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trans ppl don't transition to look good or smth lmao?? they do it to relieve sometimes severe dysphoria???? it's not a fun game, maybe stop pretending you know anything about how trans people live their lives (and dismissing people from a discussion because of their age, maybe)

I find it inappropriate to carry out heated conversations with children. As an adult on a website with a lot of minors I try my best to set boundaries.

also I literally used to identify as trans and still to this day experience gender dysphoria. Physical transition is cosmetic, and usually rooted in deeper issues like Body Dysmorphic Disorder that need to be addressed through therapy, not mutilation.

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Hey so if u r questioning ur gender is it common to feel kinda more comfortable w yourself? I mean don't get me wrong I'm ridden with anxiety and doubting myself at every step, but it's like after I admitted to myself I'm prbly not cis, for the first time psbky ever I'm feeling at mostly comfortable in my own skin? I'm afab with body issues and I've never bfore been uncomf to be gendered female, nor did I have gender dysphoria (still don't, except mb v minor); so now I almost feel more like ME?

Yes, this happens a lot. It’s okay to feel comfortable knowing you’re not cis even if you haven’t found your label or name or pronouns yet.

- Chris

//Headcanon: Tiger doesn’t really have any body-image issues, but God help you if you point out his itty-bitty waist. Also, he doesn’t gain weight easily at all; it took him FOREVER to obtain visible musculature appropriate of a lightweight-class boxer.

I’m going to guess he was a bantam/featherweight for some years when he was starting boxing. This is the heaviest he’ll ever be at his 5'11" height.

I’ve had a pretty ballin couple of days. Wednesday was trivia and the 2nd place win with the crew, and yesterday was board games! Being around my friends and having fun makes me feel so much better. I like being busy. I have downtime tonight, and then volunteering at the science museum tomorrow evening, my friends’ wedding shower on Sunday, and then board games with friends on Monday. :D 

I was in a downward spiral last week/early this week thanks to dating drama and majorly feeling the body image issues, but I’m feeling like my old confident and baller self again! Hopefully this lasts. 

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Im despairing bc I feel physically repulsive! and i wish I could talk about my food/body issues, because they are really impacting my quality of life right now, but I really very much can’t even begin to. there is SO much tied up in this

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Do you have any advice for body image/eating issues? I used to be really underweight, but I've finally gained weight over the year...way too much though in my eyes. But now I can't stop over-eating. People say I look "healthy" but I hate not only how I look, but feel now too. I don't want to get underweight again, I just want to lose some pounds but like I said I can't stop eating/binge eating. I wish I could just accept how my body is but I hate it

well i think everyone has body image issues in some form even if it’s over something seemingly insignificant. i’m like everyone else. sometimes i look in the mirror and don’t like what i see, and it was especially worse when i was younger in like my middle and early high school days, but now that i’m older i’m in general happy with myself, with the exception of a couple of things. but in your case, i know it can be kind of hard to believe people when they say ‘you’re good’, or ‘you look good’, but honestly if people are saying you look healthy now then i think you should believe them - but i know that’s a lot easier said than done. so when it comes to the binge eating the only advice i can give is to find foods that you really really really like while also making sure they’re less calorically dense than things like let’s say red meat. for example like a chocolate bar has the same calories as like two fillets of salmon, but it doesn’t fill you up at all and is not even close to being good for you. honestly though if people are saying you look healthy you probably don’t need to lose weight, so please whatever route of nutrition you decide to take just make sure it’s healthy

“Every day is a challenge,” she adds. “Even though at the 2012 Olympics we were so happy to win the gold medal, every day is not like that. I think people don’t understand that; people don’t see that side of the sport – the frustration, how much it takes a toll on your body, and mentally as well.” - Ali Krieger