This week: Aethon clues into why he’s been getting weaker and tries to leave. Hockomock isn’t having any of that. Hockomock made a big deal out of names and what they’re worth, and he hasn’t once called Aethon simply Aethon. Bird-boy is getting reamed on all sides and I like to think of Hockomock as a super paranoid abusive boss.

Also Craig tries to figure out what to do and Sammy takes the wheel because Jam is in a bad bad way.

Next Week: Erin & Beatrice & Klaxton & Chelsea.

anonymous asked:

Soooo I just got diagnosed w bronchitis today and the printout read 'organism unknown', which got me thinking about some tiiiiiiinnnnyyy lil critter like worms or slug-things whose larvae are inhaled and which grow and breed in the lungs. Plus if poor Harve's never encountered them before, he might just write it off as normal pneumonia, not realizing he's a host until he chokes up a bloody egg-sac or a ball of baby worms....

1. Oh man sorry hope you feel better!
2. That diagnosis actually makes sense if you think about it but DAYUM it sounds fucked up haha. Thank you for thinking of me. ;)

3. DannnnnnnnGgG I really gotta expand my parasitic body horror horizons beyond tums more often because what a good scenario ahhhhHhhhH.