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Korra’s Body Training | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 5

Yall gonna be mistaken for Firebenders, cause this Girls smokin hot haha. This routine is based on Korra’s physique since she’s pretty ripped for a girl though no wonder she’s such a badass Beast. check it out FULL ROUTINE linked in the video.

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Gym Motivation - Celebrating a legend

2 years ago I met this one for a photoshoot, we did amazing pictures but the best thing is that we became friends ! Happy birthday to us@gerardo_gabriel :)
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One year of fitness!

I’ve finally reached one year of fitness. I decided to put together a collage of my progress over the year so see how things have come along for me in my personal journey. 

One thing to keep in mind is that I started this journey slightly muscular - I work in physical labor doing lawn maintenance for a University. These muscles were pretty much only in my arms. My stomach and legs always looked terrible before I started all of this.

I included some personal pictures from before I started my job and doing bodybuilding. I was a very shy person, and despite living in the most southern part of Texas you can get, I constantly wore jackets to hide my body. I was skinnyfat - tiny in size with no muscle - and at my lowest weight I was a whopping 97lbs (43.9 kg) with my clothes on.

I was the type of person that would go tot he gym for, at max, 2 weeks then stop because “I’m already ‘healthy’. It’s a waste of time.” or  “I’m too busy.” 

I finally changed after watching the Legend of Korra. I found a muscular role model who looked awesome as heck. Things turned around at the end of Book 3, when I saw a powerful character being brought to their knees. After that finale I took a long hard look at myself. I decided that I was wasting my youth and health by not doing something with myself. As nerdy as it is, I saw how hard Korra had to work to regain the ability to walk, yet there I was sitting on my ass doing nothing. 

So September of 2014 I decided to start lifting.

I was pretty terrible at first, but I slowly started getting the hang of things. It took me almost 2 months to hit the bench, and almost 3 to start squatting. It took over 3 months to take a look at my diet and change how much I ate. It took over half a year to fix my back and hip issues to hone my squat and dead lift form. 

Despite everything, I’m proud of what I’ve done so far. I’m more energetic, happier, suffer less and less anxiety and depression episodes. I wear clothes that show myself rather than hide it. I put myself out there on the internet, something I would have NEVER done years ago. I’ve become a half-decent cosplayer, and a decent body builder.

I’m really grateful of what I have now, and I will continue to work hard in the future. I know I will never look like Korra, but all the fun is in the journey. 

If you have decided to make a change for fitness because of Korra, or any other show, definitely reblog with your stuff. I’ve talked to a lot of people who have, and its always nice to meet more!