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Let the hating of Aly's Body Issue begin!! Ugh 😑

Screw the haters. ALY IS HOT. If you think those pics are anything but fierce you are the problem in the world.

I should be more proud of myself, but I’m such a perfectionist. At the last Olympics I got two golds and a bronze, but I think more about the fact that I didn’t medal in the All-Around than the fact that I did really well. That kind of pisses me off – I always think that it’s never good enough. I almost fell and put my hand down; it was stupid, I never make that mistake on the beam. I’ll have a second chance at it, but I think about it all the time. I wish I didn’t have to learn that valuable lesson at the Olympics.
—  Aly Raisman (ESPN, Body Issue)

living without low self-esteem, body issues, trust issues, no self-worth and insecurity must be pretty cool

I am getting really annoyed that people are hating on Aly Raisman because she is in the 2015 ESPN Body Issue. She is 21 and can make her own decisions about her life. It is not like she is doing playboy like Svetlana Khorkina. 

Anna doesn’t really fit a lot of people’s standards for beauty and she’s on the cover of magazines and she’s been so successful in the last few years and she has an entire fan base who loves her so much and looks up to her and finds her attractive and she’s the reason that I have been dealing with my body image issues lately and she’s the reason I don’t feel guilty for eating anymore and she’s the reason that I smile most of the time and I can’t explain how much all of that means to me

I am tired of white body positivity.

At the beginning of my work at NPP, I did not want this page to be about me. I included very little personal thoughts and pictures of myself because I just felt uncomfortable with that. I thought this could be for people by people –not just me. Then I realized, all these other body positive white folks have no problem promoting & marketing themselves and their bodies. They have no issue doing that! Shit, this level of entitlement and taking up space never felt like something of my own. Without a doubt, race/privilege was a factor in my “backseat” stance and their “forefront” approach. So I said, HELL NO! I have made it my damn duty to represent my fat brown body and my thoughts in NPP. Also,I want leave room for folks who fit outside of the white thin cis hetero industrial complex in this page.

As you may know, I leave out as many posts that include white bodies from this page. Completing this to the 100% is so difficult because of the pervasiveness and infiltration of white culture in “love your body” movements. If people find this problematic all I can tell them is to go to any other body positive site, there they can get their regular white thin cis hetero industrial complex fix. There is enough of that representation in the world and this page WILL NOT be your regular “love your body” page. This page wishes not to perpetuate those toxic messages. NPP’s goal is to raise the concept of decolonizing our brown bodies. What if we left room to question the roles of capitalism, globalization, and colonialism in our bodies.

My anger is justified and it leaves no room for white feelings.


After struggling with body/self hate issues, I have been working really hard to be healthy and take it one day at a time

comment: I am so proud of you and love yourself at the end of the day bby. take it one day at a time 😊💞💘 great body you are working on there 🎀.

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A lot of the so-called "happy" Vauseman scenes seemed off to me, too. One is from 3X06 when Piper gives Alex a pg from the lingerie catalog. Alex happily takes it, saying "You get everything about me" but the model is a busty brunette who is (in Piper's words) "damaged in all the right ways and has big naturals"-the opposite body type of Piper's so I was wondering if Piper was a bit hurt by Alex's comment (since she--inexplicably--developed body image issues in S3) or am I crazy? Love your blog!

Yeah, a lot of the Happy Vauseman scenes from 3x03-3x08 (3x09 is where everything clearly goes to absolute shit) are tainted by knowledge of what comes after, or suffer from the writers’ weird insistence on playing just about everything for humor (that second library scene in 3x03, after the drama class… Piper pretty much straight up admits she can’t get aroused if Alex isn’t hurting her, and then they make a sorta joke about the drama class and CUT AWAY… like, huh?  Vause won’t investigate this?).  

However, the one that you’re talking about specifically… I tend to see that as just Piper trying to be funny, bantering and making jokes. Like the inexplicably developed body image thing is absolutely a problem (talk about something coming out of nowhere... if there’s one thing we have never once in 2 seasons seen Piper have huge problems with, it’s her looks), but I’ve watched that scene a lot, and I think they’re both about as natural as they ever are (it’s in her line delivery and the look in her eyes… when Taylor is going weirdo Piper she tips it pretty well).  Maybe I’m just looking at that scene with my shipper goggles because I love the way Alex says “you get everything about me” (and that delivery is very sarcastic).  Piper only seems to start disengaging when Alex gets worried or shows signs of her paranoia.

Thanks for the love…  I’m really just shoving sexy gifs and weird ramblings down everyone’s throat ;)