i didn’t come here to party (i only came for the cake)

So a while back @a-classic-fool and I did a bunch of Great British Bake-Off-inspired Hamilton headcanons, y’know, like you do. This fic was born of that. We continue to have nothing to say for ourselves. No warnings, ft. John Laurens, Elizabeth Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton, and Maria Reynolds.

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dedsecretro  asked:

* heavy breathing* you are the only one that will love me and if you love anyone else..... I might just kill them.... ME: help .... me. Will be together forever❤️ *tongue kisses you* mmmmmm~ you taste delicious honey❤️

*looks horrified and quickly pushes her away, tearing up* G-get…stay a-away from me! Y-you…You can’t just k-kiss me like that! *stumbles, whole body shaking in mortification. He couldn’t believe someone would hit another over the head and force a kiss on him like that. He felt scared of this person* Don’t c-come near me, d-don’t…I d-don’t want any of this a-at all!….

Makoto’s certain that the guy had very little to drink… and yet here Sousuke is, his arm slung haplessly over Makoto’s shoulder as he stumbles over his own two feet every few steps. Makoto is glad that he did end up relenting to spend the night out with friends tonight – otherwise, he’s not sure who would’ve been able to lug someone as heavy as Sousuke home on their own.

His apartment isn’t so far from Makoto’s own, so it isn’t too much of a hassle, really.

Only, Sousuke has become increasingly talkative and less cooperative during their tedious walk home. On top of that, he’s deeply rooted in the false assumption that Rin – who has been training thousands of miles away for literally the past year – is the one currently helping him home.

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so the idiot post with the homemade tattoo attracted defenders and they fucking went and trotted out the ‘but indigenous people do it, too’ line of defense.

Ah yes because indigenous practices are done by untrained teenagers with a ballpoint pen and a needle instead of people with specialized equipment and training. 

To be quite honest i think using that line of defense is a fuckton more racist than saying that un-autoclaved equipment is an infection risk. 

(also: yes it’s DIY tattooists body but pretending that this is an admirable or safe thing to do yourself is where I draw the line. If that line of argument was reasonable we should also all start to ignore selfharm now because hey they’re just hurting themselves, it’s their business!) 

Edit: new tag for shit like this: body mortification 

rxsegxldn  asked:

With my stick and pokes I use tattoo needles that are individually packaged, India ink (non toxic), hydrogen peroxide, gloves, and I clean it with soap and water before during and after as well as hydrogen peroxide. I know I can still get an infection but it is unlikely as I have 15 stick and pokes and have never had a problem. I've done them on many people and they have never had a problem. I encourage you to post this for your followers thinking about poking so they can minimize some risks.

I’m going to post this to tell people to not to stick n pokes unless they have a fucking autoclave at home which is the proper equipment for putting things under your skin.

Like, lucky you that you didn’t catch anything and that nobody sued or similar stuff but the point remains that you cannot rule out infections. 

Bonus points because recent studies suspect that hydrogen peroxide makes scaring worse, making it the absolute wrong choice for tattoo desinfection.


edit: bonus point because peroxide is a bleaching agent and can leech the color right out again. Truly the hallmarks for a professional.