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I'm a size 6 so perhaps I'm not the authority to speak on this but-I think it's way more hurtful to girls body image when the media portrays size 10 as being plus sized,or when the modeling industry labels girls as being too fat when they are only about a size two,rather than the media not portraying morbidly obese women.


young hanzo - reading, absent mindedly summoning a dragon friend as he gets into the flow of the story - being calm, being in control, being kind to himself

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“Who are you to have anything to say about my body?”

New “How You See Me” video here!!


This powerful BFF video shows how painfully harsh we are to our own bodies– even when we are sincerely loving to our friends’

We often view and speak about ourselves far more critically than we would to other people, and a new video by The Scene called “Best Friends Get Brutally Honest About Their Bodies” proves that. In it, two best friends write down what they dislike about their looks, and then they have to say them out loud to each other.

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i want to be princess perfect but i also resent that i want that. i stare hungrily at the thin thighs of other girls while promising up and down thick thighs save lives. i love her curves and i kiss every one of them, don’t care she doesn’t have hipbones, only care about the way she moves under me. but i care about me and how i look naked and what i look like in the mirror and if the picture is just at a bad angle or i really look like that. i compliment her for her strength, her integrity, her kindness, while i brush my own aside in favor of scorning my broken nose and crooked teeth. i say she’s beautiful without makeup anyway and i mean it but i can’t help that i go outside only when i’m covered in something. my hair is always around my face. i love the scenes where the shy girl pulls hers back at last. i love the scenes where she takes off her glasses and is pretty. i never put my glasses on in public, not where people can see. 

i hate and i love and i hate pretty.

I’ve kinda being saying this through all my posts about YOI Episode 3 today, but

Let me just gather my thoughts about Yuuri here. 

  1. Here’s a guy, with incredible skill, not confident in himself, and not hiding that behind any false bravado of any kind.
  2. The character, his interactions, and the plot all do nothing to hide the fact that he was depressed. 
  3. Not only is it not stigmatized, some of the other common effects of depression are presented quite realistically, which is a first.
  4. He has no shame (that most anime male characters are depicted to have) about being the “woman to seduce the playboy”. This is important because it implies something really crucial: being or behaving in “feminine” ways (as the show puts it) is NOT a bad thing, and does not “emasculate” men. It just is what it is. Everyone should do whatever they want.
  5. He says this matches up more with his own emotions, thus he is not afraid to reveal his feelings and does not consider this to be a weakness. Instead, he embraces it and turns it into a strength that wins him the contest. 
  6. Like, this kid is literally so badass through all this, and I haven’t even talked about the seductive look he gave Viktor yet. 

This is the kind of message current and future generations need and deserve to hear. In a single episode, this show has tried to dismantle so many norms society tries to push down people’s throats: about mental health, body image, gender roles and stereotypes, emotions, art, etc. 

I for one, am so glad this show exists.