so today i was walking around the southbank, on my way to see a film at the BFI (in which a 25-year-old enzo cilenti was VERY naked, surprisingly) and i was thinking about young avengers, and also myself.

specifically, i was thinking about this panel:

and i was thinking about like… i don’t know. recently i have been feeling a lot more comfortable in my own body. i have always had issues with like, inhabiting myself – i mean, i still do, i still look at my face in the mirror and think “how the fuck is this ME???” – but recently i have got better at like, my own body. my big thighs, my body hair, i am basically making peace with it. which is great. but also – like, bubbling under the surface, until it suddenly like – burst. has been. this.

i have talked about like, sexuality on here before. how i don’t like talking about it, how i don’t like defining it. and i still don’t want to define it! but over the past few weeks i have been just like – feeling much more like… i am allowed to like women. i am allowed to exist and to have desires that aren’t what i – thought i would have? it’s honestly like… it honestly is like this panel. or it’s like. someone flipped a switch and suddenly the room i’m in is lit up.

when i was 14, i told my best friend i was bisexual, and them immediately recanted it, and was like, no, because… i don’t know. i was scared, and i was scared because i was like – this word doesn’t fit. and for the past few years i have been like. nervously skirting around it. thinking: i am not enough. i am not anything enough. but i am trying very hard to tell myself that i am. trying to fling open all the doors and windows. trying to make sure i can see everything.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO READ ‘UNDER MY SKIN’ BY A. E. DOOLAND (aka asynca aka one of my favourite fanfiction authors of all time)

its such a good book when it comes to self-discovery and it actually helped me a lot when i realised i was non-binary.

Min Lee is a workaholic who can’t say no. She substitutes sleep with Red Bull and, through a combination of repression and bad habits, has managed to score herself a luxury apartment, a fabulous boyfriend and the approval of her billionaire CEO. Things are looking pretty awesome… well, apart from those body image issues that constantly plague her. But Min thinks she’s got everything worked out. She’s arranged her comfort zone and has zero desire to look outside of it… or, so she tells herself. It’s not until a troubled schoolgirl tracks her down from the Internet, stalks her to her home and noses her way into life that Min begins to admit that something is wrong in her perfect world. Something that she’s never thought about before, and doesn’t even want to think about. Something that has the power to ruin all her relationships and dismantle everything in her life she’s worked so very hard for. What if ‘she’ isn’t the right word for Min at all? 

(theres also a sequel called flesh & blood which im super hyped for considering i haven’t read any of it yet)


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Eating disorders are personal. I get that. Especially while you have one, the last thing you want to do is let everyone know, like somehow it makes you look weak. But now that my worst days are behind me and I’ve grown immensely since then, I’ve seen the power that has come with being relatively open with people that are in my life about my experience. The main reason: people feel comfortable coming to me about disordered thoughts and body issues and when they do, I feel I can truly help them. One of my best friends also seriously struggled with anorexia and we’ve talked a lot about it before, but we’re apart over summer and today she sent me this message. I dropped everything I was doing (to my mother’s dismay) to be there for her. The message I sent back may not be the most eloquent and I may have rambled a bit, but I know that I got through to her and gave her someone to talk to, and sometimes that’s all a person needs. This is not the first time someone has come to me for help (three friends from high school, just this summer) and it both frightens me and opens my eyes because I imagine how many girls are out there fighting this battle feeling like they have nobody to turn to. Many of you know how frustrating it can be to talk to someone about your issues that can’t truly relate and understand. So if you’re at a good place, don’t be afraid to let your guard down, share your story. Your story does not show weakness, it shows strength, and you never know how many people really need to hear it.  

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Can I ask how you deal with body image issues? My mom has really bas body image problems where she's always calling herself fat,disgusting,etc. Do you know how i could help her or any ways that i can talk to her so she can learn to love herself?

If it bothers you then tell her how beautiful you think she is, tell her how much it hurts you to hear this and how much it affects you, often parents don’t realize that what they say really affects their kids. Be straight forwards and compliment her. Let her know how beautiful you think she is and maybe she’ll be able to see herself from your perspective. <3 

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yoonmin- Where jimin gets very self conscious and yoongi knows that jimin really likes GOT7'S just right so he puts it on in the practice room (they're the only ones there) and he starts dancing and singing to it to make Jimin feel better and with a REALLY fluffy ending????? i juST IT SEEMS SUPER CUTE

pairing: yoonmin
genre: fluff

Your everything is just right, so you don’t need to worry.

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I have such bad body image issues and I just don't know what to do. I feel like my body gains weight so easily, and my kegs are just really fat. I feel so self conscious and I wanna cry all the time. All my friends eat junk food and never gain weight and I eat super well and if I eat one cookie I swear I gain ten pounds.

Please stop talking about yourself in this negative and condescending manner. You don’t deserve that. Your body is amazing. Instead of saying ‘My legs are so fat, I hate my legs’ why not say 'My legs are great. They are strong. They carry me around every single day and deserve credit for being so awesome’. You know what? I’m not very confident with my legs either but guess what? Some people aren’t as fortunate as you and I. Some people don’t have legs so how is it fair that we are taking ours for granted? I know loving yourself is hard but you will not find happiness with yourself by hating yourself. Please try. Try for me, try for you, just try to love yourself and the next time you see your legs in the mirror, instead of hating them maybe you should thank them.

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That anon is so dumb saying basically it's easy for you to be body positive because you're fit. Anybody can have body issues at any size and feeling good about yourself is something to be proud about! You look great and I'm so glad you're feeling good about yourself!

THANK YOU 👆👆💜💜 you couldn’t have said it better


Abby Wambach for the ESPN Body Issue.

I love these photos. I love these photos because it’s the first time I can think of when I haven’t had to see a female athlete be overly sexualized and objectified. She’s naked, yes that’s the point of the issue (and the men are just as nude), but she's powerful. She’s athletic and strong in both of these photos.

They just make me happy, okay?