Well I WAS going to try out a new art program, but it was very laggy :T I’ll look into it later, but I wanted to draw…

Have some messy MP100 Daemon doodles instead ;”) 

okay so i’m not exactly sure what requirements you need to fulfill to be in the ESPN body issue but

1) JJ Leroy is definitely in the upcoming one

2) Viktor was in it once, too, maybe after the first time he won the Worlds or something



 Once again, Melanie Martinez posted a new video, And once again I am here making a post with all the possible triggers in it. Note that this post is not a hate post against Melanie, It’s only a post to warn folk who might be bothered by some aspects of the video

Mrs. Potato Head includes:


-Self esteem issues and body image (at start)

-The start before the music actually starts Melanie is shown having a mental breakdown, I think, So if that could bother you, skip to 1:45 to listen to the song

-They show a fucking surgery and it’s very unsettling- there’s some rabbit doctor cutting Mrs. Potato Heads’ skin, It’s not *too* gorey but still gross. I regret eating red soup while watching that

-Mrs. Potato Heads’ husband cheats on her around the ending, So if that could remind you a bad ex or something, click away at 4:57

anonymous asked:

hey i'm a 18 year old nb in southern california looking for other trans ppl in socal who are interested in being friends or going on dates maybe and generally getting to know each other!!! i have bad body issues so i don't wanna submit a picture of myself to the blog but we can priv message if you like this if you wanna get to know each other :o

“Every day is a challenge,” she adds. “Even though at the 2012 Olympics we were so happy to win the gold medal, every day is not like that. I think people don’t understand that; people don’t see that side of the sport – the frustration, how much it takes a toll on your body, and mentally as well.” - Ali Krieger

  • A big shout out to people who feel insecure everyday, but still give out compliments to others.
  • A big shout out to people who are never told they’re pretty, but tell others they’re pretty all the time.
  • A big shout out to people who are coping with their body image, but motivate others to love themselves for who they are.
  • A big shout out to people who struggle with self love, but love you exactly for who you are.
  • Last but not least, a big shout out to all these people because I think everyone who can relate to this is beautiful and an amazing human being.