DIY 2 Body Chains - one with hex nuts and the other with coins.

Body Armor Jewelry is still trending, but I haven’t seen many DIYs for body chains, harnesses,or headpieces on DIY blogs. The jewelry itself is really cheap to make, especially if you find the right chain and can buy it by the foot.

For pages of DIY Chain Handpieces or Panjas go here.

Bottom Photos: DIY Body Chain Tutorial from Letters and Beads here. She used a belly dancing hip decoration for the chains and decoration.

Top Photo: Find the tutorial for this DIY Hex Nut Body Chain from A Little Fashion here.  You can also check out the video below.

Find my 12 Body Armor DIYs Roundup on Tumblr here. 

There are times I find
My light fading
Leaving traces of shadows in hollowed graves
Etched into my very being
As a reminder of what once was
And what never will be
Till new light is born
And I have nothing but a distant memory
To remind me of who I once was.
And through uncertainty
I will be born again
And never let the darkness
Swallow me whole.

DIY 3 New Refreshing Lavender Spa Gifts

Make these summer spa gifts that require only a few ingredients.

for more DIY Spa Recipes that I’ve posted like homemade soaps, milk baths, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs go here.  

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To view all of my DIY gift ideas with free printable labels, visit Soap Deli News blog here. As new projects are added, they will appear at the top. Or go here for more DIY gift ideas sans the printable labels. You can find bulk labels at great prices at WorldLabel. Have fun and happy crafting!

Activated Charcoal Detox Mask Recipe

Created as a dupe to the clariSEA Deep Pore Detox Activated Charcoal Exfoliating Mask, this activated charcoal detox mask recipe draws out impurities, clears up blackheads and removes excess oil for reduced breakouts and faster healing times. 

I’ve also created free printable labels for my activated charcoal detox mask recipe. Simply download the free printable labels provided to gift these as DIY bridesmaid gifts so everyone looks pore-fect for the big day! (If you have an upcoming wedding, create an Amazon Wedding Registry! Not only can you save products from other websites to your Amazon Wedding Registry, but you’ll also receive a 10% 0ff coupon good on select items from across Amazon. See their website for details.)

Learn how to make this activated charcoal detox mask at Soap Deli News blog here. Or re-pin it here for later.

anonymous asked:

I think I need a blessing... What are your favorite pictures of hansol? I need more love for my boy😒- your godchild

I’m glad you asked! Just a heads up, this is going to be a long ass post so go grab some tissues cause Ji Hansol’s beauty is known to make some emotional (I’m proof).

Let’s start with Hansol’s selcas!

Now for cutesol!!!

But what is this? A beautiful face? let’s take a closer look~

Do you see that? That beauty? That structure? God took his time to craft Hansol’s facial structure omg. What else did he take his time crafting? His body!!

Hansol’s body is a blessing and I have been blessed to look at it. Even when he’s being hecka sexy

But don’t be fooled! While he may be sexy and downright beautiful, he’s also an absolute soft angel.


Discovery by Meridian Hive Meadery

My first memory of seeing the word “mead” was in comic books coming from Thor. There’s scene in a Captain America issue where he and Thor are at a diner and Thor orders mead, prompting Cap to tell the waitress to just give him a chocolate shake. This is still really hilarious to me for some reason. The most basic description of mead is honey wine. However, I’ve found that to be a bit too simplistic. Some meads are wine-like but some are cider-like or liqueur-like. Over the last few years there’s been quite an increase in craft meaderies. The first time I ever tried mead, Thorin’s Viking Mead, was at Sherwood Forest Faire, a renaissance festival about an hour outside of Austin that I’ve worked at for the last several years. Meridian Hive Meadery is located in Austin itself. I was drawn to it by the label art which recalls old adventure pulps. Discovery is an orange blossom session mead. This one is very cidery. It has a fairly light body (especially for being 7 percent ABV) and is somewhat fruity. I got a lot of flowery citrus. Discovery is balanced well too. That being said, it took me awhile to drink this because of the honey sweetness. I’m just not that into sweet things.  

A quiet strength

Because my love @blindvogel is having a rough day and I can’t be there to snuggle her.

He thinks their similarities lay in their choice of weapon. Not just because it’s ranged, mind you, though perhaps that’s part of it. They both kept things as far from themselves as they could, safer to be distanced. (That is a different can of worms.)

No, they are similar because no one understands the strength it takes, both physically and emotionally, to do the things they do.

They are both slight in figure, so it is easily overlooked. But they’re both strong- not like Grog, where you can see it eight miles off, but in the way that their bodies have crafted themselves into quiet machines. Muscles built from the draw weight of a bow, muscles forged from shaping iron. They weren’t about to overtake their Goliath, but neither could be called weak.

The other thing is what distance in battle does emotionally. This group, this family, is in combat more than the average bear (hah) and as such they’ve had a few close calls. Distance in combat does two things, it protects you from being in immediate danger, and it makes you watch the people you care about rush headlong into the madness. Being at a distance gives you a unique problem, should the worst come to pass: you can stay and fight and be overwhelmed, or you can run and live.

Their difference lies in the weapons they choose when ranged fighting has failed. Percy has a sword and will run in, and Vex has a bear she sends while she hides. He is the coward, he thinks, for choosing to be overwhelmed in these moments, and Vex is brave for choosing to live.

But there is strength in both, he understands, because fighting, regardless of weapons or styles, is a hard and brave thing to do, especially when you feel you can’t do it anymore. The important part was that you kept going, even if no one noticed how hard it was for you to do, in whatever way you managed to do it.

But the thing was, Vex always noticed.

TML Week #592: Pins & Needles

Pins & Needles 
© 2016 ashley brockington

Setup:  Ashley and Alex are sitting on two black cubes

ab:  If you were going to portray psychic pain on this stage, how would you do it?
av: [responds]
ab:  I had a painful dream last night and you were the agent of relief.
av:  really?
ab: yeah, you remind me of my dead husband.  i think i’ve mentioned that.  we met at about your age.  [pause]  it’s not a sex dream, alex.
av:  i didn’t think…
ab:  it was very painful.   Everyone picture this.  You fall down the stairs at the back the house and become trapped underneath.  Disgusting.  thousands of pins enter your flesh.  they feel like shards of glass.  they’re everywhere.  all over your body.  sewing needles, crafting needles, push pins.  
av:  all creative tools.
ab:  it’s my dream, alex.  why does creativity hurt?  
av:  because it makes you vulnerable.  
ab:  vulnerable to what?
av:  ridicule.  shame.  embarrassment. judgement. anxiety.
ab:  yeah.  monday night and not a play written.  fuck.  i hate art.  
av:  no, you don’t.  
ab:  i hate art.  
av:  you are art.  you are a work of art.  
ab:  i am.  so are you.  did i tell you that you were the one who helped me take out the pins?  
av:  you mentioned I brought you relief
ab:  it wasn’t a sex dream, alex.
av:  i didn’t think—
ab:  you took me back to your place and helped me take the pins out and then fell asleep on a mattress on the floor.  do you sleep on a mattress on the floor.?
av: [respond]
ab:  it’s ok if you do. you’re like 19, right?
av: [respond]
ab: i think you remind me of my first husband.  he was cute and slavic too.
av: i know.
ab: it wasn’t a cougar dream.  I didn’t like enter you while you were sleeping or anything.  
av: thank you.
ab: i was just taking out those pins.  One by one.  
av:  Sounds like you knew how to take care of yourself and I was just there for moral support.
ab:  I really wanted to create actual physical pain in this play.  I couldn’t convince you to choke me, could I?  Challenge your golden retriever a little bit.
av:  [respond]
ab:  please.   

[alex puts both hands around ashley’s neck, lights begin to fade]

ab:  no pretending, alex! [or nothing if i can’t speak]

black out

[ash drops to knees, red lights come up]

black out 

[alex removes his hands from ashley’s neck]

[blue lights fade quickly up, alex puts hand on ashley’s back, ash touches her neck]

ab:  maybe it was a little bit of a sex thing.


anonymous asked:

I'm slightly overweight and I really don't like how I look so that channels into me being super uncomfortable with me body, like to the point where I'm terrified to be intimate with a girl if I ever meet someone who would want me (I'm a girl myself by the way); you seem so comfortable and secure in your body though, how did you get there? Is there any advice you could offer? I've tried losing weight and it doesn't work, I'm worried I'll never love myself and that terrifies me.

Realize that you are not stuck with the same physique your whole life. Realize you have the ability to change that whenever you feel motivated to do so.

I literally crafted my body because one day I looked in the mirror and said enough is enough; I wanna transform myself. 5 years later I’m at a pretty good place hence why I feel so comfortable in the skin I’m in.

If you work hard for something, the outcome is much more rewarding than if someone were to just hand it to you. ALSO if you are unhappy but you’ve never done anything beneficial for your body, do you really get that reward you’re looking for?

No doubt you can accept yourself without working out a day in your life. But it FEELS so much better and self-fulfilling if you physically help your body out correctly & consistently.