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anonymous asked:

My experience with shoplifting: i didn't actually work in a shop, but my workplace had a corner with cabinets full of cosmetics, face creams and body lotions. I was hired for 3 months but in the last month I had the flu and skipped work for 1 week. In that week the people who took care of bills and stuff came to count the remaining products for that month. 76 products were missing. The damage was of ~1500$ and we were paid ~250$ per month. (Cont)

I was almost not allowed to get my final payment and end my contract because they wanted us to either find the products or to pay them from our pockets. I managed to leave but I visited my colleagues after a month and one of them told me that our suspicions were right. The accountants and the team assigned to count the products were the one who stole them. Some of the realised they had exaggerated and brought back some of them pretending that they just happened to find them.

Must I say that they were paid ~700 dollars per month? I noticed once that they had cosmetics and creams in their office, which was unusual, but it was disgusting to be accused of incompetence, especially because it was not my job to take care or sell those products. Also considering that I was paid for 8 hours/ day, 22 days/month, but I worked even 14 hours full month, which is not even legal where I live, it would have meant that I worked for free for some greedy bastards. 

Wow, the fact that the auditors themselves stole the products and then had the audacity to accuse you of it is frightening. As an accountant myself I am doubly disgusted.

Of course, your story involves internal theft, but it would have been the same story if someone had actually shoplifted that stuff and then it’d been counted to the same effect. Just goes to show that shoplifting doesn’t just hurt the owner, it hurts the employees too (arguably even more than the owner).

My grandmother LOVED this lavender body butter that I gifted her for Christmas. I had added some neem oil into this recipe for her as she suffers from shingles pain even though there’s not obvious shingles break out still showing. (Neem oil is a popular home remedy for lots of various skin conditions and ailments and a strong anti-viral.) She used it about 3x the first day and the next day she said it had really helped to diminish the pain. So today’s project now that Christmas has come and gone is to concoct another cream recipe but with a bit more of that magical neem oil for her to try once the lavender body butter runs out. If you want to make your own non-greasy lavender body butter you can find my homemade lavender body butter recipe on my blog here

This homemade cranberry body butter recipe makes a wonderful homemade Christmas gift idea! Plus you’ll love the less greasy formula! Learn how to make it here.