I have Hashimotos Hypothyroidism
(low functioning metabolism that my body is attacking (auto immune))

I NEVER let that be an excuse.
I let that be my FIRE.
I NEVER ever will play victim.

The only way you will fail is if you give up.
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I’ll refrain from exclaiming - HOW HAS IT BEEN SIX MONTHS?! - except, I guess I just did but seriously How? When? What? From the onset of my pregnancy I was determined that I wouldn’t morph into one of the weekly bump documenters* informing everyone of all the highs and lows of my pregnancy, and I never really did.

And I regret it.

I would love nothing more than to look back and see what I looked like at week 16 - or any other week - and read how I was feeling. Because memories are a funny thing - you think you’ll hold onto them forever but then find yourself several months down the line trying to remember when you *really* felt that first kick that wasn’t just severe intestinal distress.

So here I am at six months postpartum. I waffled for the longest time about classifying this as losing the “baby weight” because moment of truth: I weigh 9 pounds less right now than when I got pregnant. I’ve lost all the 22 pounds I gained while pregnant along with another nine. That’s not gloating; that’s a little bit of shame because I still have a looooong way to go and can’t blame a pound of it on pregnancy any longer.

However, what I can 100 percent blame on pregnancy is the disappearance of anything resembling muscle mass. I am now a gelatinous mass of a mom. I am fortunate in that I didn’t develop diastasis recti, but I think perhaps some higher power decided a waterbed of a stomach was enough punishment and spared me.

I blogged earlier about my fitness plans for the next two months and you can read that here if you’re interested. I’m not about putting any undue pressure on myself to “get skinny for summer” but I am committed to just freaking get on with it already because God knows pushing a stroller up a hill with an ever growing baby lounging inside isn’t getting any easier! 

My 6-month postpartum stats:

Waist 37″ // -4 inches

Waist [belly button] 41″ // -4 inches

Weight // -33 pounds

Below: March v. June

*I absolutely love seeing other people document their pregnancies so I’m not sure where my hesitation came from. Maybe a paranoia that people would grow tired of hearing me blog endlessly about my pregnancy heartburn from hell?


You either make the change or you don’t.
There is no in between.
And that’s the trick!

You set your mind to it and don’t turn back! No if ands or buts about it!
No matter what gets in Your way.
No matter how hard it gets.
No matter how slow the progress.
You keep going!

Set your mind, make it happen!

Do you really want this?
Or is it just a wishful thought?
Let me ask again…
Do you really want this?!
Then WORK for it!

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This is from yesterday, when this banana split went down. And I survived the dairy.😥😂 It’s not often that I eat dairy. You’ve seen my before/after photos in my feed if you’ve been following me. But I still crave things like ice cream and milk shakes. So I’ll have them once in a blue moon. And usually after I finish a workout program.😉

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It’s time for a challenge!! I know I need to be challenged! Check out my like page on Facebook to get the info!! ☝🏼️☝🏼☝🏼

I can workout all day every day but if my food habits are unhealthy and unproductive then I’m probably just going to MAINTAIN the weight I’m at. Meaning MAINTAIN this inner tube around my waist lol

And I’ve talked to a lot of moms & DADS , who struggle with the same thing! Let’s be honest, having kids is beautiful and a wonderful experience I would never regret>> but those lil boogers know how to drain you of energy and any fast metabolism you may still hold on to lol having babies takes its toll on your body.

So I will be holding a private group that focuses on a week of clean eating!!

There will be:
👉🏼meal plans
👉🏼grocery list

Don’t let another week go by and not do something good for yourself!!

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Lovely having a natter at @TheBabyShow this morning and then meeting some lovely mums and families! 😁❤️xx

#Repost @staturepr with @repostapp.
An absolutely jam packed crowd at the @madeformums stage @thebabyshow for the #bodyafterbaby talk featuring @mrsgifletcher Dietician Dr Sarah Schenker and pregnancy fitness expert Dr Jo Helcke #thebabyshow #giovannafletcher

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I lost weight after having my son by eating healthy and hitting the gym .. Left pic is me in 2010 about 8 months preggo and right pic is me in 2012 after 7 months of eating clean and training 5-6 days a week which include 30-45 minutes of weight lifting and 30 minutes of low-medium intensity cardio (stair mill… Elliptical… Stairmaster) I hate running so I never do it.. 👌 hope this motivates some mommys out there! You can do it. I gained about 75 pounds during my pregnancy (I am currently 5’10” and 133 lbs and yes I have stretch marks but they aren’t bad)

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Let’s talk VISCERAL FAT! ‼️

Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds your organs!
The most DANGEROUS & harmful fat!

Visceral fat can ONLY be “removed” by eating healthy and exercising.
No surgery or liposuction can remove it.

So even after tummy tucks, that visceral fat will still be there if you had it before.

(👆🏼 for the haters)
But yes skin is taken off :)

So remember.. Living a well balanced life with clean eating and working out is SO important!

{left pic: 2009. Right pic: yesterday. April 2016. -65 lbs weight loss. I lift weights and muscle weighs more then fat. Throw out the scale}

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Rest day but I’m working abs. Messing around with my #gripslings this morning. I realized that I’m still weak in my core. I think I’m going to come up with some kind of ab #routine to do daily.

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“Love your body and it’s flaws”
“Plastic surgery is never the answer”
“Cosmetic surgery is so superficial”
“A tummy tuck is the easy way out”
Just take a good long look at that left picture.
Now understand physical as well as emotional pain comes along with that.
No I didn’t eat Burger King everyday to get the tummy on the left.
I brought babies into this world.
I had preeclampsia.
I have an autoimmune thyroid disorder.
But I lost 65 lbs regardless (no weightloss from TT).
So if you can’t understand why someone would have a TT or think it’s the easy way out.. Well that’s on you.
Cuz I’m doing just fine!
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Когда база начинает давать о себе знать😱😱😍💪🏼
А теперь немного о другом😉
🤔Наткнулась сегодня на интересную статью о том, что называют “послеродовое восстановлени”, которое подразумевает под собой “восстановление фигуры”.
Оказывается, почти у всех женщин, кто вернулся к силовым нагрузкам в течение первых недель после родов, наблюдается опущение матки🙄
Якобы ткани после родов очень пластичные..и даже малейшие нагрузки первое время ведут к их ослаблениям..
И злоупотребление слингом, как оказывается, тоже😬
😅Поэтому после ер к нагрузкам рекомендуют приступать через ~ 6 недель…
💁🏻Так что, видно, около 1,5 месяца нужно быть ленивой…и отдыхать, восстанавливаться..)
🌺Снова напомню, тк знаю, что спросят. Я начала делать вакуум и леегенькие упражнения типа выпадов и приседаний без веса в домашних условиях через 2 недели. Через 4(месяц) дома увеличила нагрузки..через 2 месяца пошла в зал, но тренировалась легко. Немного начала повышать нагрузки через 3 месяца☺️ и только сейчас уже пошла на увеличение весов 💪🏼 (через полгода).
🙌🏼И еще немного о том что и когда делать можно или нельзя (по рекомендациям!:
☝🏼️Пока не закончились лохии - тренироваться не рекомендуют. Особенно пресс, дабы не усиливать брюшное давление. Бандаж также не стоит использовать. Матка должна сокращаться и сама вместе с остальными органами возвращаться га место😉
☝🏼️Если есть диастаз - некоторые нагрузки следует тоже исключить #стужук_диастаз.
☝🏼️@doula_daily еще рекомендует обращать внимание на интимные мышцы. Сначала нужно восстанавливать их.
💁🏻В общем, женский организм - дело тонкое))
#7месяцевпослеродов #7months #postpartum #bodyafterbaby #afterbabybody #инстамама #gn (at Kyiv, Ukraine)

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