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and I hear ppl say: drinking protein shakes won’t help!! Well hey meet Leah, this girl drank 2 vi shakes a day with healthy snacks in between with a sensible dinner & she’s lost 100+ pounds forever !!

I don’t know about you but I am on board! If vi shakes will give me those results sign me up !!!!!

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Shout out to @Bentafayette for accepting the challenge to lose her first 10lbs on the Project 10. If you have the desire to lose or gain at least 10lbs I Challenge you to take the Project 10 Challenge. Shoot me a text to get started. 267-441-7810 #visalus #vilife #thechallenge #project10challenge #bodybyvi #90daychallenge #fitfam #fitness #transformation

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Shout out to this girl for joining the challenge, losing weight, and building lean muscle!!!!Wow what a transformation

If you wanna join the challenge, lose weight, get fit and have fun doing it let me know ✨text me 980-241-5746 or email me✨

Vi Life

Day#7 of my 90-Day Challenge:

Starting off with a Reese’s flavored shake! :)
1.5-2 cups of dark chocolate almond milk (I prefer Silk brand)
2 scoops of Visalus shake mix
2 Tbsp of creamy peanut butter

Going to do my second weigh-in to see how my progress is going. I doubt any of my actual body measurements have changed, but I may have lost a pound or two.

Goals for this week:
Drink at least 8 cups of water a day (my water bottle filled up about 3 times), restart my squat challenge, and begin my 24 day ab challenge.

The water should help cleanse my body by getting rid of some toxins, and the workouts will help motivate me to do exercises every day. Have to build up my elbow strength so I can lift weights again (darn surgery), but I can’t wait for that! Also need to start running, but that will come with time :)