@shorewall Ichigo returned the feelings. He did from early on. You can extrapolate a lot of Ichigo based on his Mother’s death and how it affected him. He wants to protect her. He feels unworthy in a lot of ways because of his self-hatred over blaming himself for his Mother’s death. There are a lot of examples. Him needing Rukia to force him to face her and his own shame over not protecting her from the Arrancar’s first visit, his first ever transition to full hollow and return to literal life being over the sound of her voice specifically “I will- I will… I will protect her.” His self hatred and the shame he feels over his inner Hollow being shown in his ultimate fight with Grimmjow- when he bodyblocks him you can see it in his eyes at the moment Orihime looks at his mask in fear and he literally can’t even fight right again until Orihime calls out to him and commands him not to get hurt “Sorry, I’m not allowed to be damaged anymore”

A lot of what you see of Ichigo in reference to Orihime is him repressing or denying himself based on his own self-hatred and shame, but you can see moments where it explicitly shines through that those feelings are specifically over Orihime. I’m on a break at work and can’t go further but trust me it’s all across the Manga.

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74/ Your best Overwatch-related story? \o/

I’m trying to think of a single time out of a lot here but out of recent memory it’s from a game of CTF from a few weeks back. CJ/@theenigmatic-me, his brother, and I were playing on one of the Nepal maps and while CJ was bodyblocking the entirety of the enemy team with his D.VA mech and I’d snagged the flag as Lucio I dashed all the way to the point to capture it (this being the deciding flag that could have ended the game in a tie) and just when I had arrived at the point I decided to stop.

Immediately I do Lucio’s dance emote right in front of the objective, tempting fate as a Tracer was right on my heels according to the others who had just about begun pleading with me to finish the game. I did of course, laughing aloud in the Discord chat to the point I was almost wheezing at their response and I will always let them know it can happen again if I play with them. 

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Bodyblocks him on the fence in Haddonfield. Get past this binch ;)

As if chasing his quarry was hard enough he also had to deal with Lampkin Lanes infuriating outdoor corridors. It did help that Philip had already had more than enough of being trolled for one match. Like rabbits on crack they had done nothing but run just outside his lunges and tea-bag him around palettes that he couldn’t tell if anyone here was taking him seriously. But once the Spirit Hunter had gotten tired of their stupid games and actually started landing hits the victims scurried off like the rats they were to hide and heal. Stopping to collect himself he pauses in the corner of a nearby fence and doesn’t notice the shadowy crouched figure stalk up to him. The quietness of the Spirit World calming him he sighs before motioning to move forward and finds he can’t. Panicking the Wraith seems to shuffle in place as he can’t seem to break past this invisible rock that’s trapping him in the hard corner of the fence. That is until he notices the blades grass in front of him are slightly darker than the rest of the ground. His breath hitches with growl that foams out of a face torn between anger and laughter. Though the crack of his bell could was heard across the map his voice was louder.

“Fo’ da love of da Gods, WHY!”

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--- after big bro bodyblocked him for the prime spot, this time he was relegated to the corner. And it looked like he didn't have ang qualms about it, stuck to that pillar like a shadow.

I saw that but he is usually behind him anyway, remember he told Wills to get up before Grand did lat outing on the balcony and he’s always near Anne.

thanks anon

Imagine that on Hardmode Genocide, you can kill Sans before Papyrus. But what will be the consequences?

Imagine that Flowey and even Chara start to realize you’ll kill them when you get the chance. And on Flowey’s last sentence before you get to the last Corridor, you try to kill him right there, just for Chara to bodyblock the shot, declaring that even pure evil has standards and you just crossed the line, and that she can easily kill you. After a long fight against Chara, she gets killed, but Flowey escaped. And you are now LV25
Imagine you, or should I say FRISK, walking into the last corridor, and then Papyrus, who no longer believes in you, attacks you, being too soft to do any damage until you try to attack him while he was allowing you to let him just kill you. And then he shows that he’s harder than Sans. But after awhile, Papyrus gets tired, and then you AUTOMATICALLY go for the stab, but then… It was revealed Chara convinced another Sans of a disappearing timeline to save Papyrus then and there before she died, as that Sans saves Papyrus and forces you to fight him. It goes the same as nonhard geno sans fight, that is, until he falls asleep. The moment you push the box, Papyrus wakes Sans up. And then… They both fight you at the same time. After all of this, you kill them both, and your LV goes to 30.
Imagine killing Flowey, who was watching the fight, but is now too scared to run. But then it turns out Asgore was already preparing, and when you get to the barrier, he just finished fusing with the 6 human souls, who too, want to kill you.
Imagine that after all of that… The game just quits after seeing the old 9 filling the screen thing. Except you can’t get the world back. There is no Chara to make a deal with. You and Frisk became one person. You mon… No. You devil.

Imagine your game getting bricked after a Hardmode Genocide run where you kill Sans before Papyrus.

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Have you translated Sonogo no orera yet or would you have any interest in doing so? If yes, could I request that when you have time on your hands? :)

Free! dj - Sonogo no orera

Apparently having time on my hands means a good whole month after I received the request - so sorry for the long wait, minna-san! ><; Without further ado then, I present the much-requested 100+ page smutfest by Pikaderi!

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