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I cut my hand real bad today, and my parents are debating if I actually need to go to the doctor (it needs stitches and I have a bad immune system so it'll definitely get infected without them). This wouldn't be the first time they didn't take me to the doctor either. I had a severe sinus infection this winter break where I couldn't even tastes anything for a week, and they didn't even bother to think of I needed to go. They do this a lot. Is it neglect or is it too much to expect?

That’s definitely neglect, if they have the ability (money/time/transportation) and they’re just….not, that’s gotta feel awful, I’m sorry hun


“Creepy girls you’re just my style!

Blood red lipstick

You don’t smile!

Falling victim to your fantasy

Damn I love it that you’re so creepy!” 

Enjoy these pics of baroness von bon bon and hilda burg in my own horror style and color scheme. This was done entirely with fine tipped sharpies and took two days. Like what you see? Commission me and get your favorite character horrified!  

Voice inside my head: There’s a reason you’re not more popular and successful as an artist.  The things you care about creating aren’t things that the general public cares about.  You should use your warmup time to do stuff that’s more crowd pleasing, like half-nude sketches of your prettiest characters kissing each other.

Me: Yeah, I hear you.  But what I really need to do today is paint fingernails onto a photo of raw hot dogs.