@themoosejthm (i’m on mobile, so i apologize about the awkward reply format)

but yeah - this is a horrifying idea. according to the lost command, vader had a regularly scheduled dismemberment (a wonderful phrase i cribbed from @spooky-spaghettis) where they would engage/re-engage the neural interface of his prosthetics. essentially, he got his limbs violently torn off once a month

it’s not entirely unfeasible that they could actually just yank it off, and perhaps dislocate his shoulder in the process - and, considering the frequency of the operation, and all of the stress his shoulders are under from the weight, yikes.

not to mention, vader wouldn’t be able to do the typical range of motion exercises, because of the pauldron. i don’t see why palpatine wouldn’t be like, “well, why don’t we just… cut it out,” because palpatine’s ideas are bad and terrible 100% of the time

Dungeon Master for a DND group I’m in said it was cool if I made a flame elemental character, so I did. They are bound to their mask because they are actually the stone in the mask and the flames are just for show. They can change their body depending on their emotions. When asleep or any time at will they can retract back into their mask so they don’t burn their surroundings. Their name is Enya, they are Harliquin themed, and they are ace/aro. That’s all I’ve got for now :O