Imagine that on Hardmode Genocide, you can kill Sans before Papyrus. But what will be the consequences?

Imagine that Flowey and even Chara start to realize you’ll kill them when you get the chance. And on Flowey’s last sentence before you get to the last Corridor, you try to kill him right there, just for Chara to bodyblock the shot, declaring that even pure evil has standards and you just crossed the line, and that she can easily kill you. After a long fight against Chara, she gets killed, but Flowey escaped. And you are now LV25
Imagine you, or should I say FRISK, walking into the last corridor, and then Papyrus, who no longer believes in you, attacks you, being too soft to do any damage until you try to attack him while he was allowing you to let him just kill you. And then he shows that he’s harder than Sans. But after awhile, Papyrus gets tired, and then you AUTOMATICALLY go for the stab, but then… It was revealed Chara convinced another Sans of a disappearing timeline to save Papyrus then and there before she died, as that Sans saves Papyrus and forces you to fight him. It goes the same as nonhard geno sans fight, that is, until he falls asleep. The moment you push the box, Papyrus wakes Sans up. And then… They both fight you at the same time. After all of this, you kill them both, and your LV goes to 30.
Imagine killing Flowey, who was watching the fight, but is now too scared to run. But then it turns out Asgore was already preparing, and when you get to the barrier, he just finished fusing with the 6 human souls, who too, want to kill you.
Imagine that after all of that… The game just quits after seeing the old 9 filling the screen thing. Except you can’t get the world back. There is no Chara to make a deal with. You and Frisk became one person. You mon… No. You devil.

Imagine your game getting bricked after a Hardmode Genocide run where you kill Sans before Papyrus.