These All-Size And Age Sports Illustrated Models Prove Body Positivity Is The Most Rewarding Challenge

Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Issue is usually filled with an array of standard-issue beauties (voluptuous but more or less sample-sized, and primarily in their 20s). This year’s release is punctuated by a first — the oldest model to appear in the popular issue’s pages, ever. 

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I blame @psychecas and her chubby!cas headcanons for this.


Cas settled down into the small uncomfortable desk, grimacing at the tight fit around their midsection. Who the hell invented these torture devices? And who the hell decided to use them as desks?? They tried to tug their plaid skirt down some, painfully aware of the way the desk caused it to hike up more than they’d like, revealing pale, chubby legs.

Cas sighed. It wasn’t really the tiny desk that made them feel uncomfortable; it was the way the desk rubbed right against their tummy. Other students could fold their hands in their laps or hide their phones on their thighs. Cas couldn’t do that; there wasn’t enough room for them to do anything but slouch uncomfortably with the wooden edge of the desk digging into the pudge at their midsection.

It used to not be so bad, back in high school. All of Cas’s friends had known them and had loved them, despite the extra weight. But now, now that Cas was trying to find their place in a huge student body at university…they were so much more self-conscious about it.

It was the first thought that popped into their head when they met new people: please don’t judge me. When they saw people they were attracted to, they didn’t try to flirt or go for it like Gabriel would. They’d look the other way and hope that they wouldn’t do anything to draw too much attention to themselves.

They’d only been in classes for a few weeks now, but they’d learned the hard way that people didn’t go for the chunky ones; they went for the model blondes, like the girl sitting in the desk next to Cas.

Cas bent down to retrieve their books from their bag, grimacing internally at the way their stomach roll bulged out even further with the simple action. They quickly sat back up straight (well, as straight as one could sit in these death traps from the pit) and tugged at their grey t-shirt to make sure that it wasn’t hugging their roll too much.

Cas had just opened to the chapter they were studying in class today when they heard, “Hey,” from beside them.

They glanced up to find a tall man with sandy brown hair and bright green eyes. He smiled down at them, his cheeks dimpling at the corners of his mouth.

“Hey can I…” He began, and Cas immediately nodded.

“You want to sit here,” they guessed. Of course Cheeky Dimples would want to sit next to Blonde Model. They were already gathering their things to move to the next desk when the man spoke again.

“Actually, I was wondering if the desk next to you was open,” the man interrupted, halting Cas’s actions. Their cheeks heated with an embarrassed blush.

“Oh, uh, of course,” Cas murmured. The man sat down in the chair next to Cas’s, settling his tall frame into the tiny desk.

“I tell ya, these desks are so fuckin’ uncomfortable,” the man muttered, shifting around uncomfortably. Cas smiled weakly; at least they weren’t alone in their opinion.

“I’m Dean,” the tall man announced, holding out his hand toward Cas. Cas stared at his hand for a moment, trying to figure out what the hell was going on here. Usually guys tried to avoid touching them at all cost, but Dean just…threw his hand out there, like Cas was normal, like they weren’t something to be avoided.

Cas slowly extended their hand, gingerly shaking Dean’s before quickly pulling back. Just because the guy was willing to shake their hand didn’t mean that he wanted to prolong the experience or anything. He was just being a decent human being.

Cas looked back down at their books, ready to lose this man’s attention. His green eyes had already looked at Cas for far longer than most people, and he’d only been sitting there for a few seconds. Cas knew that Dean had to have seen the way their double chin protruded when they looked down, had to have seen the extra chub around their eyes.

But that was okay, right? It’s not like Dean would actually talk to Cas past introductions. He’d was just being nice so far, but he was probably ready to move on. Maybe he’d lean around Cas to flirt with Model Blonde on the other side. Cas would just ignore him, that way Dean would know that it was okay to ignore them back. No hard feelings.

Dean’s deep voice broke into their reverie.

“What, I don’t get a name back?”

Cas glanced at Dean out of the corner of their eye, their blush heightening. “Cas,” they murmured through numb lips. Why wasn’t this guy moving on already? Cas had ignored him; Dean could ignore them without feeling guilty about it.

“Cas,” Dean repeated, his mouth fitting around the single syllable like it was something to be discovered, something to be treasured, like it was not just a flat word that somehow managed to seem better than the biblical monstrosity of a name that their parents had slapped on them at birth.

“I like it,” Dean decided.

“Thanks, I’ve had it all my life,” Cas muttered, eager to be finished with this conversation. The longer they talked to Dean, the longer Dean had to judge their too-snug t-shirt and too-short skirt.

Dean burst out laughing, and Cas frowned. Okay, so this guy didn’t pick up on body language or rude verbal cues. It was like he was oblivious, but in the best kind of way. He hadn’t even asked Cas about their red lipstick or plaid skirt once yet.

Almost as if he could read Cas’s thoughts, Dean’s eyes dropped to Cas’s lap. He smiled softly, and Cas stiffened slightly. Well, that had been a nice little break; now Dean was probably going to ask them about the skirt, force them to explain why they wore them, and at the end still say, “But I don’t get it…you’re a dude.” Cas knew this was how it would go because that’s how it always went.

“I like your skirt,” Dean offered, and Cas drew up short. That had…not been what they’d been expecting. In fact, they’d only had one other person tell them that, the bubbly redhead who worked in the campus coffee shop.

Cas blushed again. “Thanks.”

Dean shrugged, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “So you a freshman?”

Cas nodded. “This is freshman English.” Their tone was deadpan, but it still caused Dean to chuckle.

“Yeah… I know. I’ve never been really good at the English stuff, though. After I failed it last time, I decided to wait a while before taking it again.”

He said all this like it was no big deal, like it was totally normal for him to fail something, like it was expected. Dean shrugged. “Us dumb jock types don’t do so well with the academic stuff. So I waited til now to take it again.”

“What year are you?” Cas asked, long past the urge to end the conversation.

“Senior,” Dean replied. “So I definitely gotta pass it this time, or no degree.”

“Oh,” Cas murmured, feeling bad for their blunder earlier. “Um…I’m actually pretty good at English. If you ever need help…you know.” They trailed off, unsure of how Dean would feel about accepting help from a weird freshman.

Dean smiled widely. “Yeah, okay. I’ll keep that in mind.”

The teacher started class then, so their conversation ended, but Cas wasn’t as relieved about it as they would’ve thought. They actually liked talking to Dean; he didn’t ask stupid hurtful questions or make dumb assumptions.

At the end of the hour, Dean turned back to Cas. “Yeah, I’m definitely going to need your help.”

“Oh, uh…okay. Sure,” Cas agreed. “When do you wanna meet?”

“I’m not sure,” Dean replied. “I have football practice later, and I don’t know when Singer’ll let us out. He’s always a hardass around this time. How bout we trade numbers, and I’ll text you when practice ends. We can meet up then? Maybe go for coffee. I mean…if you’re free, of course.”

Cas blushed. That sounded dangerously close to a date, but that was a stupid assumption. It was just studying. Cas nodded, pulling out their phone and handing it to Dean. Dean typed in his number and handed it back to Cas.

“Okay, make sure to text me so I have your number, okay?” Dean reminded, and Cas nodded dumbly.

“Awesome! See ya later, Cas,” he said with a wink before he turned away to hurry from the room.

Cas slowly gathered up their books, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. So now they had a gorgeous guy’s number, and they were supposed to text him. Right. And then they were going out for coffee later. But it isn’t a date, Cas reminded themself sternly.

Cas pulled out their phone and typed out a simple “This is Cas,” only reconsidering twice before pressing send. A couple seconds later, a text came back.

“Heya, Cas! Can’t wait for our date later!” It was followed by a winky face emoticon, and Cas couldn’t help their smile. They loved emoticons.

They drew up short…Dean had called it a date. But he hadn’t really meant that, right? He couldn’t have. He’d probably meant study date.

Cas shook their head and pulled their messenger bag over their shoulder before trudging from the room.

Just a study date, just a study date, just a study date.

Despite repeating the mantra over and over again, Cas couldn’t quite squelch the little flutter of hope in their chest or the tiny smile that tugged at their mouth.

Body Confidence- Oswald x Reader- Plus sized female reader- Let me show you (Rated M)

This was a request for a Plus Sized reader. I wont lie, I cried writing this. I personally have battled with weight issues. I find these so touching to write and I hope it makes you all happy <3

Warning- Reader with body confidence issue (plus size), reassuring gentlemanly Oswald, fluffy smut, gentle sex

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Perfect the way you are

A fluff smut where Jimin has confidence issues ~ Guess you’ll just have to put him right 

Pairing: Jimin x Reader                                                                                       Genre: Fluffy smut                                                                                             Notes: Body confidence issues (Just in case that is a trigger)

You’d find him like this often, standing in front of the full length mirror checking his body. It wasn’t out of vanity though. Jimin had always had confidence issues, and it was so upsetting to see him like this. Anxious and tense just because he was seeing himself in the mirror. You’d just have to do something about it. “Jiminnie oppa, what are you doing?” He jumped at your sudden presence, flushing red as he tried to hide what he had been doing. “Ah hi y/n… You’re home then.” Jimin hurried to get dressed, avoiding your gaze as best as he could. You love him so much but at times like this it was frustrating that he couldn’t see just how perfect he really was. “If something’s the matter you know you can tell me right? Please don’t act like this…" 

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t b h I know self diagnosis can be a dangerous thing and it’s not my aim here but I realized last night (after compulsively checking the oven three times to make sure it was off) that I show a lot of symptoms of OCD

this would potentially explain a lot since my ED has never presented with the typical body image issues and is much more about the numbers game

also the physical tics and compulsions and the fact that I get really stressed out when I don’t do things in sets of prime numbers

double also the fact that my mom and I are really suspicious that my dad has it

maybe I should like??? see someone about that???????? idk man


Abby Wambach for the ESPN Body Issue.

I love these photos. I love these photos because it’s the first time I can think of when I haven’t had to see a female athlete be overly sexualized and objectified. She’s naked, yes that’s the point of the issue (and the men are just as nude), but she's powerful. She’s athletic and strong in both of these photos.

They just make me happy, okay?