Strong Enough.

Pairing: steve x reader, avengers x reader

Summary: you have always been the strong one. You hide your emotions, your insecurities so well no one can tell when you are breaking apart.

Author’s Note: it is a short one I wrote. I wrote this one shot based on how these things affect me and how my panic attacks are like. It’s sad and gloomy in the beginning but is fluffy in the end. Hope you like it!

Warnings: self-depreciation, self-loathing, anxiety, body image issues

Trigger Warnings: anxiety, bad body image, mentions of bullying, panic attack.

Word Count: 1278

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You were an avenger, one among earth’s mightiest heroes. You may have become a hero now but you were only human after all. Other than the villains you fought every now and then you had your own demons to keep locked up for you could never defeat them. You were taught from the beginning that you weren’t beautiful. They told you that you were ugly, fat and unworthy. You still had it engraved on your mind. those kids, your father after drinking and your relatives called you those beautiful things that have forever stayed in your heart like nails and knives. These memories weren’t something you would come across every day; it was how they taught you that nothing in this world could make you good enough. You had accepted it. You smiled every day and carried on; showed that their words didn’t affect you in any manner even when they would hurt like hell.

You had not had these thoughts after joining the avengers. They thought of you as a person who was good with every weapon and fighting move and who made everyone laugh by making fun of herself and never being mean. You had a hairline fracture in your leg and were advised to rest. You were all alone in the tower sitting in your room thinking. ‘it was my mistake the mission didn’t go well.’ You thought.

  It wasn’t true. You had estimated the number of hydra agents wrong and they had attacked you at once.

 ‘those innocent people died because of me.’ Breathing becoming uneasy and your heart beat racing. Every single demon of yours was loose now. Every word of theirs attacked you once again. You were caught in that loop again. It was like being in the swamp you couldn’t help but struggle to get out; but it only worsened the situation. Tears were threatening to spill; the dam was getting weaker.

‘I will never be as good as them.’ Your mind screamed ‘I won’t ever be as attractive, as powerful or as worthy.’ With that you broke ‘the warrior’s code’ to never cry. You could not help it, all the tears you had ever held were now flowing the dam had broken. Maybe that’s what crying a river meant. You still wouldn’t scream or make any noise. You just clutched your hair and bawled your eyes out.Then your door flew open.

‘hey (y/n)! we finished our mission early and I wanted surprise you-‘Steve stopped mid-sentence when he saw your condition. Your eyes were red and your cheeks tear stained. Your hair messy and your face red due to excessive crying. The scene of you, out of all people crying, crumbled his heart. Before he could say anything, you stood in front of him, pain written on your face and reflecting in his eyes. You shed another tear and hugged him tightly. He raised his hands to hug you back but you stopped him.

  ‘don’t hug back. Please. I don’t deserve it.’ You said with a pained, weak voice. He held his arms from you for a while but hugged you tightly and rubbed your back. ‘you deserve everything this world can offer.’ He said in soothing voice and closed the door behind him.

You pulled back and he cupped your face, wiping the tears with the pads of his thumbs. ‘you wanna talk about it? Even if you don’t want to I’ll respect that.’ He said sitting down with you. ‘I am not good enough, steve. Nor am I that strong. I am worthless. I am weak.’ You spat the word out like it was poison on your tongue. ‘You are the strongest, kindest most beautiful person I know.’ He held your hands. ‘who told you all that?’ he asked. You gave him a pained smiled. ‘everyone’ your voice barely above a whisper. That broke his heart. He blamed himself for never sensing your pain, for not understanding why you always made fun of yourself or why you laughed so much even on little things.

‘it doesn’t matter who called you what in the past. Its what people think of you today that counts.’ he looked in your eyes. ‘we all love you, okay?’ he said and you looked at him. ‘I love you.’ he said and you were caught by surprise. ‘are you lying to comfort me?’ you said in a dead panned tone. ‘no! I even brought you flowers they are lying outside, i am telling you what’s true.’ His eyes seemed like he was telling the truth. You blinked and looked at him, you were in a loss of words. ‘wait’ he said and exited your room. He came back with a red rose bouquet with a note on it. ‘now do you believe me?’ he asked. You smiled and nodded. He gave you the bouquet and grinned. ‘now, come with me. I want to prove something.’ He grabbed your hand and took you to the common room where everyone was.

‘hey guys! Leave everything! Its important!’ he tried getting the tired heroes’ attention. ‘did you finally tell her?’ wanda asked. Everyone looked in your direction. Their expression changed when they saw your face.

 ‘are you alright (y/n)?’ peitro stood by your side and asked with concern. You nodded. ‘no, she is not.’ Steve declared. ‘okay, now you are scaring us, cap.’ Natasha got up from her chair. ‘yeah, you look like you’ve been crying.’ Clint looked at you. ‘alright, what do you love about (y/n) natasha?’ steve looked at her. She thought for a while.

  ‘she is very determined and brave and gets what she wants.’ She smiled at you. ‘what about you clint?’ steve looked at him.

‘she is always willing to help no matter what.’ He replied.

‘ooh, my turn,’ tony got up faced and  you. ‘she is very thoughtful! She even got me this ring just because it reminded her of me.’ He showed everyone the ring proudly. ‘and she has very beautiful eyes.’ He winked and grinned which made you smile.

  ‘I got one!’ Pietro jumped. ‘she is very talented and her smile makes the whole room bright!’ he said with a proud look.

  ‘she can make anyone laugh even if they don’t want to.’ Sam put an arm around your shoulder and smiled.

‘lady (y/n) is a warrior. She is sweet with the worthy and no one can save the one she is bitter with.’ Thor understood what was going on and chimed in, you were now grinning ear to ear.

‘she is cute but dangerous.’ Bruce gave you a small smile. everyone including you chuckled. ‘she is also very humble.’ He finished.

‘she has great hair and always spoils us by giving us something or the other. No matter how big or small.’ Wanda stood next to you and faced everyone. ‘agreed’ everyone said in unison.

‘she is very kind.’ Bucky smiled. ‘she treats me like everyone and… has one hell of an aim!’ He said.

Wanda whispered something in vision’s ears and nudged him. ‘she explains me things I do not understand.’ He said.

 ‘well that’s … something.’ Clint said. ‘look how he has grown!’ tony wipped a fake tear and everyone laughed.

‘what about you steve?’ bucky said keeping a hand on steve’s shoulder.

  ‘she is amazing and no words can explain how much I adore her.’ He locked his eyes with you. ‘you’re beautiful.’ He said and hugged you.

 ‘group hug!’ someone shouted and all the avengers eloped you in a big hug.

 ‘I am not hugging bird brain.’ Bucky muttered. ‘you had to ruin it.’ steve lightly punched him on the shoulder.

  ‘I love you guys.’ You said for the first time. ‘so do we.’ Tony said and everyone nodded

I hope you liked it!

26/10/16 bonus: I started this as a stress relief doodle at the beginning of the year and slowly added more body horror to it as I needed to, but in the interest of cleaning out my files plus the fact I don’t need it anymore….. take this i guess. Touch too much effort put into it to just delete it plus i’m sure everyone just loves to look at my frustrations 

anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but can you please explain to me why genderbend AUs are uncomfortable to other people?

It has to do with the body image issues that a lot of transgender women face. It can be hurtful to see this reinforced image of what women are “suppose” to look like (curves and boobs)

I can’t say much because I’m not a member of the trans community and I don’t want to misspeak but from that’s what I understand from the messages I got.

Please feel free to further answer this if you have better reasoning then mine, or if I said something wrong!


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by Loftec

It’s been a while, thirty-four days to be exact. And add another month and a bit to that one fluke of a Tuesday night, and you have an ironic dry spell of sixty-nine sexless days. At first it was about the new meds, Ian knows this, Mickey is a goddamned saint about new cocktails messing with their sex life. But somewhere along the line it became about something else.

Inspired by a tumblr anon who asked ifuckinlikeit for something fluffy and body positive, and this kinda popped up and I figured the more the merrier? Hang on for anomalously’s fic though ‘cause it’s guaranteed excellence and I can’t wait to read it myself.

TW for body issues, see notes at the beginning of fic for details.

Words: 5190, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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My body images issues are noticeably less since I started working on my arms. Like.. there’s something about getting upper body strength that has just made me so much more comfortable in my own skin.

It’s also helped me realise a lot of things about my gender expression, and think in time it’s gonna help me talk about it to my family 👍👍

*whispers* gun show 💪 gun show 💪 gun show 💪

“Every day is a challenge,” she adds. “Even though at the 2012 Olympics we were so happy to win the gold medal, every day is not like that. I think people don’t understand that; people don’t see that side of the sport – the frustration, how much it takes a toll on your body, and mentally as well.” - Ali Krieger

  • A big shout out to people who feel insecure everyday, but still give out compliments to others.
  • A big shout out to people who are never told they’re pretty, but tell others they’re pretty all the time.
  • A big shout out to people who are coping with their body image, but motivate others to love themselves for who they are.
  • A big shout out to people who struggle with self love, but love you exactly for who you are.
  • Last but not least, a big shout out to all these people because I think everyone who can relate to this is beautiful and an amazing human being.