but i decided to include them on his stem anyway. 


  • flowey has six petals (normal golden flowers only have five)
  • flowey’s stem is normally bent a little
  • when he morphs his face, he can also make it much larger than his body


  • the outermost part of flowey’s face is a very pale yellow (#feffdf) while the very middle is an extremely pale blue (#fafefe)
  • flowey’s petals and the yellow stripes of asriel’s sweater are the exact same colours (#fff200)
  • flowey’s stem and the green of asriel’s sweater are the exact same colours (#9bfd71)

Frank Cadogan Cowper (1877–1958, England)

Paintings 1

Frank Cadogan Cowper was an English painter and illustrator of portraits, historical and literary scenes, and can reasonably be described as the last of the Pre-Raphaelites.

His career began after the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood had broken up, and the core artists had largely abandoned the style, but despite a style that was seen as deeply regressive at the time, Cowper was able to produce several works of great inspiration. His style is indebted to Millais and Rossetti, and indeed, his finest works can be compared to models by the previous two artists. Additionally, his portraiture can at times recall Waterhouse, as with his painting The Patient Griselda.