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Request: “Hi! Draco Malfoy smut? Reader has body issues and severe depression, but masks it with sarcasm and humor, and Draco can see right through it, so he decides to show her how much he loves her? I love your blog thank you so much! + Any character of your choice reacting to an s/o who is insecure about their stretch marks and/or their cellulite? Fluff or smut or whatever your want, sweetheart”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: SMUT!! Mentions of self-harm and depression

You lounged comfortably with your boyfriend, spending an easy Sunday afternoon in each other’s arms. Draco was fiddling with a strand of your hair, twirling it into tendrils, then letting it unfurl back into place. His legs housed you as you sat, absentmindedly humming along to the song on the radio as you lay there, in complete bliss.

“Your hair is so soft.” He uttered, breaking the silence. “Everything about you is so… just- soft. It’s as if you were made by angels.”

You turned, a small smile on your face.

“You’re so sweet.” You said softly, then pressed a kiss on his lips.

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Oh my gosh. Like, how sad is this. He believes he is so ordinary, so mediocre. He holds himself to such high expectations. He has body issues, believes himself to not be talented enough. And by this description, very high self deprivation, on the verge of depression.

But, he still says to himself, I can’t just give up. I will not roll over and lose because I have people counting in me. Because he thinks of himself as the least talented person, he works twice as hard to always try his best and put all of his effort into every move.

This is why Tanaka is amazing and why he is a very important and necessary character for the team

anonymous asked:

Dru, as a girl with my own body issues, I'd just like to say, thank you for being you. You're such a great influence and I wish more people would give you the respect you deserve. But even when they don't just know everyone here loves and supports you! Don't change one bit! -Faith

Thank you so much! It means a lot.

 I think everybody has insecurities, and a lot of it is because we’re being shoved this unrealistic idea of perfection down our throats constantly.

But remember, a picture isn’t real life, (especially with photoshop). As cheesy as it may sound, everyone is perfect in their own way. just do the things you love, and don’t be ashamed to do them. :) 



I’m not saying you’re welcome from me I’m saying it as a messenger of God.

NHL!Bitty, Part X - Body Issue(s)

ESPN Magazine comes calling. Eric makes a creative choice. Jack gets excited.

NHL!Bitty Masterpost!

Cold. Colder. Freezing.

“The Body Issue, Bits. You can’t turn this down, and if I did it for you, you have to do it for me.”

Actually, a three-hour naked photoshoot on ice is definitely something he can turn down, but he promised Jack he would participate if asked. Granted, it was a sleep-deprived, post-coital promise, but a promise just the same. 

A copy of the spread from Jack’s issue is already tastefully hung in the master bathroom of his townhouse. Eric will have to get his framed to match.

It’s not about the nudity, except, maybe it is a little bit, but he’s worked hard to get his body to look this good. His ass may never be in the same arena as Jack’s magnificent backside, but hell, if the whole world got to ogle Jack, why can’t Eric get some love, too? 

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People have taken pictures of him before. It started when he was a hilariously ugly baby with two beautiful and talented parents and it didn’t stop until Samwell. (“Hi Jack Zimmermann, You’ve been selected for the Samwell Swallow’s 50 Most Beautiful. When would be a convenient time for us to photograph you? You may bring any props you wish.” Upon showing the email to Shitty: “Shitty, NO.” “But Jack…” “SHITTY NO.”)

He’s taken pictures of himself. The hardest assignment to fulfill for photography class was the self-portrait. Jack ended up photographing his reflection on the Plexiglass above the boards. He looked like a ghost.

This is different. Jack consented to this. 

ESPN’s Body Issue. Naked.

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