This isn’t really part of the series I mentioned doing yesterday but just a little doodle I decided to really quickly paint.

Edit: I can’t believe this is a thing I have to say but DO NOT reblog this and write your own little blurb underneath BODY SHAMING ANY BODY TYPE. I have no idea how people can see something with a positive message and try to use it as fuel for their own issues. Everyone is a hottie! I don’t want my art associated with such negativity please.


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Surfaced; Not Skin Deep

The body positivity movement heralds those with bodies of all colours, shapes, and sizes, but never those with blemished skin. Surfaced; Not Skin Deep, challenges the hypocrisies in the saying “beauty is only skin deep.“ Surfaced; Not Skin Deep is a voice for those who have struggled with blemished skin.

Photography by Tabitha M on flickr