I don’t coddle girls with thin privilege but I do help them with body-image issues, especially terrible moms who say they’re not women enough. That seems like jealousy to me. And I don’t put up with ableist and “Holocaust” jokes about skinny people either. If you know someone is not at a healthy weight or may possibly have an eating disorder, why mock them for it? Every thin person isn’t suffering from anorexia or bulimia. Black girls suffer from those things too. We must end the stigma of eating disorders on women. Whether it be eating too much, eating too little, gaining weight, or losing weight. It’s not a character flaw in girls and women, it’s a mental illness in which the cause for it is still rather unknown. Stop diagnosing people when you couldn’t even pass your Psychology 101 course. 

Mr. Fixit met his match Chapter 6


Three times that’s how many Dean’s walked up to his family home and back to his car, three. Each step feeling like his feet weighted a ton. Emotions scrambled, have been since he hit the city limits of Lawrence. On one hand he could turn tail and be the coward many people in this town thought him to be, or he could stand his ground and work things out.

“Shit, why does this have to be so hard,” hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans, leaning against his car. Single sheet of notebook paper, folded so many times, crinkle as his fingers wrap around. He knows every word, the tear drops that fell to the page and dried, worn edges, even though the letter’s only a few weeks old. Everything about this letter, Dean knew it’s the reason he pushed his pride aside and came home.

“Gonna stand out here in the cold all afternoon or ya gonna come inside where it’s warm?” female voice filled with both surprise and humor.

Glancing to his right, big genuine smile sliding over his lips. “Don’t know Char you going in?” in a flash Dean’s scooped up the petite red head swinging her around in his arms. “Missed ya Red.”

“Your fault Lone Ranger,” smacking his shoulder once he put her down. “Though to be fair it’s only been a few weeks,” studying him a second. “Why’d you come home?”

Chewing the inside of his cheek, Dean thought for a few seconds wondering if he should tell her or just keep the little secret to himself. So many questions swirled in his mind that he spaced out making Charlie snap her fingers in front of his face to get some kind of reaction.

“Earth to Dean, come in Lone Ranger,” she joked finally settling on pinching his arm, though he felt nothing through the leather jacket he wore.

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Eww stop reblogging these ugly white boys because you're trying to be a "good mutual." You know they're ugly and have ugly bodies

Your own body issues don’t need to be reflected upon other people

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I feel like it's constantly pushed aside. What is your advice for Thin, SKINNY black girls with no physical attraction like butts or boobs. My whole life my mom has compared me to my sister who has both and they both tell me I'm not women enough and I'm only 20. I don't feel physically attractive when it comes to dating and get insecure

I for one am not going to coddle black girls with thin privilege. I speak on fatphobia, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia. It doesn’t seem like Body Dysmorphia is the problem for many. It’s the false notion that black girls with butts and boobs are more desirable when it’s simply our being sexualized. I don’t want skinny girls to feel horrible about themselves, since they too have their own body issues, but I gear my womanism more for black girls who are more marginalized for their bodies. I stand up for all of us, but I do need to give accommodations.

 And your mom’s a bitch. I’m sorry. No one should tell a child that. It seems as though the source comes from your mom, and I hate women and men who perpetuate such nonsense. Womanhood has nothing to do with how “sexually developed” you are to men. It’s transphobic and reduces black women to nothing but sex objects.

Yuri’s weight issues

I was thinking about Yuri’s weight issues in the first couple of episodes of Yuri on Ice. When I was watching the show with @cassandrexx she commented with surprise on how quickly Yuri lost the weight and it’s true. Given what we see in the first episode, one would expect it to take a lot longer to get down to what Victor deems acceptable (and weight loss that fast would be seriously unhealthy).

But the thing is, Yuri’s appearance alters dramatically, sometimes from shot to shot. For example, there’s a shot of Yuri exercising in episode 1:

A few seconds later, the angle changes and we see him from the back.

He looks considerably thinner in the second shot. Now this could be put down to inconsistencies in the animation (there’s a moment in the airport scene in a later episode when Yuri’s coat changes colour, so the show doesn’t always get it perfectly right), but the thing is, we know Yuri is an unreliable narrator with a heap of self-esteem issues. What if his perception of his weight - and subsequently his appearance in the animation, fluctuates based on his mood?

For example, when Minako first brings up Yuri’s weight, his stomach is bulging out of his shirt:

He’s feeling really self-conscious and when his weight is brought up, he feels huge and his perception of himself changes.

A few minutes later, when he’s discussing other subjects with his sister, the weight isn’t nearly so obvious: He’s still got a bulge to his stomach, but it’s nothing like the picture above.

When he goes to skate, he’s focusing on the program and there’s no stomach bulge:

Even when we see him from the side:

Then, a few minutes later, Takeshi shows up and comments on Yuri’s weight, and we get this:

Either that t-shirt was really holding in his stomach, or the comments made him feel fat again, and thus it translated onto the screen.

Similarly, when Victor talks about Yuri’s weight in episode 2, Yuri’s stomach instantly shoots out when Victor mentions his weight. It’s possible that Yuri was trying to hold in his gut and couldn’t manage it anymore, but I like the interpretation that Yuri’s image on screen is based on his perception of himself.

I have no idea if this was the intention of the creators, but as someone who’s had serious weight-related issues for more than half my life, I like the idea that the show is presenting us with Yuri’s body dysmorphia.


It seemed fitting to pull out my old Fanders Army shirt after @thatsthat24 ‘s latest vlog (so fitting to the point whee the moment I got out of class I was running to my car to grab my selfie stick and taking these pictures on the field like a weirdo). And I’ve decided to open up about my own struggles with my body image.

I’ve been overweight for a good portion of my life. I’m still learning how to love my body for what it is. There had been days where I full on broke down because I hated what I saw in the mirror. I’d cry at least twice a week alone in my room because I didn’t think I was beautiful or could ever actually be loved. I was hardly ever content with the way my face looked or my hair length/style. Admittedly, there were some pretty dark thoughts because of these views, but that’s a different story.

It’s been a process, but it’s getting easier to accept myself for who I am. I take a lot of selfies (some would joke I take too many) to force myself to really look at my face and find features that I like (like my eyes look good with this color shirt or that smile looks cute in this photo, etc). I have fun changing my hair color every few months (right now I’m in the Nymphadora Tonks stage of my hair adventure), I do my makeup a different color scheme each day so I can feel like I’m some sort of new painting everyday. I’ve been taking more photos that include my stomach, even though that’s where the majority of my body fat is. I now have three tattoos, two of which are reminders to myself that no matter what my brain tries to tell me: it’s worth it to love myself and to enjoy the life I have, and that the only sharp objects that should ever touch my skin are the ones used to make permanent works of art. 

There’s still some bad days, don’t get me wrong. But I’ve come to realize that the people I choose to surround myself with love me for who I am, and that’s what truly matters. 

So thank you, Thomas, for speaking out about a very important topic, and for constantly bringing a smile to my face even when I’m at my lowest.

 Stay Amazing,

💙 Sam

I was way older than I should have been before I realized I shouldn’t be embarrassed by or try to hide the tampons in my shopping cart. I didn’t want others to be uncomfortable. But no one would consider hiding their deodorant. Their shampoo. Or most other body care items.

I’m a woman and I can’t help this body function any more than anyone can help having a normal body function. I shouldn’t be ashamed by it.

you know when i started out my journey

i had no idea i was starving 

i just thought overeating meant you were too full of something, that you had to take something out of you in order to make it go away

but turns out i was hungry

i was full of food but starved a love so rare i forgot it existed

because for me it has only existed when the summers heat turned to honey and he touched me. without food, without him i didn’t know a love could exist.

beyond. beyond. beyond. 

the boundaries of this love are tricky because they extend beyond the time space we know of.

i am not quite sure where it ends

but i know like a flowers contribution to the ocean

self love has no boundaries to whom it may affect

it will show you your relationship to the stars + to the moon

it will show you that they didn’t mean it,

they didn’t have self love to guide them 

to see the universe

the universe inside you

inside “I”

inside this world

inside itself

they didn’t know how to not hurt.

but now you will see how big self love can get

now you see its bigger than you 

the world, the universe, the flower, the ocean need you to just love yourself


  • A big shout out to people who feel insecure everyday, but still give out compliments to others.
  • A big shout out to people who are never told they’re pretty, but tell others they’re pretty all the time.
  • A big shout out to people who are coping with their body image, but motivate others to love themselves for who they are.
  • A big shout out to people who struggle with self love, but love you exactly for who you are.
  • Last but not least, a big shout out to all these people because I think everyone who can relate to this is beautiful and an amazing human being.